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Challenging Path

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It is a challenging path
This life that we live
Each step taken forward
Some back
Keeping eyes straight ahead
Stumbling rocks at our feet
Learning obstacles around us
We grow
Rest for a sweet moment
View life all about you
Sight hands reaching out for your strength
Encourage them
Sharing steps with another
Leading points from your view
Understanding new faith
Sweet release
Life’s path is inspiring
Not without care or hearts effort
Able forgiveness and love
Stand tall
At the top of the mountain
Find yourself to be true
A life worth the living
Your path

© Heather T
September 22, 2009

My contribution to a very inspiring photo at Pictures, Poetry & Prose.


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When this was originally written, on July 10, 2009, there was a beautiful black and white photo over at Pictures, Poetry & Prose; which prompts with this title “I am…I am the rock.”

Since then, I thought that I’d repost this, along with my own photo.

When you wander through the darkness and find no one to hold
Remember that I AM
The days that fill your life with light and soul finds home
Remember that I AM
When you suffer with pain and find no relief to grasp
Remember that I AM
The time your body finds freedom and elasticity lasts
Remember that I AM

I AM the peace in your soul where you can find rest
I AM the hope stirring within you when put to the test
I AM the joy in your heart with every lightened moment
I AM the love which resides releasing you from torment


YOU are the One that settles my heart through every anxious day
I remember
YOU are the Potter who molds my life and shows me the way
I remember
YOU are the Father allowing me to clutch your mighty hand
I remember
YOU are the Song in my soul as I firmly stand
I remember


Of my life
I love YOU ©Heather TJuly 2009

Pink and Blue Fluffs

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This was a short story that I wrote, originally on December 14, 2008, as prompted by Pictures, Poetry & Prose .   Martha and William are two absolutely adorable little stuffed elephants who needed a story that shared their beginning. Their owner, Laura Jayne, once created a special blog to describe the journey of their lives together; as they live apart.

 Martha and William, as created by LJ (her photo btw)
The Beginning of Martha and William

In the beginning, there was light. The light shone through the entire store and all of the workers prepared for the sale to come.

As in all of the fabric stores, each roll of fabric was perfectly displayed in a long roll evenly along the isles. One little pink roll of furry fabric desiring to be noticed was suddenly grabbed up and thrown into the shopping cart, along with another roll….of blue fabric, with the same fluffiness. As the two rolls collided, they each felt a spark of electricity surge through them. It was a feeling they’d never felt before.

The woman brought the fabric to the cutter and asked for a yard from each roll. What would become of them?

Feeling became them as the little rolls of fabric were placed on the counter. Each unrolled, flip-flop – flip-flop and then it stopped. They could feel metal in the touch of their fur, slicing and tearing a piece of self from them. For what reason, they wondered?

Individuals, they became. The woman packed all of the fixings in her shopping bag and headed for home. Upon arriving at home, she excitedly pulled everything from the bag and began fiddling. The two fabrics were poked, sliced (again), picked and stomped; they were stuffed and positioned. Then suddenly, each little fluff began to sense. Sensing became of them…more feeling. The woman placed a tiny little heart within each bunch of fluff and she continued to pick at them.

It was finished, so they thought. The two fluff’s rested in their new feelings, they’re new senses; still wondering about the electrical pull that became of them. The pull was still there.

Much time went by and the two fluff’s just waited, wondering and hoping that they would find meaning. One day, the woman came back. She picked up each of the fluffs and began poking at them again. Picking and poking until a new sense came to each of the little fluffs. The sense of sight became of them.

The two little fluff’s had not been aware of the others existence until this moment. They didn’t understand all that had happened but they new that it was all done for a purpose. As their eye’s met; it became perfectly clear that they were made for each other.

PPP-Working Farm

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From the journal entry of a farmer’s wife:

I suppose that I can be thankful that he’s a farm hand and not the owner of the farm. I just can’t imagine the hours and worries that an owner might have. It just isn’t easy for me, all alone in the quiet of the night here in this house. We just brought home our first son today and this is all new to me. I feel alone and a little scared as I hear the coy-dogs howling in the back field. Jesus, be with me…be my comfort and protect us here. I love you, I trust you, I believe.

~Okay, this one is somewhat true to my heart. When Ray moved to a new farm job and we moved into the newer farm hand house, I was about seven month’s pregnant for our first son. We cleaned that house from top to bottom, scrubbing and making it ready for a newborn to live in. The wee early morning, having my first son in the hospital in the beginning of October, Ray was there and just as exhausted as I was. I remember telling him over and over again, to talk to me…say anything to distract me from the pain. He could barely keep his eyes open. He was working 14 hour days, six days a week – and at mid-day to the early morning hours then. It was a crazy schedule. He couldn’t take any real amount of time off, even though we brought our first son home.

Oh…don’t forget to visit Pictures, Poetry & Prose to see the photo that brought about these memories. You might know who took the picture 😉

PPP-Looking Out

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Looking out into the world, I fear who I may become. Do I have the strength to share myself with such a gruesome, tearing at your soul, kind of place? Should I expect anyone to understand me? I think that I may be better still, living here in the quiet solitude of my own world; where I am free to be me.

~ The photo inspired me to write this. There is a silhouette of a young gentleman standing at a window, far above the busy streets below. His back faces me, and I reach in to the feeling’s that he might have on a moment in one’s life. Visit Pictures, Poetry & Prose to see the photo.

PPP Prompt, Time and Peaceful Breathing

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Yesterday, I had a little time to contribute a short story at Pictures, Poetry & Prose. I am enjoying this time to myself, in a house where just my doggy girl and I are sitting while all of the men are out (at work and school).

People keep asking me, almost every time I speak of it, what I will do with my free time while Lucien is in preschool. What will I do with it when he’s in full day kindergarten? I don’t look at the time as with nothing to possibly do.

Right now, he’s only at school for 2 1/2 hours, a few days a week. Honestly, it feels as though I am rushing to have this quiet time to myself. That’s a crazy thing to say and feel but it’s true. I want to fit so much into that little lotting of time, but wait….breath in, breath out – why should I rush?

I shouldn’t. I should take the moment for what it is, one of time – to myself. I will not plan it out ahead of me if I have the choosing. I will take it as the next step ahead and follow my heart, the Spirit. Aaaah…much better.

So, here is my contribution from yesterday at PPP. My friend Scriptor posted a photo of the neatest little door someplace, somewhere. LJ used this super find on her blog to prompt our writing yesterday. When Scriptor shared it on one of his, once…I knew that I had a story in me, well even more than one but who has time to pull out every story in their head? Oh…wait…there’s that timing thing again. Breath in, breath out….aaaaaah 🙂

The Secret Door, as written by…Me 🙂

It was the tiniest little door that I’d ever seen; catching my attention as I was out picking berries in the woods one day. I wanted to think nothing of it but each time I’d turn to add berries into my bucket, there it was in my view. Oh, how the curiosity took hold. No one would know that I’d stopped picking, if I only went over there for just a quick minute, right? Everyone was waiting for me to get back to the house; mom was getting the pie crust all prepared with my baby sister. I could almost taste the pie, even though I still held the berries.

For just a minute, I walked over to the door. Looking it over, I found nothing to open it with, which filled me with such an intense anxiety – I simply HAD to search for the answer. Stepping around, studying the door and the brick and the walls; I found nothing; nothing, not even a little hole that would show me what was on the other side.

Okay, I needed one more minute. They wouldn’t know if I hurried to pick the rest of the berries for a bucket full. I’d already filled it near to the top and have only been gone for a few minutes; much less time than it usually takes me, because I usually stop by the pond on the way here to catch some frogs.

I searched some more, for a few clues as to what could be behind the door; still nothing and I gave up. I turned to leave and fumbled over a large rock, stubbing my foot and falling to the ground but as I fell, I heard a creek. The door opened. I’d never jumped up so quick in all my life! Running to the door, I pushed it open to find that my curiosity had over taken reality. The other side of the door was exactly the same as where I came from. I only walked a little way around, found more berries and filled my dress with them. The bucket was left on the other side of the door. I made my way back to the opening and heard someone. It sounded like laughter, mocking almost.

“Hey! Who is that? What are you laughing at?” I asked. It continued and came closer to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this tiny little flying person coming toward me. “I, was laughing at you, you silly creature. And, those are OUR berries. They do not belong to you. That is why I laughed.”

“Who are you?” I asked. “I am the youngest breary of the Fairies”, she told me. “If you don’t leave these here, you will not go beyond this door. You will have to live here and become our servant.”

I dropped the berries fast, plunked the little fairy thingy as far as I could and booked it out that door as quick as my little legs would take me.

The moment I found myself on the other side was the moment the door shut and I could hear laughter from the other side, filling the air. I grabbed my bucket and went home to find everyone still making the pie crusts. They were shocked that I was home so quickly, and that…to my amazement, my bucket was full of berries.


PPP-Oh Lazy Day

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Oh Lazy Day
I want to be
A brilliant bird
Up in a tree

Or maybe just
A piece of grass
Joyful as the seasons pass

Better yet
A Cloud in time
Drifting thoughts
Out from my mind

Oh Lazy Day
As perfect be
To rest with you
Beneath this tree

This and that are my own, but to see the photo that inspired this prompting, please peek over at Pictures, Poetry & Prose today.

PPP-Who Is Right?

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Oh. My. Goodness. I really hesitated on this one, just because of the type of question it was; and yet, it was the type of question that my personal heart had to answer.

LJ prompts us over at Pictures, Poetry & Prose to “Write in any way creative you like about the idea of hate or intolerance for another person’s religion.” There is a photo of what looks to be a piece of art on a stone wall…done by an amazing photographer who is in Afghanistan. I’ve peeked in at his blog before and am very moved by many of his photos.

The photos that I am sharing right now were taken only a few hours ago, while on another drive with my dad. The boys, my dad and I, all went to a park that I spent some time at when I was a little girl…down the street and around the corner from my Gram’s house. Some of what I found today, was not there, then; but how convenient it was to find these photos….with what I wrote this morning, over at Pictures, Poetry & Prose:

May Peace Prevail Park View

May Peace Prevail May Peace Prevail Sign

So, my response to “”Write in any way creative you like about the idea of hate or intolerance for another person’s religion.” was and will remain:

Are we all not made of flesh, with feeling and hope found in our soul’s? Can we not see a reflection of life in the glass on a day of sunshine? Do we all not shed a tear when the pain strikes deep within our hearts?

You will not find hatred in my heart because of another’s belief. You may find love, forgiveness, understanding and it is possible that you might find hurt, but you shall not find hate.

It is not my yoke to carry; the one of judgement.


The pole in the photo has the same message on all sides, in different languages and one in sign language. There was one section of the pole that had been ripped off; I don’t know what language that one was – but, for the simple reason that it was removed…my heart hurt.

PPP-Simply Pretty

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I love it when Laura Jayne has chosen one of my photos for her prompts over at Pictures, Poetry & Prose because I am always surprised! It’s like a special little gift to me. I always feel a bit guilty when I write along with my own photo over there, I don’t know why that is…
It’s funny though…to have her prompt with one of my photos, carries my thoughts in a different direction and I just need to let them out.

She chose a favorite of mine today. It’s simple but it fits me, my personality and my most favorite flower! Here, I had to contribute (just like when she used my boy and his dog – she reaches right in to my heart and pulls out some of my favorite moments).

She suggested a five line maximum today. This is what I offered – you’ll have to go over there to see what photo it was :)….

Pushing through the soil with all her might;
She finds the nutrients from the earth to grow.
The water pours from the heavens to nourish her;
And she stretches with great length and freedom.
She unfolds the beauty of soft white petals and a golden face…Simply Pretty


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Below is my contribution to a very artful photo prompted at Pictures, Poetry & Prose. This piece of art, shown here, is one that was hand made by my mother. When my husband and I were engaged, she was working on this. It’s much larger than this with more to it but I found a photo of it on my thumb drive and thought it would present nicely with my words below. Some day, I might share the entire piece of art with you.

The piece of art is a name plate, our last name and was given to us as one of our many wedding gifts from my mom. I’ll talk more about it on another day….

Painted by My Mother

With every bit of my being I am able to find myself drawn in to another world. Setting this moment in time aside, I jump in and find myself in a country setting where the freedom of the land and the sweetness of the air flow through my veins.

I can watch the cattle on the hill graze, enjoying each sprig of grass that grows. Hearing the ripples and droplets in the stream, just a few inches away; I close my eyes and am washed by the water’s cleansing touch. The birds are singing to me, their precious morning song and the flowers are bursting open to greet the sun, as it warms my body.

This is the life, friends; to live in the moment of a fine piece of art.