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miscelanny monday

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What a fun new meme I’ve found called “miscellany monday”, over at lowercase letters, by carissa graham; where you write a post based on a collection of random musings to help make interesting the mundane.

{1} ME ~ If you’re new to my blog, you’ll have already realized that I’m a Vermont Girl. I’ve been here all of my thirty-eight years. I wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else, although, I’d love to travel and visit other places.

{2} MY KIDS ~ They brought home a crayfish (or crawdad-depending on your accent) that they found out in the back stream. I just had to take a picture of him, the little squirrely thing…seemed it was trying to get after me.

{3} ZUCCHINI ~ First of all, this is a word that my spell check always catches me on, no matter how hard I try to spell it right, I seem to add one too many or one too less of letters. Secondly, we’ve had many friends share these wonderful veggies with us and I’ve been doing some baking (in spite of the humidity).

{4} DROPLETS ~ It rained hard here in our neck of the northern woods this morning, really hard, with a few good boomers. I began some inside work, thinking this would be a perfect day for it and then, the weather just changed it’s temperamental mind. The sun shone the rest of the day. As I came in from shooting the crayfish (with my camera that is), I glanced back out the window at the kiddo’s and saw this lonely leaf covered with beautiful droplets. I like droplets!

{5} GARDEN FINDS ~ Walking through the neighbors garden last night, I found a pretty little green pepper flower and a tiny baby growing. Couldn’t resist.

So, friends, this was a lot of fun for me; sharing a rambling of my interests. I’d love to play again next week, hopefully, I’ll remember 🙂

† Let these Words from Deuteronomy 28:6 (NLT) soak in your mind today as you leave here: “Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will be blessed.”

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


The washer was moaning!

In cracked up, Just for Fun, Just Rambles on August 13, 2010 at 2:56 am

I was making dinner on Sunday afternoon when I heard this loud screeching sound coming from the bathroom. It was VERY loud and I ran in to see what was going on. For some reason, the Whirlpool washer that we just purchased in February was seized up. Every time it tried to spin…it would cry loudly. It really was an awful sound.

The man wouldn’t come until today, Thursday, afternoon to find out what the problem was.

Now, let me explain another something about the washing machine. I had asked my oldest son earlier in the day to transfer the clothes from the washing machine to the drier, and as he did, he found four one dollar bills. I told him that he could keep any one dollar bills that he’d find, but anything larger he would have to hand over to mom. Dad piped up to mention that all money found in the washing machine was his money (even though there was not even one pair of his britches in there). He thinks he’s cute.

Anyway…the man that came today seemed to know exactly where the trouble was coming from when he turned on the machine. There was something stuck in the pump. Guess what he found? I assumed it would be a marble, quarter or penny…something other than mine, like all of the things that fall from the boys pockets.

He pulled out a dollar bill. I laughed out loud and explained that this wasn’t any good, the fault being my own. That dollar came from my pocket….and then I remembered daddy claimed all money from the washing machine was his – I let him have it when he came home today….hahahaha 🙂

I’m liking this!

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Little Hairs

I’m really impressed with this, if you haven’t noticed. I have all three of my personal sites with this sort of template now, simply because of the way the label list is formatted. You HAVE to click on a label to see what it does (for this post, they’re shown just under the title above). It’s SO helpful for me in tracking past posts and finding my archives.

Work on the house is coming along well, the guys have been here for about six days total. It’s beginning to look nice, even though they’re still only on the trim 🙂

I went outside for a little ride yesterday afternoon and couldn’t believe how much it felt like Autumn. I LOVE the fall weather, with the crisp touch in the air and the sun…the awesome breeze. I could sense that serene feeling I get when it arrives and I’m living in it. Autumn…mmmmmhhhhhmmmm.

Surely there is something in the unruffled calm of nature that overawes our little anxieties and doubts: the sight of the deep-blue sky, and the clustering stars above seem to impart a quiet to the mind. -Author, Jonathan Edwards

I’m wearing white today.

In Just for Fun, Just Rambles on June 4, 2010 at 1:47 pm

I don’t know if it’s the greatest idea for me – to wear white, on a bus day, or really any other day. I tend to be a little messy. I get involved with what I’m doing and often find that I’ve splattered, wiped a dirty hand or dribbled something on my shirt by the end of every day (my mother was the same way).

We weren’t made to live life carefully caring for our clothes, my family. We were made to play, work hard, live comfortably and enjoy what we do…even if it’s messy. I can’t count how many times I have taken a drink of something and found a hole in my lip.

Anyway. I chose to wear a brightly white shirt today…I just wanted to. I like the way it goes with my faded jeans – so, I will wear it. Will I be careful? Probably for the first few hours anyway 🙂

The nice thing about wearing this shirt today? I received a wonderful compliment after my morning run. One of my bus driving friends thought I looked nicely tan today and I confessed that it was my shirt, although…I am naturally dark complected anyway and the sun does SOAK in easily…but the white shirt really does a trick for me. She continued to compliment me, and I was liking it (thank you, Cricket ;o>)

After last night’s ball game, I came home with a sweet tooth. Looking into the freezer, I found just enough vanilla ice cream to accompany the strawberry topping I put together a few days ago. My mother was always making strawberry topping, the difference is that I add VERY LITTLE sugar and keep it tart…mmmmmm.

Yeah, it was rather late to be eating ice cream. I don’t usually eat in the evenings like that, but we’d just got home and, well, I’ve been keeping up with the exercise and eating healthy regularly — so, I took the treat – and it was good.

Recent of Days

In Just Rambles on May 26, 2010 at 1:41 am

Walking up to the playground, I heard one of the little girls calling out to him. “Lucien, your mom is here.” As I came around the corner, I saw him with his bright orange tank top on, riding one of the tricycles. He looked up to see me and smiled, continuing his ride and knowing just what to do next.

This boy of mine. He is so much like I am. He is thought-filled, observant, to himself but also able to share his thoughts in ways unusual than the rest. I understand him and yet, he amazes me.

He gets off of the tricycle, walks up to me and says, “Mom, today’s a calm kind of day.” Then, he smiles a gentle smile and says “Come on. Let’s go.”

What a kid.

Here, I sit on the bed, looking out the window that holds a tiny fan. Just above the fan is a brilliant moon shining. It’s not a full moon, tonight but the face is looking down on me from high in the sky.

The days have been hot and I’ve been busy. We are all so busy. Life is busy, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a bad kind of busy. Actually, on the contrary, busy for me isn’t really bad…it’s just full. Days are full, mostly of taking care of others.

But, I’ve learned to take care of myself again…even in the chaos of a busy day. I’ve pushed myself to be more motivated, for the purpose of pleasing myself and feeling good about me.

I’ve not had much interest in the usual lately. I’ve been enjoying the outdoors, reading, exercising for health, tending to the family life and watching A LOT of baseball games.

Once a week, I’ve found myself totally focused on “the book”. I’ve managed to pull together, somewhere around, 70 pages (without editing).

I’ve noticed that so few of my old friends have been writing, probably busy with life and the living; as am I.

Sweet morning.

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I sat down with my bowl of oatmeal (with strawberries…mmmmm) at the kitchen table, after I grabbed my Bible from the bedroom upstairs. Breathing in the peace that fills the air when the house is quiet and breathing out the chaos of morning rush, I relaxed for a moment.

I love the way that the birds sound outside our windows in these warmer season months. Our bedroom was once on the back side of the house, where the forest of trees surround the property (now my sons room, remember I change things around often). It was such a calm, welcoming feeling to be awakened to bird song each morning.

Still, as I sit here writing, there are multitudes singing out there. The blue jays are at the feeder right now (three of them) but when I turned from my reading earlier, I saw something that really touched my heart and I thought I’d share it with you.

There were two cardinals out there in the feeding plate (a serving dish that my mother gave me a few years ago, perfect for my outside friends). I assume that they were a couple, one being a male and the other a female. As I watched, it seemed as though they were talking to one another…communicating in such a gentle, loving way.

I couldn’t quite capture their moment but was blessed to see the male, after a few minutes of picking through seeds, turn to his partner; she, reaching out to him with her beak, took his offering of seed and flew to the tree top. She waited there while he continued to pick through the seeds and then, he looked up to see her. They flew away, must be, back to the nest together.


I’ve been playing with the camera again, seeking ways to change the color formatting, softening the images with a lighter tone. I’m not a professional photographer and will never claim to be one. I have not the memory to keep up with such a title, but I love learning my camera and what we can do together. You can see that I captured one photo with the vibrant color…just because. All were taken through the screen, at a distance. This is a pretty handy little camera friend that I have 🙂

I Should Be

In appreciation, Deeper Thoughts, Just Rambles, Life Lessons, my mom, Spiritual Sunday's on March 14, 2010 at 6:13 am

I am tired, exhausted really. So, why is it that I am unable to sleep? I couldn’t keep my eyes open about two hours ago but not now. I lay there in bed listening to the fibers under my ears rumbling from the other side. All else is quiet in the house except a few tick-tocks and snapple’s from the fire.

Trying to ignore the constant reminders being fed to me, I toss about, hoping that I might just find myself waking into the sunlight of tomorrow. It doesn’t happen.

In between the cycling thoughts of responsibilities I should be caring for, a whisper of quiet time blows through and shushes the thoughts. And yet, still, I hear the should’s a little louder than the whisper. I think about my father’s house and everything in it, the what if of when’s and remember my mother’s hopes for him. Shush. I turn over and feel that stabbing pain in my lower back that I woke up to this morning and become uncomfortable, leading me into other thoughts of caring for myself. I should call for my yearly physical, should be stretching, should be taking better care of my body knowing all of the history through our family.

“Shush. Quiet time. Tea is waiting for you in a quiet home, all is dark and the time is now.” I know this, but I sit and ponder whether I should write about my thoughts or simply sit quietly in the dark. I roll over in bed, reaching so carefully for my Bible and Journal; I step out of the room and down the stairs, hoping not to make noise. I walk trying not to step on a land mine of drifting vibrations that will awaken the multitudes.

I find myself in a peaceful place downstairs and completely awkward with it. Do they realize how much of me is invested in each of them? It’s in these times that I am awakened to me again, but without the selfishness – only to the listening of the woman, the girl, inside of me.

I start my tea, hoping not to make a sound. I rest myself uncomfortably on the couch, feeling anxious, a kind of anxious that I am familiar with. Unable to calm my nerves, to hear that Gentle Voice but I know this is not time for a talk – only a time to be. To be in a quiet place.

Here I am, with my tea, in a quiet place as I listen to my mind unfold and the keyboard dance. His presence is with me right now and even though a Word is not being said, He is nourishing my soul.

I share these photos of a delicacy my mother would treat us with when she was here. Purchased from the Christmas Tree Shop, whenever we made our way there together, we would savor the sweet chocolaty flavors. The boys and I went there today and saw the can, I walked by them and we remembered together. On our way toward the check out, I was reminded of the little things. How important the little things are to nourish us – something that my mother taught me, as she always did, through the way that she lived – without words. Without words.

We picked up the can and treasured the memories, just briefly, as not to flood our eyes. I should be allowing myself the simple pleasures more often.

Psalm 139 from the New Living Translation:

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do. You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord. You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!…. Read more, for my heart is full of the Word.

Another March Day

In Just Rambles, My Memories on March 9, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Last April, the boys and I went for a walk into one of the local cemetery’s.  I was amazed at the wide variety of beautiful artwork that can be found in there.  I was also filled with an intense peace as I walked about the grounds.

I’ve been playing with textures and creative artistry with my digital images lately.  I like what I’ve found and am enjoying the learning process, although I can get a little frustrated and walk away at times.  So many use Photoshop to do this.  I tried it, it took up too much space and made my computer so slow, so I found alternatives, such as GIMP and Photoscape, my Digital Image Editor from Microsoft and others.  Right now, I’m just trying to learn GIMP.  It’s pretty technical and not quite as easy to learn as Photoshop, but I’m getting it.


We’ve had quite a bit of sunshine recently, a prelude to Spring but today is a bit chilled out there.  Something is back in the air again, the same something that attacks me every year at this time and also in the fall.  I don’t know what it is, but it causes some sort of snuffle breathing and dizziness that is rather annoying.  I take the only allergy medicine that I’ve found to work and not affect me with anxiousness or drowsiness. 

I opened up my journal this morning and began writing, ink flowing through the pen with these words onto paper.  And then I opened my Bible to read a reminder to refresh our souls

About Live Writer

In Just Rambles on March 7, 2010 at 4:03 pm

Okay, so I peeked around a little more this morning, and now that I’m back from Church, I thought I’d share a quick note of something I discovered.  When you use the framing effect from Windows Live Writer, it will place two photos in your picasawebalbum and those photos will be found under a separate file named….Windows Live Writer. 
I am now going to post this photo that I textured, without any border image and see how it is placed into picasawebalbum afterward.  My thought is that because there are no extra’s added to it, only one photo will be shown in the album….we’ll see.
I will still be using Live Writer though…I really like it.
Oh…and if you aren’t aware of my other blog, one that I am keeping, you can find this photo posted there at Heather T Imagery.


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Lots of B’s going on around here recently…like Birthday preparations, Bus clinics, Busy days, Blessings in abundance at every turn….just a lots of B’s. Thankfully, no bumble bee’s yet; although, I would be welcoming sunshine on my face.

Today, I spent most of the morning running around in search of the “wow” gift for Lucien. He turns FIVE in the morning. Five is a favorite of mine. I remember how I felt when I turned that age….the first turning point of my life 🙂 hahaha

This afternoon, Grandpa (my dad) came to celebrate an early birthday lunch after preschool. It was a nice afternoon…with smiles and fun, sweets and love.

I went out to fetch the mail from the mailbox and found a special card addressed to Master Lucien. Oh, she has that right, Master. He knows it, too. I brought it in and he immediately opened it up with a BIG SMILE. A cute puppy dog card and special inside gift…a check, all for him. He’s pretty excited to have a check made out to him, now that he is beginning to understand what that’s all about. Sheeesh, he even thinks it’s better than cash 🙂

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa T. – you’ve made a bright smile shine all the more for us today!

So, I never find the “wow” gift but a bunch of little “cool” ones. I think Lucien will be happy tomorrow when we celebrate his life all day long.  That’s one of the things I remember well about my birthday’s when I was young, my life being celebrated, not only in one day…but throughout a few days.  We would visit my Gram on one day and a friend on another.  We would have cake and presents, just us, on my actual birthday – this made it special for me.  I didn’t have big birthday parties with all kinds of friends at my house and I always liked it that way.  I’ve tried both for my boys, but in my heart….the best birthdays are those when you feel the love of those who you love most, to be celebrated for being born and touching someone’s life in a better way.  It’s not all about gifts and cake, although, those are definitely a plus 🙂

On Saturday, I’ll be gone for nine hours to a school bus clinic which reminds you of everything you need to know about busing and reviews the booklet with you. It is not often that I’m not home or even away from my family for that amount of time, but I’m sure we’ll all manage. Sunday will be a full day of busy family fun and then we’re back to the school schedule on Monday.

I’ve discovered something today, been thinking of it off and on lately. I think I suffer from Post Busy Itis Syndrome – PBIS. I do just fine while I’m in it, managing it all quite well but knowing in the back of my mind that when it’s all over…I will be at home, probably all week, recouping and taking care of the house…catching my breathe and nourishing my soul.

(I couldn’t resist sharing my woodpecker with you, even though it’s only one of the most precious smaller ones we have roaming through our trees.  The birds seem to be enjoying the treat that we made for them yesterday.  Yay!  And, the last shot was a wonderful surprise for me…I just love it.)