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Psalm 90:14

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Praying For My Friend, Scriptor

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Many of you might be aware that a good friend of ours has just undergone triple by-pass surgery recently.  He is in the process of recovery, but is still in need of our prayers.  Please hold my hand and join together to cover our sweet friend, John (aka. Scriptor Senex) in prayer right now….

Father, We thank You for this opportunity to come together with trust that You are caring for our friend, John, and we are blessed to have crossed his path in life.  Right now, as he rests in recovery, we know that You are with Him and that You’ve surrounded him with those who will be Your Hands, Your Eyes and filled with Your Wisdom to touch his life and bring healing to his body.  Bless our friend with peace and joy as he awakens from each slumber and may he find that the healing process is much lighter than expected, smooth and clean.  For his family, we ask that good communication would proceed and they would feel Your presence as they await good news.  Father, we know that Your Good is in ALL things…even this…because we love You.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Kate Asked and I Answered

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I was just visiting a blog that is on my daily adventure list. Kate, at Chronicles of a Country Girl asks the following questions and I thought I’d answer them:

1. How and when did you learn to type? I self taught myself when very young, probably seven or eight – and then refined my skills in high school.

2. What is your key ring like? I have a double ring that you can take apart, simply because I can leave my car running and use the house key or the door open button when going into a store.

3. What was the last thing you took a photo of? Yesterday afternoon, the boys and I went sliding on the big hill up the street…I took photos, tried to take photos, there. My oldest kept jumping in the shot with a silly face…fun and annoying all together 🙂

4. Of the people in your life, who is the Geekiest? Hmmm…IDK! I think we’re all geeky in our own ways – and I enjoy my geeky moments with a good belly laugh 🙂

5. When was the last time you had to shout in order to be heard? Oh come on, Kate – remember that I live in a house FULL of male creatures and my poor doggy girl, Grace. She cringes when momma shouts. Not to mention that I am a school bus driver…hahahaha. So, in my life – daily. Already happened atleast twice today 🙂

FSO-Favorite of Topics

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I decided to look through all of my posts for My Town Friday Shoot Outs from the date that I became a member, until recently.  I was surprised to see that I began sharing not too long after it first began.  My first posts were shared over at my Simply Joyful Photos blog, beginning May 28th and ending there on August 14th.  From that point on, I’ve shared here.

I was also surprised to find that, even though it was a struggle sometimes, I never missed a Friday – wow, not one?  No, not one.  I almost chose and was pretty certain that I wouldn’t continue on during one of the weeks, only to find myself with a feeling of complete withdrawal that Thursday and having to share a post 🙂

Okay, so here it is, I can not choose a favorite topic from the list…or a favorite photo that I’ve shared; most all have inspired me and allowed me to get creative.  This week, I will share at random with you all.  Just random shots that I’ve taken in the last week or two, ones that I felt worthy enough for your eyes to see.  I hope you like….

First you’ll see, a picture of me…just reflecting…

And then, I’ll share a bird from the air…just snacking…

And here is my man, who followed the plan…just mudding…

Of course, my shack that you’ll find out back…while snowing…

A wide eyed friend sitting on the shelf’s end…so quietly…

How about a traffic light, with no road in sight…just shining…

Seriously though…if you look closely, you’ll see an extra set of lights off to the right side of the pole (above). There are three main roads with lights and a driveway. Yes, I said, a driveway…here is the driveway that has a traffic light at it’s end…

Only a few more, we enjoyed to explore on Tuesday…quiet adventurous…

If you’re interested, you should read this post of our exciting “surprise” adventure on Tuesday morning, to the local Wildlife Refuge.

Last for today, snow came our way…once again…

This was such a pleasure of a post to share this week. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and find some time to visit the rest of the members of Friday’s Shoot Outs (links can be found under my header and to my sidebar).

Bless you, my friends.

Walking on Earth

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The Little House

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In her day, she was just as beautiful as any other around her.  Built with sturdy pride and a loving heart, she became a home for family, a home filled with appreciation.  Through the years, as time passed by her, the families grew and moved on, except for one.

In the year of 2001, this family saw the little house and one in particular member fell in love with her.  Although a small house, she is, the walls within could wrap around and hold them well through the years.  Passers by wouldn’t see the beauty of this sweet little house, they’d only see what appeared to be neglect.  The little house holds this family tightly and they respect her, they care for her in the best ways that they can.

She may not be beautiful on the outside, this little house, but she holds more beauty, more love, more hope, within; more than many others around her.  She is filled with color, vibrant.  Her walls shine with the light through the few small windows.  On the inside, she smiles and is expanding with love.

This little house may not have all of the money she needs to keep up with the rest, but she has not a care for impressing.  Her care is in holding the family within, tightly, soundly and beautifully.

This is a little house with love.

On the busy road, many who pass by might not see our house as being cared for.  We have not the money to impress people as they drive by.  There are many visual needs for our little house, and each year she is given a gift to live longer, to hold her family tightly within her walls.

There are times when I’ve felt a little embarrassed asking those who come from very well kept, newer homes – the perfectly eye pleasing homes – to my chipped frame windows, droopy doorway, mess of a front porch, shady old siding of a home.  I think that others might see my sweet little house as a messy disaster in comparison, like I don’t try hard enough to make it better.  But then, I stop.  I hear the inner voice telling me that what I hold in my home is worth sharing.

How often have you walked into a home and felt something different, something that invites you to stay, something of warmth?  I am always amazed when friends have said this about my home, especially in those first encounters where all I can do is see everything I hope that they don’t.

My mother always told me that she felt this, every time she came over.  It didn’t matter where we lived, and I’ve had many places.  We moved eight times in six years, before we found this home to purchase and every home that we lived in was of the same appearance.  It’s the way that we live, we like it this way and wouldn’t choose to have it any differently (well, I wouldn’t).  See, I was talking with my husband the other night about being content.  Through the years, I’ve seen The Lord provide for ALL of our NEEDS…so perfectly.  Does our house need more than we’re able to give it?  I think it might appear that way, but in The Lord’s eyes…maybe we have what is really needed.  Yes, I think that we do.  And as the years pass by us, I will trust that things of worth and of value to this little home; He will take care of it’s needs, in His most perfect way.

Tuesday’s Surprise

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The telephone rang just around the time that Sammy’s friend would be coming to spend the day with us. It was the father of his friend, sharing with me that his son was asked to be in a television commercial that morning and wondered if there would be a way to work it out. He explained that the need was for a few people to be in the background while others were being filmed. The filming would be at a local Wildlife Refuge, one that we often went to in the warmer months. I told him that I’d be happy to bring his son there and he mentioned that they might even ask mine to be in the background as well. Everyone was excited to go.

Upon arriving, we found camera men setting up and the producer standing at the door, he welcomed us in. I asked him what he really needed while we were there and he had a pretty clear plan, once he realized that we were all willing to help out.

We would roam around, just normally. I asked if I could take pictures and he said, of course. After roaming, when the camera was ready for us, we would appear to be coming through the doors for the first time. We would then be greeted, I would ask some questions about the place and the trails, the kids would be kids and they’d film all of it.

They asked me to perform a few times during the time there, once even while I was purchasing some goodies from the store.

Little did I know that having a friend over would lead to such an exciting adventure for us all.

The program, not a commercial but a documentary, will be on our Public Access Channel during in late March.

It’s a good thing that this was all a surprise, totally, because I am not an actress by any sort. Give me lines to remember and I’m sure to forget them when put in the spotlight…but ask me to be natural, just me, and you can be sure it’ll work out alright. They were pleased enough, I think.

Even if they don’t use a bit of what we did yesterday, it was worth the doing. I felt like The Lord smiled through the entire time with encouragement for me.

ABC Wednesday: The Letter F brings you Faces

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I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.~Author Unknown  

Visit ABC Wednesday Round 6, to see more inspiration from the letter “F” today.

TTI Tuesday

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The Time, I thought, would go so slow, has shown me differently and now I know that we can’t count time, but only still, just find our days in moments ’til one day will come and then we’ll see that time is now and not to be…

Riddling circles 🙂

I sit here, early morning hours and glance out my window.  It’s snowing – or it was a second ago.  Aaaah, yes, there it is – still.

TTI Tuesday:  The Time I….

The Time I took this photo, this goose was all but nice.  A very proud, territorial sort with a loud voice.  Honking with much strength.  I’ve posted photos of this one before, even showing the teeth…well, not so much teeth but whatever they’re called.  I liked the effect that I placed upon this photo, as if it were snowing on this proud goose’s head 🙂 – little stinker.

I was watching one of the children’s networks a few weeks ago, when they shared something called “TTI” with a story of remembrance and I thought how neat it would be to create a meme as such…how perfect that title would fit with Tuesday and how we don’t really have many Tuesday meme’s.  So, let’s try it out, shall we?

You can share a memory in any form at all…poetry, story, just simple thoughts…without words, even…just a photo of a memory if you like.  Won’t you play along with me?   I think that it’ll be some fun.

So, look through your photos or in the attic of your mind and leave me a comment letting me know you’ve posted….The Time I

It’s a Monday.

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Hurry, Heather – you only have {squinting my eyes}…maybe three minutes, if you’re lucky.

With the boys outside, I am free to think to myself but I know that they have radar, they’ll feel me sitting here within a matter of minutes. It’s almost as if my brain vibes are transmitted all the way across the yard…oh, wait, maybe they can see the smoke 🙂

We’re on vacation for ten days, which means no getting up and running out the door each morning. It also means a full house most of the day, and I’ve added another boy to the mix for four of these days.  I’m good with that though, having an extra friend here actually distracts my boys from arguing so much.  I like having them here, but I also like when they go outside for a little while 🙂

I am finding some time to re-sort photos, add some touches here and there and continue working on the cleaning process, wanting so badly to bring these unwanted items to the Good Will store but find myself a little nervous about trying to do so with all of the boys at home (they might see what I’m unloading).

Oh no…I think I hear voices. See…I told you they’d know 🙂

I shall be back.