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So, where do you plunk it on the ship?

In Questions Answered on December 31, 2008 at 10:01 pm

In the book that I’m reading at the moment, she writes about Lucy and Charlie Brown’s discussion where Lucy asks him….

‘Charlie Brown, life is like a deck chair on a cruise ship. Passengers open up these canvas deck chairs so they can sit in the sun. Some people place their chairs facing the rear of the ship so they can see where they’ve been. Other people face their chairs forward – they want to see where they’re going. On the cruise ship of life, which way is your deck chair facing?’

Charlie replies, ‘I’ve never been able to get one unfolded.’

~Because this is my book, I use it a little like a journal. I can’t help myself; I must share my thoughts to what I’m reading on this same page, especially when it’s something that invites my own personal statement. So, with the New Year approaching so quickly, I thought I’d ask you this question that Lucy asked of Charlie Brown…

Where do you plunk your deck chair? Do you have one? Can you get yours open? Offer me a thought here.

My answer: Oh yes, I’d have mine open and I’d have found the perfect spot where I could see everything around me but not really be in the center of everyone. I would find a place where I could be social or not, depending on the moment {but I’d always offer a sincere hello to any passers-by}. I’d have full view. Catching a glimpse of what’s ahead of me, taking a look at what was behind me but living and enjoying what it is in this special place called “the moment”. This is me. That’s how I live, really. No, I’m not average…I’m abbi-normal as my hubby would chose to say, but for me it is most definitely a good way to be.


PPP-Happy New Year

In PPP Prompts, PPS-Poetry-Prose-Stories I've Written on December 31, 2008 at 2:28 pm

I have learned to dream
with possibility of being true.

I have opened my eyes in this world
to sight of future anew.

God has taken my heart in His Hand
holding it ever so firmly.

God knows not to let go of me
no matter how much I squirmly ;o).

I have,
God Is,
And together we dance

For it is only with Him
that I’m able to chance.

What I’ve Learned from 24:7 in 2008

In Inspirations, Life Lessons, My Life on December 31, 2008 at 1:14 pm

On January 1st of 2008, The Lord gave me a Word. I was spending some refreshing time with Him on the couch, just sitting and being quiet; listening for His Voice when I felt Him directing me to Jeremiah 24:7. I wasn’t in search of this year’s Word for me; He just knew that I needed one, I suppose.

“I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart.”

After reading this, I knew that He had given me a bold and sweet statement. I wondered what the year ahead of me would bring as I kept this Word tucked in the pocket of my heart.

Well, today is December 31st of 2008 isn’t it? As I reflect over this past year, I can see clearly the areas in my life that this Word has placed itself. Firstly, we can never think that we’ve grasped the meaning of anything fully. Everything I’ve learned and written about will continue to heighten, will continue to grow, to manifest with God’s power into a new realm of understanding. There is no logic in the spiritual world, there is only truth and love and understanding with the largest ingredient being faith.

My walk with The Lord has always been a deep hunger and desire to grow closer to Him, not through religion but in my personal space with Him. I am not at all a religious person…clearly not. I am a Child of the Most High God, a Sister of My Lord, and an Inheritor of His Spirit. I am little old Me, in my little old home, loving My Great Big God. Yes, I do go to Church and love my Church Family but Church is not a building. Church is the body of believers. Church is God’s Family…period. Hmmm…that could be like our last name ;o).

Okay…blah…blah…blah. Anyway, back to what I’ve learned throughout the year. I’ve learned that no matter how close I think I am to The Lord, how much I understand, how easy it is for me to hear Him speaking to my heart; I’ve learned that He is not finished. He will not be finished teaching us and allowing us the privilege to grow in Him until who knows when, other than I know it will not be on this earth. We will forever grow and learn. No one can be so pompous to say this is it. It’s not ever going to be “it”. God’s final product is in His Hands, not ours.

So, through a few books, through a bit of life unfolding and through the depth of my spiritual awakenings I’ve learned to know my God all the more this year. Through this verse of Jeremiah 24:7, I have learned that He has given us a heart to know Him (24/7). We are His people (24/7) and He is our God (24/7). And with all of that, we can return to Him (24/7) with all of our heart; even when we’ve strayed away if only for a moment.

Our Father “Creator” knows us better than we know ourselves. Trust Him. Simply Trust.

{I remember that morning so well, when He placed this Word in my heart. After I soaked it up for a moment, I called my mom and shared it with her. She fell in love with it, as I did. See, right now, I couldn’t imagine there being a better Word for a year of life…BUT I know there is because I’ve already lived this year. A new year awaits me. Will He put another Word in my pocket to carry through with? We shall see. If so, I will definitely share it with you all. I am so blessed with a family of Bloggers who understand this inner need to share life through simple words.}

Father, Thank You for slipping Your Word into my pocket at the beginning of this year ;o). You know me so well and I am so at peace in knowing that. You enable me to live with a freedom that most can’t even imagine and don’t understand. I’m so amazed at the unfolding of this {24/7} Word in my life throughout this last year and the ways that You’ve shown me {all the more} that You are ever so close to me. How is it possible, Father, that with all of our being we can know something; but you have a deeper awareness for us that roots into our core? I love You! I love You. May this life I live shine for You in every area and I ask that You would create this awareness in others who are ready to open their hearts to You. For those who may not be ready to fully open this door, Lord, may You slip in through the crack as they’ve peeked through {if only for a moment}. Bless the readers to feel Your presence with them, right now…and give them a heavenly hug from me. Always, I confirm my thoughts to you, Father, in the Name of Jesus My Lord. ~Amen.

Here’s my Bendy Thumb ;o)

In Amused, appreciation on December 31, 2008 at 1:04 pm

After reading and seeing a photo posted by a dear blogger, I was compelled to share my own ;o). Yes, I realize that this is a post of my thumb…but it is a “bendy” thumb.

I giggled when I saw that post over at Rambles from my Chair. I felt a bit lighter after reading his post, maybe only because there was a common silly in the air. It’s so nice to share the joy of life with others, isn’t it? It’s nice to be appreciated in this way or to see that others hold the same type of appreciation. There are very few in my reach that hold this same ability to appreciate the little things and find amusement in them as I do. I’ve discovered a family in the blog world and my love goes out to them ;o). Thumbs up and over there to you, my blogger family {hahaha}.

{hmmmm…now I need to figure out a label for this one}

Ugly and Happy {our first babes}

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I’ve mentioned to a few of my friendly blogger’s that I needed to post some photo’s of our very first babe’s. These two were simply the best and will remain in our hearts forever.

Ugly {the big black beauty} was my husband’s first dog. He raised Ugly from the litter of pup’s that he had delivered in his first apartment. Ugly was born without a tail and was the runt of the litter; leaving my hubby no other choice than to name this beautiful creature “Ugly” {ugly duckling}.
When I met my husband, this dog was with him everywhere that he went. Ugly and I became the best of friends. Every time I’d see him, he’d lean on me for some lovin’. As time went on, my hubby and I felt the need to add to our family and the search began. One day we went to the local shelter and found this precious scruff of a mutt in the kennel, looking at me with those “poor me” eyes and whimpering {oh yes, she knew exactly what she was doing and I’m sure she sensed my compassion}. Ray thought she looked to old, but I could see the youth in her eyes.
She turned out to be only about six months old, still had a puppy tooth or two. She was in rough shape though, her tail was half lost and icky/broken. We brought her outside to meet Ugly and they took to each other like you wouldn’t believe. She was mine! One day, I brought her home and we named her Happy. That she was!
These two were quite the pair. They loved to run and play together. Both so gently and loving to the boys who came to live in their home :o). No one would have wanted to mess with their kids, I’ll tell you. They weren’t aggressive dogs, but they knew how to manage themselves in dirty situations. They went everywhere with us in the years before the boys….everywhere. My hubby and I owned a few smaller vehicles {Subaru’s}. These two filled the back right up, but weren’t they the most amazing sight to passers-by?!

Ugly lived to be 13 years old, not bad for such a large dog. He was 120 lbs. in his younger days. Happy didn’t live much longer than him. Ugly suffered with arthritis and joint problems, as well as a few other major issues {it was thought that he had cancer}. We knew that he wouldn’t live much longer. Happy was a different story, she was only 8 years old and had been full of life. Always wanting play, she’d never quit. About six months after we had to put Ugly down, Happy started limping. It quickly worsened and she nearly couldn’t walk. The Vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We did all sorts of testing and x-rays with no results. She was paralyzed in her hind end and couldn’t move. It was horrible to watch this happen to her. She couldn’t live this way, you could see it in her eyes. We had to say goodbye to her. Needless to say, really, it was me that stood with these two in their last moments. My husband was there for Ugly but he couldn’t do it with Happy. It amazes me, the strength that The Lord blessed me with in this area. Although, there is no doubt within me of losing them in this world ~ they’ll be awaiting us when it’s our time to go Home….no doubt.

PPP-I Love to Play Games

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I love to play games
Oh yes, it is true
My home holds quite many
Yet the players are few

I love to play games
The thrill of unknown
Mommy plays oh so gentle
Til’ the boys ‘tudes are thrown

I love to play games
These boys do as well
Problems arise when together
I must share and tell

I LOVE to play games
Don’t care who must win
Wish boys would just love it
Competetion pricks like the pin

I love to play games
And try as I may
I must be bits crazy
Forever and a day

I love to play games
I must keep on trying
To play with these boys
Without pieces flying

I love to play games
Laura Jayne, thanks for asking
True, a glutten for punishment
Should rather be basking

Yes, I love to play games

~Before blogger came to be, I wrote once on myspace about playing games with my boys. This prompt reminded me…and it continues. These guys are so different and so terribly competitive with one another – they drive me crazy when we play together BUT….I love to play games.

And here is that post…nearly a year ago:

Sunday, January 06, 2008
In the corner of my mind…
Current mood: bullied
(I say I feel bullied…not really, it’s just a funny thing…read on)
Being the optimist and hopeful person that I am, I am always willing to try playing games with my older boys…again. They’re always so excited to play and have mom or dad play with them. It usually begins with everyone ready to have fun!Why do I lie to myself? I know how it will turn out. I cannot control how they play, how they feel when a play doesn’t go there way or if they win. You know, I am not a competitive person in the least bit…but these boys are for sure. I don’t care if I win…I just like playing. I never wanted to finish the game when I was a kid because I had so much fun playing…but my brother wanted to win. My brother (10 yrs older than me) would seriously get competitive and fitful when he was losing. He’d get crabby, sometimes throwing the pieces or just outright dumping over the game board. That should be my first clue about trying to play with these boys. They have some of that same blood flowing through their veins too (haha).But…I just want to play and have fun. We bought a few good games for Christmas that I thought wouldn’t allow to much competitiveness (LOL!!!)…there’s no such game for these two boys!! You know what, even though every game (no kidding – every game) we play ends with one/both of them crying or yelling…I will continue to play the games with them. Call me a glutten for punishment but I want these boys to know that momma’s in it through thick and thin….even if in the corner of my mind, I’m banging my head into the wall! ~I find that even in my complaining moments….there is something to laugh at. Reflecting through my writing helps me get out the stress in those kind of moments and find the lighter side of being the only female in a house full of males. I really felt it last night when I made an obvious comment about them and they all heard it the same way…ooooh, I was about to run (but we all laughed)…they had me in the corner. When I’m backed into a corner, there’s two things to do – come out fighting or make it funny….I opt for laughter!

PPP-"G" Sunday’s Alphabet Prompt

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Every Sunday, Pictures, Poetry & Prose, posts a prompting of a letter; then she suggests a way to write about that letter {that’s where the story of Martha & William’s beginning emerged from}. This Sunday’s letter was the letter “G”. She suggested that we look up a rather large “G'” word from the dictionary and write something about it.

Well, I looked up a few words and as I went along searching, this came out:

Look at me; I am ever so gorgeously made. Some may say I am quite “grandiose” but it is ever so important for you to have pleasure. Fix your ears upon my “grandiloquence”. You must listen to my wisdom, the splendor of your hearing sense. What am I, you ask? Why, how could you not know this? I “gallivant” before and behind you causing you dizziness and you do not know who I am? The nerve of you…I am the “grandest”, the “greenest”, “Grasshopper” that you shall ever see!

Being Attentive

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Cars, Trucks, Planes
Showers, baths, rains
Bedrooms, hallways, doors
Natures, porches, floors;

God listens.

God speaks.
Our hearts must be open.
Our inner ears must be aware.
There is not place on earth
Where we cannot hear
Our Creator speak to us;
Only in the absence of our attention.
Being attentive.

Great Blogger Discovery

In Inspirations on December 27, 2008 at 2:37 pm

I saw that this man added himself as a follower to my blog a few days ago (thank you, Sir). I clicked on the tiny little photo and found that he had many blogs of his own and those who know me well, know that I’m quite indecisive sometimes. I couldn’t decide which one to check out. I gave up that day for a lack of time, but today…I wandered on over and I am so glad that I did.

I haven’t taken too long to read and rummage through the other blogs that he has but I took a minute to scan his Rambles from my Chair and Words, words, words (and Phrases). This Sir makes me smile and inspires me to step into the adventure of learning a bit more.

I was just getting ready to walk away from the computer when this quote from his blog caught my eye. I read it and could feel smiles all over myself, inside and out; because it’s something that I am and it’s something that needs to be said as a part of me. Do you get that? Anyway…here it is:

And so we became who we are: gentle and bookish and ever so slightly confused. It is not a bad way to be, when all is said and done. ~Bill Richardson”Bachelor Brothers’ Bed & Breakfast”

~I just love that quote. It reminds me of what I tell people all of the time. Many people look at my silliness with a wondrous face, with question or an ever so pompous appearance. When they look at me like this or they say something to me about it, I say “Look at me. It sure is a good way to be.” This quote brings a little more definition to mine.

~Honestly, who needs to be so serious about life all of the time. Where’s the joy of The Lord in the critical character or the pointing of finger? Let’s all enjoy the life that Jesus came to bring us. Let’s all be silly together ;oP.

(See there…that “P” was a mistake, I meant to hit the parenthesis and stomped on the “P”. Then I looked at it and it looks like a silly face with the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth. That’s good stuff there :oP …. another great discovery for today … hahaha)

I know…I’m sure it’s been around awhile now, but my eyes didn’t catch it before.

I’ve been Awarded

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Writing Awards recieved and the links to the stories in honor of the awards:

For My Letter to Santa, I received The One Minute Writer’s Award. After I wrote this, I also thought that I should have asked him to give my mom a hug too…but I know Jesus has her taken care of there {I stepped over Santa’s head and just asked the “Big Guy” for that one ;o)}.

Blessings from Ida at The Diary of Pienovski:

Blessings from Jen and Laura Jayne:

Blessings from Omah’s Helping Hands:

Blessings from ~hon~: