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On my birthday, as I backed into my driveway with the school bus, I saw that my dad was waiting for the boys and I to come home. I needed to run to the grocery store for some birthday goodies and an easy meal that I felt would make a nice treat for me, not having to labor over the stove all evening.

When I got into the car, my dad handed me a little flat bag. Inside was a card. My dad is very thoughtful when buying cards. Probably because there is so much that he would like to say, things that he thinks about, but doesn’t have the words on his tongue when we’re together.

They send forth their children as a flock; their little ones dance about. 
Job 21:11

I opened the envelope.  The card showed a photo of a little girl in the upper left corner, her arms were raised to her side. She was wearing a little summer dress and was tipping on her toes, as gliding through the air.

The words that I read on the front said, “Parents do not realize when their daughter is a child how fleeting the moments truly are. And in the blink of an eye, the little girl who did pirouettes down the hall is dancing her way through her own life.”

Tears formed in the corners of my eyes, and then I opened the card to read, “What a joy it was then, what a joy it will always be – having you for a daughter. Happy Birthday” Love, Dad.

I could feel the love, the warmth of a father’s heart and the appreciation that came with this card. I noticed that there was something tucked in behind the paper flap, so I peeked in to find the cutest stickers. The stickers were of the original Winnie The Pooh. I smiled – I felt like his little girl in that moment. It felt good.

I passed the card and stickers behind me to show the boys (they’re so curious, you know), when my dad mentioned to be careful because there was more to the gift than what I’d seen.

After handing it back to me, I looked further to find that he had, so carefully, cut the plastic that covered the stickers and gently placed some money within the back side. You wouldn’t have known that the stickers had even been tampered with in the way that he did it.

This little card, the stickers and the moment of feeling are all a part of my birthday that I will treasure and I had to write of it, keeping it all tucked away for future reminders of special days.

{the photo above is one that my mother had taken of me at five years old}


Follow Me?

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I know that some of you are not going to be very happy with this, but I have been thinking about doing it for a while now. I can’t keep up with the many different areas of blogs that I have on a daily basis, but I do want to continue to share in the same ways.

I’ve started a new blog, with a new name. Simply Heather doesn’t fit me anymore. It really doesn’t. My personality has changed since I began this blog and I thought to myself, “What better time to combine and make the change, than the week of my birthday?”

I will probably lose some followers again, but I know those who love me won’t lose me. For my new friends, I hope that you’ll come on over and get to know me better there ♥

I won’t be posting here or at Simply Joyful Photos any more and will be combining similar posts in one blog, at Memoirs & Offerings. Just so you know, I won’t be deleting either blog – they will remain. I still have catching up to do, printing them out and saving them for future use.

When I’m feeling creative and The Spirit moves me, I will post a COPY/SHARE photo (such as those that I’ve shared at Simply Joyful Photos). All other posts will continue as I’ve had them here.

I do hope that I find some of you visiting me over there.

A Morning Diddy

In Birds and Critters in My Yard, droplets, living life, smiles on March 30, 2010 at 3:04 pm
There I was just a’walking up the deck,
Singing, oh little birdies,
I really think you’re cute.
That’s when I noticed that their plate was such a mess,
Singing, oh little birdies,
I will clean this up for you.
It’s all good,
It’s all fine,
And just then,
I went inside.
There I was just a’grabbing up the seed,
Singing, oh little birdies,
It’s my pleasure to feed you.
That’s when I felt a little droplet on my head,
Singing, oh little birdies,
What ever did you do?
It’s not good.
It’s not fine.
And just then,
I went inside.

I couldn’t resist sharing my morning fun with you all, I thought it might bring a smile to your face. These are the moments in life that you just need to laugh at.

I came home from my morning run, thinking that I’d like to share something fun and happy with my friends here today. Little did I know that my little feathered friends had the post all planned out for me, as they waited eagerly in the tree tops.

I walked up to the deck and noticed that they were in need of some dry food, it’s been raining here for a few days and I keep replenishing their supply for them. All of the critter’s keep the plate well used, anyway. My song is true, I went into the house to retrieve some dry seed and when I returned to the deck, I saw my little friend eagerly waiting to snack. My little chickadee’s….

I don’t think that I ever mentioned how long it took me to realize that my sweet little whistler, the one’s who sing “wee-hoo” in those perfect moments, were the darlings that visit me in abundance, my chickadee’s. They are precious little birds.

But, anyway, he waited for me to refill the plate and the feeder and just as I finished the last handful, I felt a drop on my head. I stopped movement, stood there and giggled. I, then, looked up to see my little friend looking down at me and then we had a little talk. I’m sure that he understood me quite well because he fluttered down right in front of my face to the feeder, he giggled…chirpingly, mind you…and fluttered back up to the tree.

What fun moments.

Unexpected Blessings

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My son went to his friends house after school last week, and it just happened to be on my birthday. Was I ever surprised when he came home that evening with three beautiful roses for me. His friend’s mother stopped by the store on the way to our house and offered Joshua to pick out a bouquet of flowers for my birthday. Isn’t she the sweetest?! I was so blessed by the both of them.

On Friday morning, the boys were playing hotel upstairs when one of them came down with a bell in hand, asking if I would pretend to make a meal and then ring the bell when it was ready. I stepped it up a bit and made them a full breakfast…a special breakfast, just because every once in awhile it’s nice to have an unexpected blessing from those you love.

So, here, I present the table setting they received and the beautiful roses that I received….all unexpectedly, with thankful hearts:


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Morning Light

In devotions, faith, mothering, Spiritual Sunday's on March 28, 2010 at 1:31 am

Wanting so much to enjoy the morning, under the sunlight that shone through her bedroom window, she sat quietly with nothing more than the Promises written in The Book that she referred to often and her journal. She could hear voices outside the door, wanting nothing more than to know what she was doing in the bedroom that they could not see.

As a mother, it is rare to find times when we can breathe slowly and quietly in the midst of every day life. I, often, long to spend quiet moments with The Lord and can long for a moment away right in the middle of play time. It happens, yet I know that these moments of life with the little ones we love will not remain. I look into the big brown eyes of confidence every day and I just linger in the five year old knowledge of life.

There is often a contradiction in everything we think, everything that we want and everything that is right. It is right to spend good times with our children, playful moments, thoughtful moments….and it is right to spend good time with The Lord, listening moments, breathing moments. Sometimes I can do both, even at the same time, sometimes I can’t.

I want so much not to disappoint those I love, especially My Lord – yet, I trust that He Knows the desires of my heart; therefor, I am able to walk confidently. With courage, I am able to resist the lies of evil that try to affect my choices, and I can know that God loves the mother that He has made of me.

From my journal…”Oh, Lord, fill me with the life that Your Word brings with every little bit I am able to rest my eyes upon.  Nourish me in these moments, when I am only able to nibble on the Words that feed my soul.”

You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. ~Psalm 16:11 ESV

Visit Spiritual Sunday for links to encouragement and light to fill your soul today.

Sepia Moments and Mud

In living life, mud season, photo moments, sepia photos, smiles on March 27, 2010 at 10:37 pm

I was making dinner yesterday afternoon. As I was talking with my husband, I turned toward the dining area and saw the most beautiful textured stream of light grasping the edges of my bathroom doorknob. I thought, how unusually beautiful it was and ran for my camera….

It’s mud season here in Vermont. Many of you have no idea why we would call this “mud season” unless you have either visited or lived here once. Not all of Spring time would be considered mud season for most of Vermont but around my house…well, this season can sometimes last into the early summer months.

It really isn’t easy keeping up with the floors and the clothing, or the shoes, at my house. Just today, we were waiting to go to baseball evaluations and the boys asked to play outside for a bit. Of course, I let them but also found when they returned inside to get ready, their shoes were covered with mud and Lucien’s body was half covered as well.

It truly is a fun season for boys and doggy girl. So, I find myself thankful for the smiles and the muddy clothes – the dirty dog and the sand ALL OVER THE FLOORS. That’s why we live, to enjoy and play/work hard and enjoy some more. We really shouldn’t be so caught up in keeping everything so perfect, it tends to take the life out of living.

So…you might see my boys now and then with mud stains all over their clothes – at least they can grow up with memories of fun in the back yard during mud season 🙂


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While all “Free to copy and share” images remain property of ©Heather T Imagery, I encourage you to share them on your blog, website, as a desktop background, or other networking page – if you are interested in doing so. Please do not alter these images in any way or use them for profit making purposes. If you choose to share one on a blog or website, I graciously ask that you link back to this blog. Be sure to click on the image and see it’s full size before copying. Thank you and Enjoy.


In FSO-Friday Shoot Outs on March 26, 2010 at 6:52 pm

The morning was perfect, no need to get up and hurry.  The sun was shining and even though it was below 30 degrees outside, it was a beautiful day for a ride.  The boys and I headed out of town to pick up my paycheck and proceeded in search of bridges….

On our way around, I thought how it would be neat to see if I could find the building where my husband was working…all on my own, and I did. The boys and I stopped by to see him while he was eating lunch (he is a Carpenter in Commercial Construction and moves around often from location to location).

I wanted to share a famous Vermont Covered Bridge with you today, but the only one that wasn’t too far out of the way was in the other direction of my paycheck, so we’ve settled for these….

We enjoyed our ride today, our stops to discover the bridges in our path, the traveling over a few and now we rest at home where the wood stove continues to keep us warm and the sun shines through our windows.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, my friends. Oh, yes, and by the way, welcome to my new blog. This will be my home now and do come back to visit again, please. You can find more from other members of our Friday My Town Shoot Outs on the main site or the MckLinky site (both links located in my link bar above and to my sidebar).

For those who didn’t know, the theme this Friday was suggested to be in Black and White’s…our first ever B&W theme. All of my bridge photos were taken in black and white, not edited.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like them like this, without having any in color…but I did take one in color after and found it not so dramatic.  I think I like the black and white for this…it works the scene nicely.

Oh, right, one more thing that I almost forgot…I took a few self portraits the other day…if you’d call them that.  I just turned 38 yesterday and thought it was time to update my profile photo again, so I played a little with the camera and when I saw this shot later on in the day, I remembered that this was a suggested shot (the bridge of one’s nose):

Something For Me

In the little girl in me on March 26, 2010 at 1:39 am

Walking into my bank, last week, I found myself surrounded by the cutest little stuffed critters.  They were all resting on the counter tops and tucked around throughout the bank.

The March of Dimes would receive the proceeds of each sale and I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity, for them and for myself.

At first, I thought that I should get each of my boys a different one.  They had a little purple lamb in a minty green egg, a pink bunny in a pink egg, this one and then there were two other little animals not in eggs.   I wanted to do the three little egg’s but couldn’t decide which of my sons would want what egg…these decisions sometimes make me frustrated and then I realized that they really didn’t need these, they probably would have ended up in the large pile of stuffed animals that get forgotten.  It wasn’t that I really needed him, either, but really, how often do I buy myself something totally ridiculous just because I like it, want it, need that little girl inside of me to be pampered a bit?!

I bought him for me and I share him with the boys 🙂  Now, doesn’t that sound like a wise purchase?  Not to mention, the little cutey was only $5 for a good purpose.