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FIP: God is the Strength

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God is the Strength

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On days like this…

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Challenging Path

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It is a challenging path
This life that we live
Each step taken forward
Some back
Keeping eyes straight ahead
Stumbling rocks at our feet
Learning obstacles around us
We grow
Rest for a sweet moment
View life all about you
Sight hands reaching out for your strength
Encourage them
Sharing steps with another
Leading points from your view
Understanding new faith
Sweet release
Life’s path is inspiring
Not without care or hearts effort
Able forgiveness and love
Stand tall
At the top of the mountain
Find yourself to be true
A life worth the living
Your path

© Heather T
September 22, 2009

My contribution to a very inspiring photo at Pictures, Poetry & Prose.

Raisins and peanuts

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07jul2010home 013

Just testing something in WLW to see how I can manage my photos 🙂  Thought that I’d share a snack.

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06jun2010 (753)


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06jun2010 (220) 06jun2010 (219) 

06jun2010 (221)

Sliding Headers and Circles

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Oh, me – Oh, my….it’s time for bed already.  I’ve been playing around with the new software that I downloaded tonight.  It is now 11:20 p.m. and I’m pretty sure that my eyes are looking buggy with the dark circles underneath them.  My friend, GB, wonders how I manage to keep everything together in the ways that I do.  All I can truly say is that I am a woman…a mother…one who doesn’t quit until I can’t possibly go much more and then there is a little more.  Now, if you ask my friends this…they may tell you differently, because I rarely have enough energy or time to spend in simple chit chat.  Sometimes I feel like it’s wrong…but, honestly, my life runs in circles and those that I meet in my path tend to get the best of me.

The boys and I went to see the new 3D movie, How To Train A Dragon, today.  I LOVED it.  It brought overwhelming feelings of adventure to me that I’ve not had in a long time…wonderful, it was.  I want a dragon of my own, now – just for me.  Yes.

Last evening, I created a new banner for my friend.  It’s really been bothering me that at the end of the sliding photos, the logo appears for a few minutes.  Now, truly, they deserve to have their logo there but it’s not very pretty….SO, I purchased the silly software.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I did.  Now, I’ll have to change my existing banners.  See, when purchasing the software, it keeps the logo from appearing at the end of your slides; whereas, the free version shares the information.  Awe, well.

For the last few weeks, Ray has been away in New York for work.  That was the BIG CHANGE that took place during Easter weekend.  His company sent him over to Tupper Lake through the week, paid for all accommodations and raised his wage nicely.  It was a big surprise for us and a great adjustment in thought for my hubby.  He and I have been together for 17 years…married for 13…in July.  We’ve not spent an entire day apart from the day that we started our relationship almost 17 years ago.  Even while I was in the hospital having my boys, we still saw one another.

It’s been well for us, a little lonesome for him being away from all of us but we’ve been so extremely busy running around with all of the activities that the lonely moments are at that time of day when everyone is tired, ready for sleep.  Thankfully, they placed him on a job that worked him hard.  Working hard all day in construction, demolition (tearing out walls and rebuilding, breaking up cement flooring and such)…this type of work makes the body tired.  On Fridays, he would drive home for the weekend and leave the house again around 4 a.m. on Monday mornings.  Mondays were long for him.  We hold a deep appreciation for those who are drafted over seas through the Armed Forces, it certainly cannot be an easy adjustment.

Tomorrow, Ray comes home to work locally again; very locally.  Actually, they’re placing him just on the other side of our town.  This is good news.

Well, I am so ready for sleep now.  May you all rest well and wake with a happy heart.


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These days have been flying by me, but it is good.  I’m accomplishing much and it’s a desirable feeling.  I know that I change things up around here in blogland, so very often and lose interest by some.  I let you all in on a secret I’ve kept for a week or more, yesterday, with the freeinspiringphotos.com header picture and link.  To be honest, I have cringed since I stopped posting at Simply Joyful Photos but I felt as though I had let that blog become an obligation, rather than an offering.  For some reason, I sometimes need to start afresh to clear my mind of such nonsense thoughts.

I began freeinspiringphotos.com with it’s very own url, to share – simply share; a place where I can offer encouragement, inspiration and hope through the photos I take and the Message of our God. There are also going to be photos with quotes and my own thoughts at times, but all images are free in the taking of others – in good faith that God will bless them and keep them.

Now, I am able to feel as though all three blogs are non-obligatory; meaning that I can post when I’m able to but not under a responsibility other than the leading of The Lord and my own offerings. I feel peace, no pressure 🙂

So many ask how I keep it all going. I can’t say but if you’ve been a friend for as long as I’ve been blogging…you know me well enough to understand how sporadic I can be. I’m this way in most everything that I do. I find quiet time to blog and sometimes in the chaos, but try ever so hard not to take time away from my boys. The photo taking, well, that’s the absolute easiest part for me.

Moments Like This

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I was driving home yesterday afternoon, looking around and noticing the busy cars. Busy is all around us. Everywhere we turn, someone is doing something. I know, this is one of those obvious statements; really, I am going somewhere with this.

As I saw people walking and talking, cars going by me where the person inside is talking on their cell phone and to the passenger next to them; something inside me felt like I was in a special moment of time.  Do you know that feeling; where you can be right smack dab in the middle of life and just feel like you aren’t a part of it? There was a part of me that felt as though I didn’t belong, there is more than all of this. My spirit was longing for Home and it was a good feeling.

The Bible tells us that we are aliens to this world. We are spiritual beings, inside, with flesh on the outer. The part of us that longs to be loved, accepted and wanted – that part of us is spiritual. These moments that come along remind me of Philippians 3:20-21….”But our citizenship is in Heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables Him to bring everything under His control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like His glorious body.”

Follow Me?

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I know that some of you are not going to be very happy with this, but I have been thinking about doing it for a while now. I can’t keep up with the many different areas of blogs that I have on a daily basis, but I do want to continue to share in the same ways.

I’ve started a new blog, with a new name. Simply Heather doesn’t fit me anymore. It really doesn’t. My personality has changed since I began this blog and I thought to myself, “What better time to combine and make the change, than the week of my birthday?”

I will probably lose some followers again, but I know those who love me won’t lose me. For my new friends, I hope that you’ll come on over and get to know me better there ♥

I won’t be posting here or at Simply Joyful Photos any more and will be combining similar posts in one blog, at Memoirs & Offerings. Just so you know, I won’t be deleting either blog – they will remain. I still have catching up to do, printing them out and saving them for future use.

When I’m feeling creative and The Spirit moves me, I will post a COPY/SHARE photo (such as those that I’ve shared at Simply Joyful Photos). All other posts will continue as I’ve had them here.

I do hope that I find some of you visiting me over there.