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Whispers and Nudges

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A few weeks ago, I decided that I’d change our bedroom around. Doing this would put the bed in an East/West direction. Why did I think that we could adjust ourselves to that direction for sleeping? Every time I’ve done it in the past, we find ourselves very uncomfortable and anxious sleepers.

I changed our room back to the way it once was, last night and we both slept much better, my husband and I. At around 4 a.m., I awakened as though it was a happy time to get up, but being too early, I just lay there thinking. I felt the Spirit nudging me for conversation and His Words were short, simple and profound.

This morning, I made my cup of coffee and returned to my bed for some quiet reflection time. As I sat down, with my face to the window and the sun peeking through, I felt at home within myself. I’d not felt that when my bed was in the other direction. I know, call me “odd”.

With my journal at hand and pen ready to write, the words flowed out onto the paper:

“Lord, fill me up with Your Love – fit Yourself into every area within me. Consume me with Your Presence, that I will feel You here. Jesus, why do I always compare everything to another? Like in my relationship with You, desiring to feel that “same” fire that I did in the beginning or finding my need to do the same things that once enabled me to hear better.”

All the while I was writing, I could feel the corners of smile upturning within me. When I was finished, the smile shined strongly and The Spirit moved. Reminders of my earlier word this year, filled my mind; abide, and The Spirit reminds me that “WE ARE ONE”, regardless of how I “feel” or what my sight may be, “WE ARE ONE”.

I remember my mother going through times in her life where she felt as though she must be doing something wrong in her relationship with The Lord because the connection was not there, her feelings were abandoned and His Presence felt distant.  Women are so emotionally made, aren’t we?  In a month’s time I could write you an entire book of the many emotions that have filled me, some out of the blue for no apparent reason.  People can say that sin separates us from hearing The Lord, but it is not always sin…remember Job?  Some could say that we aren’t hungry enough, taking enough time with Him, studying His Word enough and so on.  When people suggest reasons, it can bring us down….hurt even.  I’ve seen this happen to so many women who are in Love with The Lord and desire nothing more than His embrace.

So often, The Lord reminds me that our growth in relationship with Him is just that…growth. In a relationship with anyone, it begins with an exciting burst of appreciation and joy, as the relationship grows in trust and is nurtured, we become more comfortable with one another. There is an inner knowledge and a feeling of complete understanding as a relationship grows.

God is telling me that the Word, Abide, that he placed upon my heart earlier in the year was not simply for me to study to the extreme. It wasn’t for me to get absorbed with at searching myself, alone. This Word, Abide, is one of strength, trust, surety and promise. HE ABIDES IN US. In me. “We are One”.

And then, I felt that nudge…a touch of excitement surged through me. The Spirit whispered that someone else just might need to hear this today. What better time to share it than on Spiritual Sunday?

Charlotte and Ginger share this site to encourage us all and as you follow the links listed there, you’ll shine a little light into your life as you bring Glory to God.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to Your Name be the Glory, because of Your love and faithfulness. ~Psalm 115:1


Springing Around

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It’s been absolutely beautiful here in Vermont, this week.  Temperatures reaching above 50 deg. some days and the sun shining ever so brightly.  It has boosted the spirits within, well, today anyway; the rest of my week has been so full of side line test thoughts that I can’t remember much before Wednesday.

I regret that I would say I must love taking tests, going to bus clinics, so much that I did it an entire year early without knowing…until it was time to finally get my picture done at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The woman asked me why it was that I was renewing my license. I told her that I needed to do this every four years. “But why now?”, she asked me. “What do you mean?”, I said.


She explained that my license didn’t need to be renewed until next March 2011. I did a double take looking at that date, again…and one more time, even. OH NO!!!

It was a bit of turmoil in the room for a few minutes. Phone calls were made and answers that I really didn’t want to hear were shared, until one man actually went a little further and we extended my school bus endorsement for four years. The trouble with that? Well, I still have to go back next year to renew my license, with a new photo AND it will confuse the daylights out of me with my dates being mismatched. I’ll probably go ahead and renew for two years, next year…leaving me three years with this new endorsement. I’ll just go through the clinic and the tests again in three to make all of my dates match up…otherwise, I’ll live a tilted bus driving life for eternity. Okay..that was a little dramatic, huh? hahaha

I’m okay. I’ll deal with it, one way or the other.

Back to the beautiful day. I found sounds of Spring today {BIG HAPPY SIGH}, and the sun shone on me so much that I took off my hoody shirt and walked in short sleeves. It was beautiful!

A Blessed Sunday

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Oh my goodness.  Who would have thought that by the time I went to bed so early this morning, I would be up for another few hours, off and on, awakened by a tumbling little five year old who was fighting with his brother in his sleep?!  Yeah, my only real sleep occurred between the hours of 5 a.m. and 7 a..m..  But, that’s okay, I survived the night and took a nice afternoon nap today 🙂

I don’t know that I mentioned this before but I’ve found that the Sunday Service at church has been teaching on the same Scripture that The Lord has led me into for the past few weeks.  Our church really leans toward getting together in small groups for deep understanding of the Word and our relationship with God.  I know, I really am not the exception but there is an area of me that tends to learn, grow and understand best in the ways that I do.  Somehow, whether others choose to understand me or not, this is the way I am and He leads me into the steps that I take beyond myself.

I can see that He’s leading me to confidence, strengthening me to blossom again. Our lives are much like that of the flowers that come back year after year. Our relationship, our growth and understanding…our ability to blossom tend to be deeply rooted into good soil; taken care of by the Master Gardener throughout the season and eventually blossoming into the most beautiful flower. We may not look alike but to our Master Gardener, we are absolutely beautiful.

Sometimes, there are flowers that need a little more attention than others. Some grow best when intertwined with others of their kind (like Lilies). And then there are beautiful wild flowers that grow anywhere they might be. I’m one of those…kind of like a daisy 🙂

Anyway. Today turned out to be a comfortable, growing and complete kind of day. I like these days. They nourish my soul ♥

I Should Be

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I am tired, exhausted really. So, why is it that I am unable to sleep? I couldn’t keep my eyes open about two hours ago but not now. I lay there in bed listening to the fibers under my ears rumbling from the other side. All else is quiet in the house except a few tick-tocks and snapple’s from the fire.

Trying to ignore the constant reminders being fed to me, I toss about, hoping that I might just find myself waking into the sunlight of tomorrow. It doesn’t happen.

In between the cycling thoughts of responsibilities I should be caring for, a whisper of quiet time blows through and shushes the thoughts. And yet, still, I hear the should’s a little louder than the whisper. I think about my father’s house and everything in it, the what if of when’s and remember my mother’s hopes for him. Shush. I turn over and feel that stabbing pain in my lower back that I woke up to this morning and become uncomfortable, leading me into other thoughts of caring for myself. I should call for my yearly physical, should be stretching, should be taking better care of my body knowing all of the history through our family.

“Shush. Quiet time. Tea is waiting for you in a quiet home, all is dark and the time is now.” I know this, but I sit and ponder whether I should write about my thoughts or simply sit quietly in the dark. I roll over in bed, reaching so carefully for my Bible and Journal; I step out of the room and down the stairs, hoping not to make noise. I walk trying not to step on a land mine of drifting vibrations that will awaken the multitudes.

I find myself in a peaceful place downstairs and completely awkward with it. Do they realize how much of me is invested in each of them? It’s in these times that I am awakened to me again, but without the selfishness – only to the listening of the woman, the girl, inside of me.

I start my tea, hoping not to make a sound. I rest myself uncomfortably on the couch, feeling anxious, a kind of anxious that I am familiar with. Unable to calm my nerves, to hear that Gentle Voice but I know this is not time for a talk – only a time to be. To be in a quiet place.

Here I am, with my tea, in a quiet place as I listen to my mind unfold and the keyboard dance. His presence is with me right now and even though a Word is not being said, He is nourishing my soul.

I share these photos of a delicacy my mother would treat us with when she was here. Purchased from the Christmas Tree Shop, whenever we made our way there together, we would savor the sweet chocolaty flavors. The boys and I went there today and saw the can, I walked by them and we remembered together. On our way toward the check out, I was reminded of the little things. How important the little things are to nourish us – something that my mother taught me, as she always did, through the way that she lived – without words. Without words.

We picked up the can and treasured the memories, just briefly, as not to flood our eyes. I should be allowing myself the simple pleasures more often.

Psalm 139 from the New Living Translation:

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord. You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!…. Read more, for my heart is full of the Word.

Windows Live Writer

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I’ve heard that Live Writer is a neat tool to use in blogging and even though I lack for time this morning, I couldn’t resist trying it out.  I wish I had some time to play and wander around a little but I can’t. 

I must say, I agree, GB, that this is a nice format to the writing and I, too, find the picture’s format on blogger to be annoying.  You are not alone there.

So, now I will see how I like adding my photos this way…

0908 August 603

OH YES!!!!  I do like this.  I like that you can add different frames and change the photo to the exact sizing that you desire, too 🙂

Let’s see how it works if I add more than one photo, in a smaller format….

background february 010 february 031

AHA!!!  I do, I do, I do…I like this.  Yes, both my lap top and my desk top shall begin using this wonderful editor.  Thank you so wonderfully much, my special friend in New Zealand.

Oh..oh..oh…AND…when you set up a link according to the text…such as…GB, it will automatically remember the link address.  I do like it, yes, I do.

Guess what else?  You can preview your post before you submit it, and it shows EXACTLY how it will look by bringing up your blog and showing it there.  I don’t know….I might not want to leave now.

The photos are at random.  I just edited the one above with the dog at the beach…with a texture overlay from Jerry Jones.  The littler one with a green background and flower, is one that I made to use as my desktop background.  Snow White was one that I took at the library one day during dress up play, and then we have my doggy girl…wanting me to throw one of her favorite toys.

I can’t wait to get into blogging with this new editor….Windows Live Writer….WOO-HOO!

Colorfilled Pieces

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Peaceful moments surround me each day
When needs fill my thoughts I must find a way
To express this person who lives on the inside
Life in existence must relate to abide
Abide one day told me
To rest at His feet
And when I find time to
Alone we did meet
Where does this time fall through
When each day we rest
To find another moment
Lay our heads on His chest
Look through the window
With big sighs so deep
Follow existence to promises we keep
This is my word for today I must share it
May not make sense
But for me, I aware it

I logged on to Facebook the other day and saw that there was a “friend request”.  Hmm…I wondered.  Who could this one be?  It’s like having a little gift from someone you aren’t sure it’s given from.  It could be something you want, it could be something you don’t.

Friends.  There are many of them I’ve had in my lifetime, people that I call to be a friend.  Some in the past have hurt me in one way or the other, I’ve forgiven.  Some were people that just don’t seem to trustworthy for my life now.  I know it sounds unlike me, but these are feelings that I hold.  They are a part of me.  They are real and I face them.

I’ve had people that really did me wrong find me on Facebook and want to be friends.  People that I know aren’t in a place that I feel could benefit me and my family now.  I pass by those invitations.  And then, then…there are some that I thought long lost…who I’ve found, ones I laughed uncontrollably with once upon a time and others that I know in my heart are people tender, not judging, not harmful people.

Who was this friend request from?  I know that you’re wondering who.  And many of you might remember the post I wrote in the beginning of my blog days, of such a person as this.  Some might not.  The friendship that was real, true, honest and even sometimes completely and totally honest.  You know that kind of friendship?  The kind that digs in and plants itself there, blossoms and withers but remains rooted.

She found me.  I’ve searched her out many of times and did not find her, but she found me.  And, do you know what?  I can see the timing of events and how they’ve been placed just so, in such a way, as that the road has led us back inline.

It’s funny really.  How I wrote that post once upon a time of where I sat on the park bench, completely unaware of what the day would bring…and then the hand settled gently upon my shoulder.  That’s how it was when I opened the invite on Facebook.  Her hand rested gently on my shoulder and my heart stopped for a moment.  When it began beating again, I felt rejuvenation.  No more goodbyes.

The talk on the bus goes yack, yack, yack.

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That bus run was very interesting this morning. I almost would like to start it all over again.

There are a few older children on my bus that like to talk about deep, involved topics. Throughout the time I’ve been driving with these ones, they’ve discussed God, vampires, witches, war, politics and who knows what I haven’t heard about. I try to keep them from talking about such topics because, most of the time, they’re discussions become loud and they could create a fear in my littler ones. There really isn’t a whole entire lot that I can do about what comes from their mouths but I can do my best to keep it off of my bus.

Sammy, my oldest has shared with me that there are some children that like to razz him because he isn’t into the big hype of vampire books, Harry Potter, investigating mysteries, ghosts and ghouls. We haven’t the desire to open the doors for fear to set in and really, aren’t interested in these books or movies. I don’t have a problem with people enjoying them…I just don’t. So, for those who might feel taken back by my not liking them – do understand, I am not criticizing you for enjoying them.

When I was young, it would only take a small amount of something to creep into my doors…especially things I didn’t understand, like the news on television. EVERYTHING is WAY OVER DRAMATIZED on the news…and it’s done in a manner as to drill it all into your head, being shown over and over and over again. Television commercials do the same and some are so very inappropriate to our young children. I don’t watch the news. I don’t read the headlines. I like it that way. I need it that way. If the world ends tomorrow, I’m pretty sure I’ll know it without a forecast. And, if it does, I know that it won’t happen without my Jesus returning for us – I do not doubt that we’ll be okay.

That brings me to the discussion on my bus this morning. Suddenly, I am hearing 2012 EVERYTHING – buzzing around the back end of the bus. Faces are turning, eyes are meeting mine in the mirror…and then they ask me, “Heather, is the world going to end in 2012?” – might I add, they said it so loudly that all ears were attentive to my reply?!

My answer, “What are you watching or hearing that is telling you this?” Apparently, as they tell me, it’s all over the news and t.v. shows. I tell them not to worry about the future in that way, to live each day and do the best they can with what they know. That wasn’t good enough. They kept talking, louder and louder. I almost stopped the bus because I was becoming a little steamy about the subject.

My little ones on the bus DO NOT need to hear this. My final answer to one of the questions was probably a little more than they cared to hear but apparently it didn’t matter anyway because, as kids that age go…everything the adult says goes in one ear and out the other.

Then, one of my girls, just as we stopped at the school, came up to me and said…”Heather, topics such as this can be very influential on the little kids.”

“Yes, honey, I know…that is exactly why I was trying to stop them from talking about it.” What a girl. She’s only about ten years old, I think. I was impressed.

When I came home, I was thinking…goodness gracious! Overwhelmed with such topics and very careful in how I respond to them, because you know…even though it appears that our words are streaming through their ears, some of what is said sticks.

I trust The Lord to make it all good and sure hope that, in the midst of these conversations, His Spirit will translate goodness and hope – not allowing chaos and fear to settle in their young minds.

Whew…so, please pray for our children, friends. From as far back as life goes, I’m pretty sure that there was always a fear of the end coming. Thoughts of the bomb shelter days and children hiding under their desks, to the Holocaust and everything from the beginning until now…it can be overwhelmingly frightening to little ones. I can say (as much as I do not like this word) that I honestly HATE that. I HATE fright and the dark world that creates it!

Residing Place

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This photo invites me in. I’d like to say that the house invites me, but I don’t know who lives there..who resides within these walls.

I was driving along today thinking about our differences and likenesses in life. What brings each of us, individually, an amount of joy when we see it? What types of things really create a feeling that we can’t quite describe to the measure that we feel it? Like, how my friend Dan finds front porches so inviting and how my friend, Scriptor enjoys his birds so. Jen, she likes the old falling down houses with creaky doors and cracked windows – the old barns and her beautiful dogs. Me? I like SO many things. Many.

And then a thought came to my mind…it was quick and a simple glimpse of thought, like a sparkle that shoots from fire as it burns so hot. The thought?

What if these feelings that we have of the things that draw us in are a part of who we are, spiritually?! As all of these things pull for our attention, maybe there is something special in that for our understanding. Maybe one day, when we finally find our way Home…all of those little bits of things we thought so great here on Earth are in full multitudes of understanding, just waiting for us…just waiting for you…and for me?!

What if?

Our Father delights in sharing His goodness with us. Just as it is our desire to give good gifts to our own children, the kind that we know will impress the best of memory upon them throughout their adult lives…it is God’s desire to touch our hearts in the same way. For every GOOD and PERFECT gift is from Him. Those moments of finding something you’ve searched for – from Him. Or, how about even better – when you’ve found something perfect, that you didn’t even know you were looking for…there it is – from Him.

And then we have the other side of life, where so many want to diminish the goodness from. Those areas of hurt, the pains that we feel and the heartache because parts of us seem to be torn away, ripped in half, thrown out or buried. People want to ask, where is your God now? I say, He is right here with me…feeling my pain, holding my hand, wiping my tears and wanting for nothing more than to make it all better for me…and yet, wanting me to draw closer to Him in this need. When your own child is hurting, do you want nothing more than to reach in and take away the pain? But you can’t, can you?

Everyone wants God to be who they want Him to be, not WHO HE IS. Why? Why is it easier to accept people for who they are, but not God? Is it because you can see people? Feel and touch them? Hear them? You can do the same with God, if only you open your heart to and quiet your own personal wants for a little while.

It’s not easy to teach a young child to listen, is it? It’s not easy to teach an older child to listen either. How about an adult? When someone has spent their entire life following their own desires and even the desires of others, they’ve not taken any time to really listen to who God Is.

I read something this morning, written by Maxx Lucado, that I’d like to share with you.

God wants to be your dwelling place. He has no interest in being a weekend getaway or a Sunday bungalow or a summer cottage. Don’t consider using God as a vacation cabin or an eventual retirement home. He wants to be your mailing address, your point of reference; He wants to be your home….

For many this is a new thought. We think of God as a deity to discuss, not a place to dwell. We think of God as a mysterious miracle worker, not a house to live in. We think of God as a creator to call on, not a home to reside in. But our Father wants to be much more. He wants to be the one in whom “we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28 NIV). ~from his book, The Great House of God (which happens to be one of my favorites)

I needed this.

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I just peeked in at Write With Pictures to see who’s contribution was the Featured Post Winner for last week. WOW!! It’s short enough for you to take a moment to read it.

Life comes so quickly to us once we wake up in the morning, all set out before us like the clothing for a child…but there are choices to be made. I know that I want to make the choices that will reflect my relationship with the One who Created me. With the One that Loves us all. I am not a carbon copy of anyone, I am unique and made for a purpose. Not everyone has to like the words that I say, the “who” that I am or how I live my life, but my greatest desire is to be the “who” that I was made to be….

Flake or Follow

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I was just reviewing quotes on writing, when I found this one and although I am the wife, it pertains. It not only pertains to your spouse, but also to every single individual that you come into contact with.

What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out of the window. ~Burton Rascoe

I’ve always been considered to those around me, especially men, that my character is what is commonly described as “being a blonde”. In my years of growth, I’ve had nicknames such as dizz, flake, nut-nut, space-shot and of course I’ve had friends, and myself, laughingly comment that I have a.d.d. – probably do 🙂

The thing is that I’ve noticed my mind is not always concerned with the same things that others may be concerned with – that’s okay, call me what you will but I like where my mind goes :). Sometimes I think that maybe I should watch the news more often so that I can pray for occurrences in the world and know what others are talking about, but then I snap out of it and am reminded that there are people made with a gift as not to be so affected by harmful news – who will pray in that moment. God makes us individually, for purpose and it truly is not. should not be of any concern to one another in judging what is right or wrong for your brother. We are to use the gifts that we’ve been given.

I have times when I just want people to understand in the same ways that I do, but if all did – would they be able to be as strong in their areas as they are? Probably not. We all come together to make a unit, to make a body complete – not to point out that one is not pulling through or one is in the clouds.

You see it everywhere…everywhere. I see it in my own house and have no idea how to live in the midst of the chaos. It’s like this with my boys, rather than following what is asked of them individually – they’re too busy arguing and pointing out that one hasn’t done their share, one has fallen short, one gets more reward than the other, one this…one that. If we didn’t look around us so often in comparison, we might find a more joyful life inside. People need to allow forgiveness in their hearts, understanding enough to stop pointing fingers and let’s just follow Jesus. Follow Him in our hearts, not through the ideas of another but in our own heart. We will never find contentment following what is not our own path.

{don’t ask…I have no idea where that all came from}