Heather T.

Meet One Strange Bird (no, it’s not me). HA!

In Just Rambles, My Photos on July 28, 2009 at 12:54 am
Yesterday morning, I was out on the front porch exerting some energy on my exercise bicycle, listening to some worship music on my MP3. My eyes were closed and I was moving…

Turkey Buzzard Drying Out

I suddenly felt compelled to open my eyes up and look into the field. When I did, there he was. I wasn’t sure what “he” was and also wasn’t sure whether or not he was hurt. I kept doing my thing but keeping my eyes on him. His stance was strong and at that point, he didn’t move much, only his wings a little.

I grabbed Ray’s binoculars, which happened to be on the bench right beside me. Looking through them (it’s not easy…always taking a second for my eyes to focus properly), I saw this huge bird with his wings in a wide array….just sitting on the fence post. I wondered if he was caught in the wire somehow, so I went inside to get Ray (and my camera – of course).

Turkey Buzzard

I took a few pictures of him while Ray explained that he was fine. Apparently, after flying in the rain – their wings get heavy and they sit for awhile, hoping to dry them off. The trouble was that it was taking a little longer than he probably hoped…there was no wind, no sunshine and a little bit of a sprinkle. He sat out there on that post for quite a long time, and I took a bunch of photos as he would spin in circles v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, lifting a wing and slowly putting it down – then lifting another and slowyly putting that one down…and then both wings and slowly put them down. Can you get the picture? It was definitely entertaining for me to watch him. I finally made my way back in the house, made some breakfast, showered and we all got ready to leave…in search of a woodstove for this winter’s heating. The turkey buzzard still sat on his post, in hope of drying off.

Pretty neat, huh?

(oh, yeah…and because he was at such a distance, I had to edit the photos just a little to get better detail of him)

  1. Hi Heather, it's a rare thing to find another Vermont blogger so I thought I would say hello. I found you through your comment at Life or Something Like It. I hope you are enjoying the summer weather we are finally getting! I enjoyed the story of the turkey buzzard. ~Kathy

  2. Heather!This is the coolest post ever! I had a new bird encounter too – but not nearly as cool as yours. However, you have inspired me to post about it.You are such a beautiful spirit, and such an inspiration.

  3. Oh MAN!!! I swear, this is my post for tomorrow that I got on my way to my Mom's this morning!!! That is SSSSOOOOO Funny!!!Aren't they amazing??? My pics aren't too close because they get so nervous. Ha ha ha! Love this!

  4. Oh Heather that is just so amazing. We would call it a vulture but we don't have that particular one in Europe (we don't have any in the UK). As you know I love bird photography so to get such good ones of that is just so exciting.

  5. You are one strange bird…oh you mean the pictures…Just kidding of course! Reminds me of an Edgar Allen Poe work! Great capture of a rare bird…at least in our area!Do you heat with wood? WOW…you are a true Vermontian! If so, just curious…how much wood do you burn over winter's time?Dan

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