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Sliding Headers and Circles

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Oh, me – Oh, my….it’s time for bed already.  I’ve been playing around with the new software that I downloaded tonight.  It is now 11:20 p.m. and I’m pretty sure that my eyes are looking buggy with the dark circles underneath them.  My friend, GB, wonders how I manage to keep everything together in the ways that I do.  All I can truly say is that I am a woman…a mother…one who doesn’t quit until I can’t possibly go much more and then there is a little more.  Now, if you ask my friends this…they may tell you differently, because I rarely have enough energy or time to spend in simple chit chat.  Sometimes I feel like it’s wrong…but, honestly, my life runs in circles and those that I meet in my path tend to get the best of me.

The boys and I went to see the new 3D movie, How To Train A Dragon, today.  I LOVED it.  It brought overwhelming feelings of adventure to me that I’ve not had in a long time…wonderful, it was.  I want a dragon of my own, now – just for me.  Yes.

Last evening, I created a new banner for my friend.  It’s really been bothering me that at the end of the sliding photos, the logo appears for a few minutes.  Now, truly, they deserve to have their logo there but it’s not very pretty….SO, I purchased the silly software.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I did.  Now, I’ll have to change my existing banners.  See, when purchasing the software, it keeps the logo from appearing at the end of your slides; whereas, the free version shares the information.  Awe, well.

For the last few weeks, Ray has been away in New York for work.  That was the BIG CHANGE that took place during Easter weekend.  His company sent him over to Tupper Lake through the week, paid for all accommodations and raised his wage nicely.  It was a big surprise for us and a great adjustment in thought for my hubby.  He and I have been together for 17 years…married for 13…in July.  We’ve not spent an entire day apart from the day that we started our relationship almost 17 years ago.  Even while I was in the hospital having my boys, we still saw one another.

It’s been well for us, a little lonesome for him being away from all of us but we’ve been so extremely busy running around with all of the activities that the lonely moments are at that time of day when everyone is tired, ready for sleep.  Thankfully, they placed him on a job that worked him hard.  Working hard all day in construction, demolition (tearing out walls and rebuilding, breaking up cement flooring and such)…this type of work makes the body tired.  On Fridays, he would drive home for the weekend and leave the house again around 4 a.m. on Monday mornings.  Mondays were long for him.  We hold a deep appreciation for those who are drafted over seas through the Armed Forces, it certainly cannot be an easy adjustment.

Tomorrow, Ray comes home to work locally again; very locally.  Actually, they’re placing him just on the other side of our town.  This is good news.

Well, I am so ready for sleep now.  May you all rest well and wake with a happy heart.


A Vibrant Day

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The sun is shining brightly this morning, glistening on the melting snow. The leaves on our tree’s are a vibrant spring green and all appears to be in good cheer around our neck of the woods.

The house is crisply clean, as I walk down the stairs into the living area. The dishes are done, other than that of feeding our bellies with this morning. Sesame street is singing to my little man and the older two are giggling.

I breathe in this refreshment as I begin my day; I breathe out blessings to you all as you go about yours. May you feel the light of Spirit resting upon your shoulders, consuming the darker areas within and releasing beauty into your world today.

Snow after the Mow, in Vermont

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Isn’t it a funny thing how we sometimes need to be proven things, just to believe the possibility? Vermont is known for her ever changing moods. She really is a temperamental, emotional, kind of State. A bit “predictably-unpredictable”. So, why is it that when the forecast tells us there will be snow within the week, we won’t believe it? Maybe because we just don’t want to. We’ve been there before, we don’t want to go back….

…but really, is a little snow really that big of a deal when we know that it isn’t going to last for very long? We’ve had beautiful weather for the last week. The kids have been playing outside and for the very first time on Monday afternoon, Sammy (my oldest), mowed the lawn with a push mower. We have a very large lawn, but in the way that it grows grass, he only needed to do the areas of bunch. Much of our property is growing on rock ledge, therefor causing some of the grass to grow slowly and other areas to grow sporadically. He felt quite accomplished after mowing half of the back lawn and a small square in the front.

Tuesday rained snowballs from the sky on his freshly mowed grass. It snowed ALL DAY LONG, but the roads here were only wet. The driveway, wet. The grass was covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Today…well, it has never stopped snowing. The total accumulation, as of right now here at my house, is approximately 14 inches of snow. I estimate this because of the amounts that our deck carried between yesterday and today. I cleaned it off last night only to find that it gathered just as much again, over night.

Through all of this snow, I ran to the grocery store yesterday afternoon to grab a rug cleaner. I was through with waiting for better weather; through with the hope that things would dry up long enough to make this effort. After dinner last night, I cleared the living room and cleaned that nasty rug for two hours, finishing up around 9 p.m. The boys watched, played on the out of sorts furniture and found themselves in a bit of trouble a few times 🙂

Right now, I sit in bed and listen to the snow sliding off of our tin roof, creating such a earth shaking rumble as it hits the ground. From the rooms upstairs, it really is loud. I can’t imagine what we’ll do today…maybe pull the snow pants and coats, hats and gloves, winter boots, back out storage and I will throw the boys out into the snow for awhile. By the time that they’re ready to go out, it’ll probably be raining.

TTI Tuesday

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The Time I first saw one of my photos in a real book, with my name and feelings attached, brought me an overwhelming sense of appreciation. I received my PAWS for Charity, 2010 Art Book Project, in the mail last week. It truly is a blessing to have a page all to myself, amongst others who hold true titles as photographers and artists. And, yet, the biggest blessing in all of it is knowing that it’s bigger than me.

It’s bigger than me when I can share something from my heart with the world and touch another in more than one way. It’s bigger than me, if more and more people purchase this book, placing funds into such a needed cause as to uplift cancer patients.

We can’t always solve the troubles in the world, but we can make a difference when we offer what we do have.

Plus or minus the Forty things that make me smile (6-10)

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It was an early morning for me, getting up at 3 a.m. to make my hubby a few sandwiches. Don’t think that this is my normal routine, Heather is not the wife that wakes in the early morning hours to get that coffee on and make lunches for my man who works so hard all day long (that was my mother) – not that I think there is anything wrong with the loving and devoted wives who do this, but Heather is also one that doesn’t nap during the day, drives a school bus with over sixty children twice a day, takes care of her “full of energy” five year old all day; as well as the home, the food, the sports, the bills, the animals and herself 🙂

I’ve been doing this for my husband once a week, for the last few – it’s a special assignment because he has to be out into the world so extremely early, with a three hour drive and a full day of work. This is not the normal for us, but it stretches the mighty dollar and fills us up with a deeper appreciation for each other 🙂

With all of that said, I returned to bed about thirty minutes later only to find myself tossing about and ready to be awake. I spent some time listening to the quiet, breathing in the serenity, talking to The Lord and searching my thoughts.

Do you know that, in my eye opening hours of the day, my thinker does not stop? It doesn’t. My mind is continually working, continually.

You’re probably wondering if I’m ever going to get to the next five things that make me smile, aren’t you? I’ll get there, in just a minute. In just a minute; do you remember your mother telling you that? I think it comes from my mouth as easily as I love you does, to my boys. “Just a minute.” I try not to say it all too often, but it comes out before I even realize it. Poor kids, they live in a “just a minute” world.


The boys and I went shopping last Friday for baseball equipment, last minute needs. While driving, we saw a book store that my oldest mentioned something about once and I decided to bring them there for a treat to add into their memories. Seventy dollars later, we found ourselves at McDonald’s for a bite of lunch; which now brings me to my list:

These, also make me smile….

06-Stepping foot into a familiar place where I spent time with someone I loved who no longer is in this world, remembering the smiles that I shared there with them.

07-Sharing memories with my children and answering the questions that they ask about me, when I was young.

08-Humble moments when I find myself in the midst of all that is good, but witness loneliness in the heart of another and the ability that I am given to touch a life with a simple smile and prayer.

09-Sitting in bed on an early Monday morning in the dark, silently whispering my thoughts with a grateful heart to the One who already knows.

10-Contentment knowing that I can trust God in every single area of my life, even when my own weakness seems stronger than my faith…on the inside, my trust truly is deeply rooted in Him.

Mosaic Monday

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Visit Mary at the Dear Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.


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Quiet, rustling is heard through the leaves in the woods. Stepping, shifting of feet. My eyes see something or someone in the distance. Who is this that I see?

Beyond the twig branch that desperately wants for my attention, I search. There is a figure out there, amongst the beautiful spring colors. Suddenly distracted with the babies of cones that appear before me, they hold my focus for a moment.

Reminding me, curious, I hear the rustling again. Almost as though time has caught me, the one who was off in the distance is now creeping away with the step of today.


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I am always impressed with trees, for many reasons. They draw me close to God as I appreciate the strength they have as the strong winds blow…from the time that they begin, they hold firmly into the ground below them. They are rooted. I sometimes wonder if our lives are similar to that of a tree, even though we feel as fragile as a tiny flower at times; somehow we remain, grow through the strong winds and continue to reach for the sky.

As always, I share some from archives and some from the current week. Let’s begin with my weekly adventure. It’s been busy, full of baseball and running around. I just love these trees that can be found at one of our smaller home town baseball fields:

 Here, we have, just one of the tiny little beginners that can be found growing up all around my property.  I believe that this is a baby Maple, Vermont’s finest 🙂

Some of our trees are attacked by our Pileated Woodpecker friends. It’s not a bad thing, really, they choose the tree’s that are infested with bugs and can’t really live much longer.

This next one holds a home for our beautiful black crows…

Some of our tree’s have such large, strong root systems that they can spare a few for us to sit upon.

Other tree’s seem to find strength enough to grow, holding on to what they can and lasting years beyond expectation….

My archives are full of tree’s but I will spare you, mostly for a lack to time to share them all and search them all out. Just know that my heart holds a large appreciation for them.

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends and please visit other tree’s from around the world at our FSO sites (shown in my linkbar above and at the sidebar).

Plus or minus the Forty things that make me smile (1-5)

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My friend, Scriptor, once posted of the 40 things that make him happy. I couldn’t really wrap my specifics around the “happy” thought. I am way too analytical sometimes, thinking if I write it out…that’s it…I can’t change my mind, these are the forty and no more. Isn’t that crazy? But not only that, I know that it would take me too long to think of forty things in a blog post. I decided to carry it out over a period of future days. Now, let’s see how far I will actually go with it.

When there comes the time that I feel I may write negatively, when all that comes to my mind is what so-n-so may have said, how they acted or what have you…I will choose the mind of change and write with appreciation….focus on goodness and light 🙂

So, I chose to make a list of the forty things that bring a smile to my face, but more so…to my heart. I will begin with these five and see where it takes me. Here are a few of the things which create an appreciation in my soul:

01-Witnessing a child when they learn something for the first time; that look of surprise and strength all wrapped up into a little face.

02-Resting at a distance to experience the natural ways of my feathered friends. Birds are pure, direct and melodious.

03-When some fragrance wisps through the airways of your breathe and you remember a feeling of something sweet, something from childhood that you can’t even place your thoughts upon…but it’s there and you feel it…and it’s wonderful.

04-Typing or writing out the overload on my mind, only to find after reading it later that a message of understanding exists within the words.

05-Being the person that refreshes another in such a way as not even having to do anything but be myself.

From little fingers, tiny seeds shall grow….

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Carefully placing the soil just right, he fills the little pots with hope that each tiny seed will be covered like a blanket. Spraying just enough water to nourish the life within, his little hands get tired.

I took a large leap into the world of gardening earlier this week. I know how much fun it is to plant and watch how precious creation can grow…I remember. How could I not spend some special time with my little man doing something like this? I could almost feel my mother smiling at me in these moments 🙂