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Knowing Where to Go

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Pretty Baby

What are they looking at?

{cluck - cluck - moo}

Come near and rescue me; redeem me because of my foes.
Psalm 69:18

There were two of them in the chicken fence, two little heifer cows. Can you imagine how they must have felt? It doesn’t matter that they’re larger and more able than the little chickens, they were out numbered. What do you suppose the chickens were thinking when they saw this little gal wonder into the covering?

I watched them for a few minutes and just before I turned away, the three chickens clucked and strutted their way over to the other side of the heifer; as if to be asking “Why? Look at the mess you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Sometimes we try to run and hide from those who pick at us, those who frustrate us or anger us; but the truth is, we’d probably be better off learning how to overcome our own feelings. We might find ourselves in just another mess to get out of anyway.

“They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the LORD.
Jeremiah 1:19

Wordless Wednesday "Sweet Sugar Smiles"

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Half Dozen

Fresh and Tasty

Sugar Mustache

Sweetest Wednesday to you all!

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An E-less Awesome

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I had just folded that last piece from that load of laundry, sat down and began sorting through some of my photos, when the telephone rang. I looked at the number on the caller-identification and saw that it was the school. Normally, when the school calls me it is because one of my boys is at the nurses office. I wondered which one it was this time.

I was not surprised to hear, “Hi, this is the nurse from school calling”. I asked if one of my boys was in her office and was surprised to hear her say, “Do you have a preschooler?” She told me that his teacher brought him in to her office because he was crying that his belly was hurting. She also mentioned that when she asked the teacher of his mother’s name…all that was said was, “Oh, the bus driver.”

I talked with the nurse for a few minutes, wondering if Lucien’s belly ache was nerves or if he was not feeling well and even that he might have to go potty, but was nervous to ask. She checked his temperature while I talked with him on the phone. He sounded snuffly, as though he’d been crying. We talked a little about mommy coming to get him, about needing to go to school tomorrow and thinking about going back to class. I was pretty sure that he wasn’t sick.

The nurse came back on and said that he wasn’t crying, that his nose was just a bit runny and the he had no temperature but she and I both agreed that, just for today, I should pick him up and comfort him a little. So, I went to school.

When I got there, I found his class walking down the hallway from library time and that he and the nurse were already at the other end retrieving his jacket. I walked up to him and he just looked a bit out of sorts. This is all new, you know, visiting the school nurse.

I asked him about his belly and how he was feeling. I talked with the nurse about it as well. As we walked down the hallway, his teacher and class passed by us. His teacher said that she wasn’t sure what happened because he was happy all morning, no troubles, or doubts. When they lined up and were walking to the library, all of a sudden Lucien began crying and holding his belly; so she brought him into the nurses office.

As she walked away, she barely mentioned that he may have been hit by someone and that they’d monitor that better from now on. I thought that was odd, but then Lucien spoke up and said that a little boy did hit him in the stomach. “That’s why I cried and my belly hurt”. He never told anyone, until I was there. But…how did the teacher seem to know?

I know that children hit, push, yell and argue. I know that they can be little stinkers…I have three boys and they do these things at home with each other, but they don’t treat other children that way. Not at all. I also know that not all children know their boundaries or how to respect the space of others, I am a bus driver.

It got me thinking though about my children and the events of the past. See, my boys are not what a macho man would say to be sissy’s.  They ARE respectful to others. They are not aggressive, name calling, accusing or outwardly judgmental people either (well not to anyone but each other…they could be more respectful to each other, but that’s another topic). From the time that they were little, even friends have made comments that my boys weren’t the average boys. Why does the “average” boy mean having boundary issues, an overabundant amount of energy that is uncontainable or even a lack of fear?

Not that I would want to mention this, but I know that each one of my boys has it in them to knock someone’s block off. I’ve seen them with one another…but they have respect for others, even those who wouldn’t seem worthy of any. I’ve heard them holler to the point of fear, with each other but not beyond these walls. I have one that I wouldn’t mess with even now, but he tends to be the biggest push over in the world. Isn’t that odd?

All three of my boys have had a time or two in the spotlight with an aggressive child, or with one who has had boundary issues. Sometimes, it’s a little cute to watch; like with little girls who just want to love them all up. The boys get so uncomfortable with little girls who hug them. Lucien had a little one following him around, hugging and even asking for a kiss last week. He sat so close to me, I’d have thought that he was attached :).

I’ve been through it with my older two, teaching them how to respond to children who may be overbearing. I suppose it’s time to teach Lucien too. I did tell him that he couldn’t go to the nurse every time he became upset, even though she’s the most friendly, loving and caring person he’s met at school. I also know that he’d enjoy it in there because it’s quiet.

I told him that when someone does something to him that is hurtful, like pushing or hitting and even uses mean words to him that he should tell them loudly, “Don’t do that to me!” and to mean it. He said…I can’t, we can’t yell in class :).

Yeah…such are lessons in life, aren’t they though?

So, Lucien and I have had our talk. He knows what to expect when he wakes up in the morning. He knows that he can only go to see his favorite nurse when he’s sick. He knows that it’s okay to be a little louder than normal in class if he needs to be and he knows to tell the teacher when someone does something hurtful to him.

Now, we’ll talk about praying for the little boy that hit him.  Do you know why we would do that?  We’ll pray for those who mistreat us because we know that God is able to touch areas that we are not.  And for that reason, my friends, God is truly AWESOME – with both E’s!

Refresh Your View

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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. ~Marcel Roust

Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. ~Ecclesiastes 1:10 NIV

Our Unusual Finds

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I shared the other day that the boys and I found another something special on our drive to the apple orchard. Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed this unusual character; it was my middle son that pointed it out to me. I was too busy admiring all of the colorful bird houses…still, I picture them so vividly in my mind. You just wouldn’t believe the area that they covered. I am so impressed.

The day was beautiful here in Vermont. Lucien took a nice nap on the way to the orchard, so I took a detour on these back roads to a place that many of us hung out in our teenage years. Not a place that we went to very often because it was so far out of the way from my home town, but a place that always stuck in my memory for some reason.

Every now and then, I revisit those old spots where I spent time with friends, just being a lazy teen ager…riding around in cars, laughing and smoking and being free. Do you remember those days? I didn’t have many of them…only a couple of good years because my mom kept me tight to home. She wasn’t ready to share me with the big wide world quite yet, when I was young.

Anyway, I thought I’d share one more of my favorite’s from the birdhouse collection. I have MANY – so MANY. But, really how many do you want to see? Maybe sometime this winter, I’ll warm you with another but for now…this is it.

Colors of Home

Mosaic Monday "The Best of the Crop"

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I just had to share some more of my photos from our day of apple picking and thought, “What better way than to make a mosaic?”. I’m glad that I did this…for me, it’s perfect 🙂

Please visit Mary at the Little Red House to link up and find more great moments from life in the form of mosaics.

Of A Pure Heart

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When you look at the world in a narrow way, how narrow it seems! When you look at it in a mean way, how mean it is! When you look at it selfishly, how selfish it is! But when you look at it in a broad, generous, friendly spirit, what wonderful people you find in it. ~Horace Rutledge

Likely Friends

Ramblings of Motherhood

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It was only a couple of years ago when this woman shared some of her writings with me at a MOPS (mothers of preschooler’s) meeting. She wrote about the meanders of motherhood and I laughed out loud. Just the other day, she inquired about the blogging thing and I cheered her on.

Please pay her a visit and pass the word on to anyone that you know who might enjoy a laugh or two during these years of parenting. You can find her at Ramblings of Motherhood.

Thank you, my bloggy friends 🙂

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”  ~Albert Einstein 

The photo? Oh! This photo…Don’t ya love it? The boys and I were driving along the back roads that day when we went apple picking and we found these. You wouldn’t believe the amount of space in this swampy area, that they cover. There’s A LOT of work involved putting up all of these..and more…and taking care of them year after year. We also found another surprise in the swamp….

Standing Strength

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This little bunny posed beautifully for me as I scrambled to capture him on camera. There’s something soft, pure and innocent about a bunny; bringing me feelings as that of a warm hug.

FRIDAY PHOTO SHOOT OUT-My favorite place to……..

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After thinking it over, I’ve decided to keep on keeping on with the Friday Shoot Outs. I mean, what would you all do without a taste of Vermont in your weekly life, right? I suppose I put myself into an overwhelming sense of obligation sometimes, like I absolutely have to do something…even when it is something that I want to do and because I tend to feel this way, I take the fun out of it. Okay…done with that way of thinking! When I take the obligated part off of my shelf of to do’s, I am able to enjoy what I’m doing.

Now that you all know I’m chasing my tail here, let’s get to these weeks theme: “My favorite place to ____________” as chosen by Cindy, from Alaska. Be sure to pop in and see her today and visit more members from my sidebar below.

MY FAVORITE PLACE TO…GO APPLE PICKING, in my corner of Vermont is….

The Road to Apples Welcome

Baskets Full

Perfectly Pleasant

Pick Your Own Pumpkins Too

Golden Delights

Good For Everyone

A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.
~Welsh Proverb
Enjoy your Friday, everyone 🙂

{oh, hey…I might mention to you all too: If you’re interested in sharing more of your photos with more of the world, I welcome you to join Soaring Through the World in Pictures AND on Wednesdays, right here, Mr. Linky stops in for Wordless Wednesday where you can share your photos as a short story, feeling or thought and link to your blog from here.}