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Mosaic Monday: For The Love of Baseball

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Praise Our Maker Sunday – Shout to The Lord

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PTL Sunday ~ Acts 17:24-25

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How do I get my photos so large?

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UPDATE ** Since this post was done, I have changed to the original post editing format of uploading my photos but the instructions for 800 px photos below will continue to work with the minima stretch template.  I just wanted to inform you that my photos as shown presently are not in the LARGER format 🙂


I have had a lot of people email and ask me how I was able to get my photos on this blog so large. I’ll admit that I am thrilled to be asked questions that I am able to share the answer to.

Because so many are interested in enlarging their own photos, I’ve taken a few minutes to type this up for you. I hope that you can find it useful.

Blogger Layout: Before you can actually use enlarged photos on your blog, you will have to change your layout to the stretch format. You can do this easily, without losing any of your information.

Go to your dashboard and click on the “layouts” button. Then you will be on the “add and arrange page elements” screen. Once there, look up to the top at the right of the labels and you’ll see “pick new template“. Click on that. This will show you a whole new world of layouts for your blog. The one that you want is the “Minima Stretch“. It is in the first box of the second row and is the second one down. (You can also use the lefty stretch, if you like the looks.)

Picasa Web Album:

Did you realize that when you upload photos through “create” posts, that all of your photos are stored into an online album through Picasa? Yup. I have found out that it takes less time to upload my photos into Picasa, first, than it does to wait for blogger to load them into my post. Either way you upload, you can still change the size but it will have to be done by retrieving the code in Picasa. When you go into Picasa, to the right of your photo it will show “Link to this photo”; choose “embed image” and underneath, there is a little box to choose the size that you want. After that, just copy/paste that code into the “Edit Html” box next to the “Compose” box in the “create” blogger posting page.

It’s really pretty simple, especially once you’ve done it for the first time. If you have any trouble, you can send me an email and I’ll get back to you soon.

Six Word Saturday

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Winning the game, in the rain….

The game was scheduled for 9 a.m. this morning, with team pictures at 8:15 a.m. When we woke up, the sky was dark and there was a fine wet mist in the air. As we left the house, it began to pour with rain from a darkened sky. Just as pictures were being taken, the clouds parted and sunshine came flowing through…the game was on!

The boys were down by two at the end of the first inning. I can’t keep track of the scoring, especially when taking so many pictures throughout the game but I do watch and it was a fun one; it always is when we play against an equal team.

Just before our last inning, the dark clouds returned with a vengeance. Lucien and I had just walked across the field for some breakfast, when the rain came pouring down…blasting the boys out on the field. We wondered if the game would continue. And, it did.

The coaches called a time out and proceeded to dry the clay, in the rain (rolling my eyes) – but we’re glad they did. The boys won the game, playing their hearts out…in the rain – by one point.

Congratulations, A’s!! Great job.

{OH…and just for the sake of “happy”…they put Sammy in to pitch at last night’s game, for the first time. He showed them what he has to offer :o). Yay, Sammy!}

To follow and contribute to “Six Word Saturday”, click the link at my side bar :o)

1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13

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Spending Time with My Dad

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Yesterday morning, I called up my dad to see if he was interested in tagging along with me. I was going out of town to do a bit of shopping and thought that he’d like to spend some time with us. He’s still finding himself a little nervous about doing too much walking; unsure of his own strength and ability to balance himself.
We took a few side roads where I could find some wonderful photos for the shootout. One place that we went was where my husband and I would have lunch together, every day, once upon a time. I was telling dad how I’d take off from my work, for 90 minutes, each day. I’d go to my dad’s house, make some sandwiches and then drive about 10 miles to have lunch with Ray; a lunch period of about 20 minutes together. We’d sit in the car down by this pond.

My poor drenched little dandelion. Reminds me of a drowned puff ball.

I would REALLY like to know what these thingy’s are…in both photos (above & below). The one above grows all warm month’s long on the top or our rocky front lawn. They bloom, if let be, into little yellow flowers (the link takes you to the flower photo).

This one below was disgusting!!! For a few weeks, this tree had little brown woody looking bubbles all over it…like some sort of a disease. Yesterday, when I went to pick up my dad…I found these icky looking nasty fungus sorts all over the tree. YUCK!

Every now and then, Dad and I discuss his loneliness since mom passed on. He can’t seem to find life within himself anymore, really. Often, I feel a bit guilty because I am so busy living and caring for the rest of the men in the house; I’m unable to perk him up and be there for him all of the time. I know that I can’t be…but understand me, I am an encourager by heart and it’s an awful feeling when someone is just sad inside; unable to be encouraged.
He told me that even in the midst of company, he is lonely. There is nothing that anyone can do, other than pray for him. I keep suggesting that he get out of the house on a mission…take some pictures, enjoy the hunt and the treasures found. He used to like doing this. I have also told him that I’d begin a blog for him because here, we connect and find encouragement; enjoy sharing life with others and so many of us appreciate the sight from other areas of the world. He just gives me that look. Do you know that look? Well, one of these days…I’m going to have him here and show him how easy this is to do. He does well enough with the computer….
I don’t know.

When I drove into his drive way yesterday, I saw my mom’s poppy plants. Aren’t they beautiful? I shared this morning, in a comment on my photos blog about my mom. She would have loved these this year, so full of life and texture.

So, this is the end of my rambles for today. Until the next time, may you find yourself a place of hope, life and inspiration :o).

Friendly Friday’s Guest: Dan Felstead

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I was so blessed when Dan Felstead, a well-admired Photographer from Wood and Pixels Narratives, peeked in on my new blog. Dan is a man with a quiet soul, but shares it well through his photo’s. I have learned, and continue to learn, that Dan is like a treasured book with a beautiful cover. His blog is full of beauty, wonder, intrigue and life – this is the cover. His heart is caring, warm and welcoming – this is the treasure. Please share your thoughts with us and do take a moment to wander over to his site. I am delighted to have him with us today, sharing his eyes in photo and in thought.

I have the distinct honor of contributing a post to Simply Heather’s new blog. She was kind enough to guest post on my blog a couple of weeks ago and I am returning the favor! But I get to post on a brand new blog…what a treat!

I have always enjoyed Heather’s approach to photography and her addition from time to time of quotes or scripture verses to the photos. In her footsteps, I have tried to do the same today. Over the Memorial day weekend I had the chance to attend a Revolutionary War re-enactment and it really brought history alive again. I was reminded of the hardships of those times and the universal questions of war.

I’ll not debate here, the war issues, just suffice to say that the Ecclesiastes verse has always struck home with me. I have just paraphrased it and it’s reference to war and peace but there are also other references to life as well. In just a few short sentences, it almost lays out a life plan…so concise and to the point…yet at the same time…so poetic. The verse has been quoted and used in movies like Forest Gump, in songs like the Byrds “Turn, Turn, Turn” plus novels and poetry down through the centuries. Personally, I think it is one of the most beautiful quotes I have ever read.

Defense of our homeland is not just a “guy” thing. It was made very clear at the en-campment this weekend that men, women and children all contributed to the freedom we have in America today. Participation in our government’s responsibility of insuring peace is a right and duty of all of us…whether by voicing opinions, voting, or a role in the armed forces …all are ways to participate.

I will step off my soapbox and had the blog back over to Heather. Thanks for the chance to step off my blog for a day and be part of yours…it has been fun!


Friendly Friday’s at Simply Joyful Photos

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For some of you, this is a repeat…for others – Come join me!!

On my new photo blog, I am inviting my friends over on Friday’s…to share with all of us, a bit of their own footsteps; things and places they’ve seen, some of their favorite photos taken and enjoy themselves as they share inspiration with others.

We all live in different places. We may see some of the world in the same way, or see the same things differently, at different angles.

On Friendly Friday’s, you are welcome to post one or two of your favorite photos; along with a description or poem or whatever you wish (as long as it is uplifting, inspiring and of good manner). All you need to do is email me by Wednesday of each week. Be sure to include the desired photos and detailed writing (exactly how you would want to share it). I will do my best to enlarge your photos as the others are shown here.

Hope that you can come play soon :o). If you have any questions, just send me a note. Oh, and don’t forget to peek in on Friday’s…to see who’s visiting. My first guest will be shared this Friday, May 29th…and he’s someone that we all admire :o).

Friday Photo Shootouts

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The assignment this week was….WATER. Stop in at my photos blog and see what I was able to find on Thursday, as I ventured into my world. Yes, I said Thursday. I (kind-of) found out a little late as to what the assignment was for this week; wondering if I should participate or not, but when I came home tonight (Thurs.) and loaded them into the computer…I found some wonderful blessings without even knowing it. So – I shared them and am now a member of the Friday Photo Shootouts :o).
Just a little peek for you….