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Friendship and Words

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Yesterday, the boys and I enjoyed a LONG overdue visit with my special sister-friend. I call her that because our relationship is just that, as we are sisters in The Lord and friends by His choosing 🙂

Her little grandson was there and he’s the cutest little flirt of a baby boy I’ve seen since mine were little like him. Those big dark brown eyes of his just shout, “Aren’t I adorable?!”. I see this in both sets of brown eyes 🙂

He was quite impressed with my Sammy and my Sammy was quite impressed with him. Sam’s always loved babies and little ones, even when he was small; they’ve always taken a liking to him. I suppose he comes by that kind of love naturally 🙂

While we were there, my sister-friend showed me her latest creations which she made for some close friends of hers. She went back to college a few years ago to take Art classes, to get a degree. I can’t remember all of the details of her college credits and such – she could tell you but I know that she has a future in sharing her creations…eventually. Sometimes it’s hard to wait for what we know will be ahead of us. God enables us with this exciting and blessing of a talent and we just want to take off with it, jump around and go….like having too much coffee running through our veins – that kind of anxious feeling. I get that way when He ignites an idea within me, but I’ve learned when those feelings arise that the best thing I can do is tell The Lord my anxious thoughts, ask Him to enable me in His perfect ways and distract me in the waiting process. I don’t like being anxious. Okay…that was quite a bit of rambling, huh?!

So, she brings me into her art room to show me these really neat gifts. She’s been saving the corks from wine bottles for a long time now. I recall seeing them filling up a jar or something on the shelf above her kitchen sink, growing in height through the months. No – she doesn’t drink a great amount of wine. I’m pretty sure that friends and relatives have helped her accumulate these, as well as the bottle caps for the other project. She knew what she would do with the corks but couldn’t quite grasp on an idea for bottle caps until one day….voila!…an idea came to her. Those kind of ideas are like revelational moments. You think of something suddenly, it sinks in to your very being and you can feel creative energy overflowing inside of you. Those are great moments.

She combined all of her creativity to make a REAL cork board for her friend and one made of magnets for the friends hubby. On the back of the magnet board is a wipe board that he can write on with dry erase markers; for his game room.

My brother-in-law-friend (her hubby), found these words quickly and arranged them for my photo 🙂 – Yes, we do like her. These particular bottle caps happen to have words on the inside of them. I am so impressed!

Isn’t she talented, my sister-friend? I’m so proud of her!

I told you yesterday that I wanted to share some inspiration with you from a recent post that I read, right? The other day, I visited Yolanda at perfectly imperfect and she inspired me with her idea for the coming year.

I began praying, seeking and asking The Spirit what is good to be my focus as this new year approaches. Throughout the days since I read that post and asked, I have heard the word “Abide” in my thoughts. Going about my day, in the ordinary minutes of the day and even through conversations I’d have, suddenly that word would gently approach the stage of my mind. And I’d say, “aaaah, yes….abide”.

With this new year approaching, I shall focus myself on this word…on The Spirit within, on special understandings and focus time. I most likely will share with you as each petal of this blossom unfolds. God is so amazing, friends. So amazing. But even in this wonderful amazing way, He is so personal and loving.

Not only will I be spending some time understanding the entirety of His meaning in this, for me but I will be seeking more words as He leads me through my abiding time in 2010. I’m getting excited about this…it’s always exciting to find the sun shining inside you, with it’s rays declaring a perfect spot to linger awhile. Oooooh…yeah.


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Outer Chill and a Warm Heart

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This morning, I finally had that feeling of taking down the Christmas tree and putting away the decorations. We put it up shortly after Thanksgiving; it’s probably in one of my blog posts somewhere as to the specific day but I’m not big on researching.

0912 December 065

As I was taking down the ornaments, I chose to place them all together on the table until the tree was empty so I could thoughtfully put them away. I wrap the breakables and tuck away those that aren’t. Everything has a place, eventually. And in the meantime, I managed to clean out the closet where it is all stored until next season.

0912 December 068

0912 December 077

0912 December 069

As my hand touched each ornament, the memories twinkled in my mind of my childhood and my mother, of the boys as they chose some of them for themselves, of my sister in law who gave them each a special one a few years ago and of my friend who did the same and of friends who’ve gifted me with their special touch in the past. What wonderful memories to cherish and how amazing it is that simple things like ornaments can ignite such warmth in my heart.

0912 December 090

As I marveled through my memory and treasured the tree at my gram’s house, so long ago, I wanted to share my thoughts in writing but couldn’t stop to linger in words at that moment. I did, however, manage to take a few photos. I had to, when I saw the first reflection in one of the pastel balls on the table. So, here…you have a collection of my excitement while taking down the tree.

0912 December 093 0912 December 097

It was cold outside today, about 8 degrees, I think – but the wind was gusting at 35 miles p/hour. As I went outside to capture a few of these, I listened to the trees.

0912 December 098

0912 December 099

The silence filled the air, the kind after snow falls and lays heavy in the trees. But as the wind howled, it was blowing the tree tops. They swayed. I stood there on the back deck – positioning my little photo-ee’s…and heard the trees talking. They groaned in the cold air, being blown side to side. I could hear the branches creaking and some falling, while others found strength enough to push off the weight of the snow.

0912 December 105

I love to write. I know, you’re wondering where that statement came from. But, it’s true. There are times when I can get so completely caught up in the words, that I feel as though I’m dancing…twirling, swirling, leaping with enthusiastic bounce. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s part of me.

0912 December 103

I also love to capture the beauty of what my eyes see. I appreciate the little things in life much more than some, some couldn’t find themselves here in this place that I’m at – but they appreciate that I can be here…share with them in the ways that I do. That’s a good feeling. It’s like sharing your eyes with someone who is blind through the spoken word.

0912 December 110

There are so many people in the world that think life is more important than writing, taking pictures, dancing, singing, creating, smelling flowers and all of those other wonderful things overlooked. But, here, in this world of blogging – I find kindred spirits. I find good, honest, true people full of gifts and love to share. You are special people, my friends.

0912 December 111

Oh…I wanted to make mention of something and almost completely forgot. Today, I visited a blogger who commented here. I found someone who is also perfectly imperfect 🙂 – someone who appreciates Big Hilda, like I do. And I found someone who sparked a bit of inspiration within me. I’ll write more about that tomorrow but for now, I thank The Lord for you and I ask that He ignite your searching heart to find His goodness all around you.

Bless you, my friends.

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Simple Fun

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The boys and I were playing with the laptop last night, making faces and being silly together.  I thought they’d enjoy what I found in here.  A few nights ago, they were all in the living room playing wii while I was in the kitchen making faces at myself and laughing out loud.  Yes, I got a few “you’re not right” looks but I didn’t care.  I was having fun 🙂

Beautiful Snow

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I was watching the fluffy flakes of snow dancing down from the gray clouds and couldn’t resist the thought of twirling around, with my arms in the air…freedom.  It was beautiful as we were driving this morning.

Stepping foot outside, as I cleaned off the back deck, I could hear that sweet serenity calling out to me from the yard.  Listen, bend your ears toward me…stillness.  It was silent in the calm of the outer life this afternoon.

Snow in Vermont.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, yet, another shot of my old worn out shed 🙂

Contribute your prose, photos and creative energy to Muse Monday.

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This week, I will be sharing my favorite photos and/or posts from this site as a tribute to the year of 2009. Blessings for a week of wonderful memories ignited and a fresh outlook to the new year ahead, to all of you!

It’s Monday Morning

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I’m sitting in my bed right now, listening to snuffluffagus breathing next to me (that would be Lucien with a head cold). He’s been taking late afternoon naps since school let out and staying awake until well passed midnight each night. What a horrible schedule for the rest of us. It’s not easy being a preschooler and trying to grow up with such a little boy body and energy.

The older two boys are downstairs giggling, talking…actually getting along at this very moment (thank YOU, Jesus). I’m trying to get the hang of this new laptop, how to comfortably type and use it…setting up the email accounts properly and deciding on a schedule for the timing of my writing.

Still sore from boxing two days ago….probably not the best thing I could have done for this achy, touchy joint filled body – but it was fun in the moment. I will most likely not be playing that game again…punching into nothingness isn’t good for these muscles. Must get exercise in a Heather friendly format :).

Sammy just came upstairs to let me know that he was going to get himself some breakfast….leftover Chinese food from dinner last night. These kids are so funny. They just love it when we’ve ordered something out and have it in the fridge for morning. They love eating dinner for breakfast (yuck for me, but they like it). I like breakfast for dinner…but that doesn’t go over well with the rest of the house most days :).

I’ve been thinking about the new year approaching and, honestly, I’m not a one day resolution making kind of gal. I don’t care to set myself up for disappointment…I’ve tried to make resolutions for years ahead and even for days ahead but all that I can really do is live in the moment of now. Now moments fill our lives, people. Now moments…not to indulge in the “all that I wants” but to realize this is the moment…this is how I can make a change for myself and/or for another…in this now moment.

I learned to do that shortly after my mother passed over…to live in the now moments but just like everything else in life, we find ourselves slowly distracted and gaining on the rush of the day again. Thinking of tomorrow to be a clean slate. Let’s find balance in today…yeah, that’s good.

Oh…there they go…they’re fighting and I hear middle sons footsteps…he’s growling! Guess who else is growling, this inner mother, that’s who. Argh…this child who outbursts. I’m the kind of girl that soaks up others emotions…why???!! Why? Sure, it creates a compassionate person…one who understands but it also creates a mish-mash-mush of me :). I’ll be alright…been here, done that…carry on.

Snuffy is still asleep next to me. I think that the boys and I might venture out today into the big wide world…if the snow storm doesn’t hit too badly. Big warnings flashing all over the weather channel last night telling us that we’d get a whopping 3-6 inches – who were the people that set up that warning? Must have been NOT have been native Vermonters. Seriously, 3-6 inches of snow is not a warning around here 🙂 – it’s a dusting.

So, here is my ramble for today, friends. Lots of winding, in’s and out’s of thoughts…hope I don’t leave you dizzy.  A few old archival photos shared too…gotta love the archives 🙂

I think that I’m going to focus on Jesus awhile this morning…I think my BIG hope for the coming year will be to find myself with more of that kind of time…time to sit with my Best Friend, with my Lord and soak up His love. Yeah…that’s right.

Just a Sunday afternoon ramble.

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It has been a quiet Sunday for us, a lazy-ish one at that. Sammy and I made our way to church this morning, the other two boys stayed at home with a head cold.

I managed a tiny nap this afternoon with a tickling of kisses on my head here and there from my little man. Little stinker just doesn’t allow for me to nap. The older two have a bit of boredom, cabin-fever is what you call it. It’s rained most of the day here and they’ve not been in the house like this for awhile now. Right now, it’s gorgeous out my window with the twinkling of droplets left from the rain, the sun shining just enough to glisten all that I see. It’s a warm, orangey sun.

I think I might gather the tree fixings together tomorrow, putting it away for another year of hibernation until next December. I’m ready to get my house back in a not so cluttered place.

Learning the laptop has been fun. The way it moves, the colors and settings are different than the traditional desktop, and the Windows 7 shares a different approach as well…but I’m sure you all know that already. I’m a little late with getting things, being one that is not able to reach out and grab what I’d like to have when I’d like to have it.  And that’s okay for me.    The Lord has taught me through the years that it is true, good things come to those who wait and in perfect timing too.  It’s not always easy waiting for the things I’d like to have but I’ve learned the process of waiting with patience…or at least distracting myself in the waiting period :).

My Arms + Little Piggy’s x Inspiration = Blog Posts

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My arms are sore, feeling a little weak. Why? You ask me. I don’t want to tell you why, but I will. I was boxing today. That’s right, boxing. I knocked out three people 🙂

The boys put their money together for Christmas and purchased a Wii game. We made up the difference to get an extra remote and game. I am so proud of these boys, even though they still cannot resist themselves from arguing about everything – they’re learning. They’re learning how to save, make the best choices and be wise in spending. They’ve impressed me greatly this Christmas, in that respect.

Anyway, yeah…I’m sore. It’s fun. I think I just might buy the wii fit extensions and start moving. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed boxing…neither could my husband. Apparently, I impressed him. You just can’t help yourself when you’re playing…you get right into it and really don’t notice that people are watching you. That’s what I need to get fit. My heart hasn’t pumped that fast in a long time! Not even the stationary bike gets me going like that…and it certainly is not as exciting 🙂

On another note. I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of the swordfish with you all. Do you remember the last one I shared of him just a few weeks ago? He was wearing an elf costume. It was only a few days later that he changed his clothing and decided to become Santa for the rest of the school week. Gotta love him, huh?! I think it’s awesome that they take the time to do this at school. It amuses me and I’m sure that the kids appreciate it atleast as much as I do 🙂

I wanted to share something precious with you today. I’ve not been really focused lately in my writing enough to share my heart and the true meaning of Christmas with you. I feel as though every day of my life is a celebration of Christ’s birth – not only into this world, but in me. His life is within me. Celebrating the birth of Christ is more than one day a year for me – you all know that about me, don’t you?

I’m unusual, aren’t I? It’s okay, you can tell me, I know it already. I’m quite an observant gal. I notice that I don’t think like most people do…but maybe I do. Just maybe I think more like you than you care to admit. Hmmmm. One thing I’ve learned through these few years of sharing myself in this way – every time I put myself right on stage, sharing the grit with you – you are blessed. Isn’t that funny? When I “tell on myself”, when I tell it like it is, when I pick my nose here – you feel blessed in knowing that you’re not alone. Isn’t that true?

We’re not alone, friends. Others do think the way that we do, just not ALL others. You often tell me how I’ve been able to pull out a part of you that needed to awaken, or that something I’ve shared rekindled a bit of faith or wonder. It’s not about me. I hope that you know that. I am a simple girl that lifts my hands with the faith that God can and will use me, if I offer myself.

Any time you feel touched by a word you read here, it’s because God has purposed it to be. Sometimes things might not feel like a blessing, sometimes words bite a little…even in those moments, they can teach us. EVERYTHING in life can be used for God’s Glory and for a better purpose when we trust Him. Yup. It’s true, even some of the most misunderstood occurrences…some that we couldn’t possibly understand…even those can be turned into beauty, if our hearts will open up to that possibility.

Geesh! Where did all of that come from?! I was writing a simple post about my sore arms. Whew. Okay, well, what I really wanted to share with you was this amazing post I read today; a humbling post filled with inspiration. When you have the chance, I hope you’ll read it. Not only do the words inspire me, but the woman shares photos of the sweetest little piggy’s. I love piggy’s. For her photos, you can visit Ann Voskamp at Holy Experience and to read her post, visit (In)Courage: Why Spending Christmas in a Barn Radically Transforms the New Year.