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Every Mom Needs An Extra Hand

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This is a “just for fun” post today. Two of my girl-friends and I went out to a local coffee shop one morning, a long overdue gathering for us. While we were resting ourselves in laughter, sharing our thoughts and enjoying the company of one another, one of them pulled this from her purse.

I began to laugh and quickly pulled out my camera…it is the arm from her daughter’s dolly that came apart a few days before while they were out.

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” ~Psalm 126:2


And she says, Amen.

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Whether we are poets or parents or teachers or artists or gardeners, we must start where we are and use what we have. In the process of creation and relationship, what seems mundane and trivial may show itself to be holy, precious, part of a pattern. ~ Luci Shaw

Having An Emotional Moment

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That’s how it seemed
When I drove along this road
On my way to see you there
Standing at the door
Of the old house
The old yellow house

As I drive through the town
On this same road of yesterday
Not on my way to see you
Standing at the door
Of the old house
The old yellow house

Yesterday has gone
Today is the moment
Yet I miss you
You were there just yesterday
And now you’re gone

In my heart I know
And in my soul I feel
For the day will come
When I’m on a new road
And I wait just to see you
Standing at the door
Not at the old house
The old yellow house
Standing at the door
At the new home
The new home for my soul

Some day

I know that I have better pictures of the house in which I grew up in, but this was the first one that my hands touched today and I thought I’d share it with you. It was a photo that my mother had taken once upon a time; and, actually, she was taking a picture of the tree – not the house.

My mom had great love for this house, which was originally an old school house in town that had been reconstructed into a home. The woman that lived across the street from me growing up had children that went to school there and they’d tell me stories of going to get the firewood for the classroom to be warm in the winter months.

Me and Pooh-Bear

I miss her often, so often…my mother and the influence that she had on me when she was here.  I will never be the same person that I was before she passed on. It seems at times that I had more strength in myself in those days than I do now. Maybe I had that strength because she felt she didn’t at times. Sometimes I think that it was there just to prove that I was my own person.

She Was Pretty Without It, But She Didn't Know

I know when times of growth are beginning again, as do most of us. There is a familiar time of stagnant attitude within that transforms into insight, revelation, understanding of yourself and then you have the “aha”, I get it, poignancy of thought. Only to find a little while after that you’ve grown through the stretch of self…just one step more. It’s quite the climb friends.  Most people pay no attention to how they grow, but most people pay no attention to flowers and bugs and the other wonderful things of life that matter, either 🙂

Most of you are thinking, “Uh-Oh. What in the world is wrong with her? Is she depressed? Is she losing it?” I’ll answer that question before you even ask it…

I am a sensitive, outgoing, happy, content, faith-filled, discontent, unruly, annoyed, understanding, loving, unmotivated, artistic, positive and sometimes lazy gal. There are times when I am sad inside, times when I am over-joyed with life. I find that I am a good blend of mixed ingredients. A few things that I am not and will not be is rude, crude, obnoxious, thieving, lying, tormenting, hurtful or mean for no apparent reason; I will also never tell anyone that they must do things in the same way that anyone else does because I understand that we are all made differently.

I suppose that you could say that I’m a mutt of emotions 🙂

Really, I am not depressed today – just very thoughtful and I had to put the words out there to get the emotion flowing. I’m done now.

Friday Photo Shoot Out – Park Landscapes

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This week’s theme, “Park Landscapes” was chosen by JarieLyn. To see more from our shoot out members, you can visit the list from my sidebar or pop over to the Main Site to gather more information. They’re welcoming new members, so if you’re interested in sharing your love for your town, state and photography…sign up at Friday My Town Shoot Outs.

I’m going to share with you the views from one of my favorite parks here in the town that I live in.  It’s a small State Park located on the outskirts of town, in the bay area. It’s a beautiful area to play, enjoy the scenery and even get married in (yes, this is the park where we were married):

July 26, 1997 (obviously, this wasn’t my photography 🙂 I’m in the picture)

June 2009
Window Out the Window

The View is Beautiful

Out the Door Peek-A-Boo

I Can Do It!

July 26, 1997 (again…not my photo…but I had to finish with this one)

Before you go, I wanted to introduce to you two blogs that you might be interested in sharing at sometime.

One, you’ve heard of before where you can be a member and share your photos according to a weekly theme (when you can, w/o obligation): SOARING THROUGH THE WORLD IN PICTURES

The other is new, a place to share your photos and inspire writer’s to write OR just share a few of your own writing thoughts, or both: WRITE WITH PICTURES

Okay…now you can go – and have a happy Friday 🙂

Like The Leaves, Are We

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Breeze is the conductor, trees the musicians, leaves the instruments. ~Nathaniel LeTonnerre

The Things We Discover

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AAAA-HAAAA! I’ve just figured out something that has been absolutely driving me crazy for about a week now.

I purchased this bunch of banana’s at the grocery store over a week ago, well over a week ago and shortly after I brought them home, I began seeing the little fruit-flies soaring through the air in my home.

I can’t stand these little things!! Really, you know me – how much I love the tiniest of things – BUT NOT THESE. They are the most annoying little things to have in my home.

The banana’s that brought them in, instantly went to be washed and then into the freezer for bread making later on but that didn’t get rid of the fruit-flies; they’ve been flying ever since. I’ve searched everywhere in the kitchen, even to pull out my stove drawer thinking that maybe a grape could have rolled under there once upon a time and they’ve collected themselves onto it. Well, a grape had rolled under there but it turned into a HUGE raisin = without fruit-flies.

Where are these things coming from?#@*!

So, I’m sitting here right now and searching through some photos to share. I was going to tell you all about the many critter’s we’ve seen lately, showing the photos to go with – BUT, I’ll do that later (maybe). Right now, I have to tell you what I discovered as I’m being distracted by the flying annoyance’s between my computer screen and my eyes.

I started by eating the last of the recent bunch of bananas I bought, just the other day. We washed them immediately upon arriving home from the store AND placed them far from the kitchen…more near to my computer, on the dining room table.

So the last banana was sitting here on my computer desk, just wanting for me to eat it before it turned black. I peeled it open and attacked it while typing the “would be” post. Just as I reached the last few bites, I prepared to dump the carcass (the peel) into my little wastebasket that sits under my desk.

Guess what I saw?! A banana peel that was there, well, probably about a week. My wastebasket was full of fruit-flies.

Okay…REALLY, I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this or thought of it before; but either way, I will NO LONGER be putting my old peels or fruit cores into this wastebasket. Nope. Nope.

This guy was found underneath the bus when coming home the other day. Sammy was right on him trying to catch him. I’ve got a lot of pictures of the little snake opening it’s mouth to bite but this one was the best to share. I might add that he did actually latch on to Sam once…it was quite funny, but Sam said it didn’t hurt at all – must be the snake is too little to have any kind of real biting grip or teeth. I wonder if he would have enjoyed these nasty little fruit-flies? Probably not, but I don’t think I’d have wanted him in my house either 🙂

Learn and Live

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To live remains an art which everyone must learn, and which no one can teach. ~Havelock Ellis

Wordless Wednesday "Sunday Morning Friends of Mine"

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Please come see us...please.

The Three Muskateer's

WOWSERS – It’s already Wednesday?! My week has been confined to quiet days with two tired and sickly children; which wasn’t terrible, I mean – there was much less fighting and energy flying around (I know, that sounds horrible coming from a loving mother of three boys, right? Yeah..right). They’ve had some kind of virus but are recovering very quickly and seem to be headed up hill with good health. My middle child was down this last weekend, all is well for him now. Whew! Okay…let’s link up…

Across The River

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May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand. ~Irish Blessing

Seeds for The Future

Blessings I See

New Blog Looking for Writers and Photographers :)

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Well, I’ve been a little bummed for everyone since Pictures, Poetry & Prose has needed to break for awhile. I know that so many of us enjoy sharing our writing over there. I’ve had this thought for almost a year now and I think that it’s time to do it.

Not that I need another blog…but I think that we all enjoy a place to share and feel as though someone has appreciated our writing. I really enjoyed sharing at P.P.P. and reading the entries of other writer’s…I also enjoyed finding new photographer’s in the process.

Spread the word to your friends, because I’ve begun a new blog for writer’s. With P.P.P. gone, I’ve continued the legacy with a little twist of my own. It’s not for the lengthy writer’s but may intrigue them to get simple 🙂

My hope is that this writing blog will share the world of photography with writing and create friendships, create growth and combine talents. If you’re a friend who enjoys taking pictures and would like to share your photos over there, just leave me a note with the link to your photo – every photo shared will be linked back to your chosen blog site 🙂

The new site is named “Write With Pictures” and can be found at http://writewithpictures.blogspot.com.