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I simply must share this right now.

In Inspirations on November 30, 2008 at 10:40 pm

Not so patient…me. On the way to the library Saturday, I lifted a prayer for a great new inspiring read, “Lord, something that You want for me to read; something to keep me moving forward.”

I know that the only way I will find what He’s intended for me to find, is if I ask.

I found the book. I so desperately want to write, right now (impatience) but I cannot. I need to tend to my three yr. old; as he waits so patiently for his jammies. I cannot hold this in for any longer though; this simple quote that I read and I sparked with excitement because of it’s truth:

“I came to know experientially that I am simply God’s beloved child and that my true self hood depends on nothing else.” ~ Sue Monk Kidd

{Don’t you just love it? Can’t you relate? Ok…I need to go, but you know that I’ll be back eventually, right?}

Have a great evening, my friends.


For My Mom

In my mom, PPP Prompts, PPS-Poetry-Prose-Stories I've Written on November 29, 2008 at 6:08 pm
The photo brought thoughts of my mother this morning; how much she loved flowers. I don’t feel as though I really could translate all of the meaning into this writing, but I had to lay it out. I had to because if I kept it within me much longer, it would have drifted away from me. So, here it is. It is not an easy thing to do; sort my thoughts while three boys argue for my attention. One thing I’ve learned…The Lord has placed desires in my heart and given me tasks to accomplish for a reason. If He didn’t, my children would be terribly spoiled. This I know.

{The following is a photo of a sculpture that my mom made and a picture of us together ~ if you’re interested in reading more about our days together….just click on this photo.}


Colorful Inspiration was the title of the photo and it prompted me to write:

She lay in the bed, looking out the window of her new room; noticing the beautiful garden just out of reach. How she longed to touch the velvet petals of the flowers; but she could not.

Warm days blew by and she became aware that her days would be short. The plans and desires of creating would come to an end for her here; where she would no longer see the flowers outside her window…and her heart drifted away.

Early morning, her husband reached out his arms to comfort her and she closed her eyes.

When her eyes opened, she saw colors that she’d seen before. Brilliant, vibrant colors of red and gold. Colors that she remembered from another place; but couldn’t recall and didn’t really need to. She felt a warmth of glory surrounding her and engulfing her being.

Although she thought her eyes were open she heard a peaceful voice telling her to open her eyes. As she stepped forward, a new life became her. She could feel the life in all of the colors as she realized what it meant to have sight. This sight is only born of a new life; a life beyond and she hears….”Welcome to the room that I have prepared for you, My child.”

~ I saw these flowers, the colors and thought of my mom. She was gifted with The Gardener’s Hands, knowing the life within each flower. It’s not a gift that I have, but I admire and miss. I honor my mother today with this photo and thoughts…I have no doubt that our Father welcomed her to her new room that day, a place she longed for in the many days she lay in her Hospice Bed (well cared for).

Simple Update

In holidays on November 28, 2008 at 1:46 pm

Simply me, my little man and my uncle.

Thank you to all of my friends who counceled The Lord with me yesterday. He filled my home with peace, love and laughter…just as I’d hoped. My trust is that you were all blessed in your day yesterday, as well?
The next few days are pretty full with all of my guys at home. Today is my dad’s birthday and we’ll spend a few hours celebrating with him; then we’re off for some more Thankful’s to my sister-in-laws home.

My dad, uncle and two of my special boys.

Really, the only downfall to yesterday was that my middle son didn’t feel well most of the day. He wasn’t able to join us at the dinner table, but he made up for it later on. You won’t see him in these two photo’s…he was resting in the living room.

I just wanted to check in with you all, share a few pictures of our yesterday with you. May your weekend be filled with comfort, love and special revelations of God’s Love in you.

Thanksgiving Anew & Blessings to You

In holidays on November 27, 2008 at 12:30 pm


It’s quiet this morning. I hear my doggy girl chewing her bone and the boys chatting in the living room. My husband has offered to go to the store for some last minute items; there’s always a few and I’m just gearing up for the day ahead of me.

I read a blog from John Eldredge this morning reminding us to “remain in Jesus”; remain in Jesus and not to get one step ahead of Him. Maybe this goes along with that revelation on my way to the school last week. Often, my thoughts get one step ahead of Him. I don’t act on those thoughts (thankfully) but He places the greatest desires in my heart and I take off into the unknown territory of mind. Don’t we all do this?

I decided to sit a minute and share just a thought of two with you this Thanksgiving day. By the way, I am so very thankful for all of you who read my ramblings. Thankful that you’re interested and thankful because I know God is with you, touching your heart and enabling you to understand.

This is my very first Thanksgiving without my mom being here with us. The thoughts of how it will be enter my head. I’m okay. I can keep her memory alive in any moment, but it’s still difficult for my dad and a little uneasy for me when it causes him pain. {So, I’m getting one step ahead of Jesus, right?} I have grande thoughts of everyone laughing, sharing our wacky character with each other. My Uncle (dad’s brother) is visiting us from sunny California. He and I just click. It’s not like uncomfortable company in my house…he’s one of the boys :o>.

Now a part of my thoughts come back to my dad, who will be resting at the table with a sadness on his face; wanting so desperately to enjoy the time together but hurting inside. Ouch…there I go again, one step ahead of Jesus.

My friends, I’m going to pray for you and the gatherings of your day. Would you take a moment to pray with me and we will all be in agreement together?

Oh, Father. We truly thank You for the life and the love that we share in You. We come to You this morning knowing that You make all things good. We love You and desire nothing more than to live sharing this love with those You’ve put on our path. As we all gather together today with our friends and families, we desire for You to be present. May Your presence be evident to all who enter each home, each car and at each table. Lift heavy hearts, heal broken relationships, rest weary bones and cover us with Your Peace today. Remind us that You are the heart of every celebration. We celebrate You today. You are so beautiful. May all Glory shine on You and through us today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

HAPPY (truly blessed) THANKSGIVING my dear friends!

“And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.” ~Colossians 3:15 NLT

A silver here and a golden there.

In changes on November 26, 2008 at 12:41 pm

I’m back, but only for a minute of two. Yes, the little man woke up and was desiring for mommy to lay by his side a bit. We cuddled and now he’s up there with his two brothers, giggling and playing. So, I came down for a shower which reminded me of something that I wanted to share the other day.

Sometimes I feel like my life is similar to the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” books; where one thought leads to another action…over and over. Anyway, the shower reminded me of my great discovery the other day.

I’ve been really frustrated with my hair lately. It’s unusually frizzed. My hair does not frizz. It’s the long, thin, fine type of hair. Where’s this frizz coming from? I hadn’t been blow drying it for about a year. I carefully brush it, and have no split ends. What’s going on with it?

The great discovery came the other day. I was fed up. I turned on all of the lights possible in the bathroom and began inspection. Aaaah…the great discovery. This frizz’s on my head are not frizz after all. They are beautifully placed and wonderfully strong mid length silver hairs, with a little wave. * big delightful sigh *

Okay. Now I can cope. Through all of my life, I didn’t think I’d ever get grey hair (anticipating)and when or if I did; the grey would be silver, long and just define me.

A few years ago, after my mom’s initial battle with cancer; I discovered a few of these silvers on the front bangs. I was excited to share those discoveries with her and tell her that she helped make them :o>.

Now, I can’t share the multitudes of discovery with her; but I’m pretty sure that she’s fully aware of their presence. I’d almost bet these are perfectly gifted, fine little silvers, from my mom. She knew how I felt about them.

I’m not one who will be ashamed of a head full of silver. I’ll be proud to wear it; as if crowned with an expression of a life well lived. If there’s a bit of frizz for now, I’ll deal because I know that the prized crown of silver awaits me.

{I’ve never had strong, wavy hair – and it gets to be silver :o>.}

(Thank you Omah for your comments on my earlier post. May your Thanksgiving be extremely blessed and full of His Life in your home. I, too, desire for so many more to know Him as we do.)

Filled with this and that.

In Inspirations on November 26, 2008 at 11:29 am

Every day, I eagerly approach my computer and begin to search. I thoughtfully look around at my favorite blogs. The writers who fill my heart and the ones that reach in and pull stuff out of me.

What a journey this is for me. I read of others and how adventurous they are; all of the BIG things they’ve done in their lifetime and I sigh. I’m not adventurous…so I say. Those who really are, must think I’m terribly boring but others whose faith is just beginning; they think differently.

Faith is an adventure, don’t you think? I often talk with The Lord about my own insecurities; how I see myself. I share with Him, my self doubts (which inevitably is a lack of faith in that area…seriously…how can I be so full of faith, yet doubt myself). I tell Him and others how I see myself. In response, I am usually told the opposite of what I see. Most people don’t really know me, even those who have known me for years. Yet, I think it’s good to hear from others how they see you. It allows you to understand yourself better.

For you who are only able to read my writings and discover who I am through my pages, you’re missing the part of me that is laughable. I’m not a sophisticated, blend in the crowd type of girl. I’m a comfortable, a little goofy and enjoyably flaked type of girl; who really does know what she’s up to most of the time. I have a strong desire to remain on the path of my life; the path that God has made…not my own or the path that others think I need to be on.

For those who are only able to see me externally, they have no idea of the passion within me. Most everyday people wouldn’t come close to describing me appropriately. No one would know that I’m able to write, draw, paint or create the way that I do. I think most who “just see” me would describe me as a mom who loves her boys and loves to drive the school bus :o>; a little different character than most…there’s something about her. Then they know the difference…I walk with Jesus and He walks with me.

Yesterday, I was driving over to the school for the last run of the week and suddenly that thought popped into my mind. Jesus is with me on this bus and everywhere I go…physically with me. I know this, obviously…but an awareness came over me at that very moment (like revelation). “I want you to be with me everywhere I go and You are.” Then I thought, how many people can say that? How many places do we go, that we’d be afraid to take Jesus with us if we or others could see and touch Him? Not that we’re ashamed to have Him with us, but that we might think He’d be uncomfortable to be in such a place or with such people. Do you realize that there is no such place?

Honestly, any way you look at it; there isn’t a time or place that I wouldn’t want Him to be with me. Do you really think that there is a place that He wouldn’t go with you? There isn’t. He went all the way to the Cross….for you and me. Yes…for you.

~ooop, gotta run…the little man is awake :o>


In My Short Stories, PPP Featured Posts, PPP Prompts on November 24, 2008 at 11:48 pm

Apparently, I missed that I had been the featured writer for this story. I was looking around Pictures, Poetry & Prose and found it. YAY!!

As I ponder the beauty of this one dandelion, my mind wanders to another place when the little girl once sat in the field full of dandelions.

The beautiful yellow dandelions brought warmth to her heart and tickled her little bare toes. She stood up and began twirling around with her hands reached high into the sky and her eyes closed. She could feel the sunshine on her face.

The little girl was thanking God for making such a beautiful world for her to live in. As she opened her eyes, she saw what she thought were fairies flying around her. Just as she became lost in her imagination, she stumbled and fell to the ground.

Sitting on the ground once again, her eyes focused on the fluffy little something by her foot. She touched it and it burst with fluff’s being carried by the wind. It was then that she realized that there weren’t any fairies.

The little girl became sad and she thought for a moment about God and his beautiful world. Suddenly she felt alone in her thoughts and decided to challenge her belief that God was real. Just then, she picked one of the fluffy little dandelions, filled her mouth with air and blew. She wished that she could just know that God was real and that He loved her.

As the little girl watched the fluff’s flying into the sky above her, she felt something touch her leg. She quickly looked down and found a bunny leaping into her arms. He touched his nose to hers and it tickled. It was then the little girl’s heart filled with truth. She knew in her heart that God loved her.

See, only God could know how much she loved bunnies….because she had never told anyone, not even her mommy.


In PPP Prompts, PPS-Poetry-Prose-Stories I've Written on November 24, 2008 at 1:59 pm

Pictures, Poetry and Prose’ writing prompt had a picture of a small walking bridge out in the woods. Inspired….I began to write (I’m always amazed by what comes from me…always!):

As I approached the bridge, I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest. I take a deep breathe in and release it.

I take one step forward and ask God to give me the courage to face this fear; the fear of falling. The warmth of His love fills my being and I know that He is with me, but I still feel anxious.

I am reminded that something special awaits me on the other side; yet I don’t know what it is. His Spirit says so sweetly, “Take another step”. Little by little, I inch my way to the beginning of the bridge.

I reach out to the railing and firmly hold on. Step by step, inch by inch, I make my way across this bridge. Suddenly, I hear The Spirit tell me to look back. I turn around and see behind me little footprints.

An overwhelming feeling drowns my fear and everything makes sense to me at this very moment. I look down and see my son standing beside me; his big brown eyes full of excitement. He says to me, “Mommy, you did it!”

I realize the importance of this moment and what God had for me on this side of the bridge. It was a priceless gift; unmatched by any other circumstance. He clothed me in courage. The courage to trust.

It was twenty years later when I found this photo, as my son and I were rummaging through an old box. He quickly picked it up before I could. I looked at him, into those big brown eyes and he tells me something I never knew.

“Mom, I remember this day. This was the day that I learned how to trust God by watching you.”

I began a new label with this one, because I really think that I will often be sharing writing from this site (PPP-Pictures, Poetry and Prose). I can’t get over how quickly something can come out of me from a prompt like this. When I read back on some of the things I’ve written, like this – it’s like someone else wrote it. It’s not about me…it really isn’t. I lift my arms up and say thank you to the One that makes it happen.

This One Little Penny

In challenges, PPS-Poetry-Prose-Stories I've Written on November 20, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Okay, she did it again. That lady at Pictures, Poetry & Prose reached into me and pulled out something more than I realized was there. I love writing…love it…love it!

The photo was of a penny with the date of 1972 on it; and this is what became of me when I saw it:

This One Little Penny

This one little penny
a traveler to many hands
insisting to be noticed
waits patiently on the land

This one little penny

dated Nineteen Seventy-two
reminds people of history
reminds them of You
This one little penny
takes pride as a coin
with a Masterful Name
inscribed to adjoin
This one little penny
means people no harm
is here to share wealth
made not to alarm
This one little penny
is told to bring luck
desires to leave blessings
to the world run amuck
This one little penny
found without rust
shines boldy with honor
stating “In God We Trust”
I always get excited when trying to write poetry…it’s a challenge for me. My first glance of this penny picture reminds me of the year I was born. It reminds me of the one night my parents were brave, wanting to conceive and taking a leap of faith. It reminds me of the next day that brought them a little fear with a possibility and the decision of “not doing that again”. It reminds that on March 25, 1972…a daughter was born to a mother and father by God’s Hands. It reminds me of my mother who told me that having a little girl, changed her life as a woman and a mother. This one little penny reminds me of Faith and Love and where it all begins…with trusting God. Amen!!

BTW-Click on the link above and read the little story written there by Denise. I loved it! It brought me that “heart-feeling, holding back tears” kind of feeling.

(oh-and I glanced back at the photo…that little penny did have rust but I’m sure with God’s Name on it; it felt like a shiny penny)

The Interview and The Lonesome Night

In changes, mothering on November 18, 2008 at 1:55 pm
I just received an email this morning telling me that an interview I had done with “5 Minutes for Mom” last summer was being posted on their site. Honestly, I had forgotten about it until now. Curious, I took a minute to check it out and realized that it was done before my mom had passed in August.

They sent me this cute little button thingy to post on my blog so that anyone who is interested in taking a look, could. Here it is, just give it a click and you’ll be swept away for a moment to another world. A world of mom’s like us. It’s a comfortable place.

By the way….I am aware that I haven’t written in a few days. I have plenty to write about but have had no time for it. The weekends usually distract me well, away from the computer….with all of my men at home :o>. Then, Monday’s….oh Monday’s….you can usually find me cleaning, laundering and playing with my little man as we get back into the swing of things.
One amazing thing did happen on Sunday though; also being what kept me pretty busy. My little man has slept in our bed since he retired his crib. My hubby grumbly pointed out in the middle of a few night’s that it was time for the little man to retire from our bed.
So on Sunday, I rearranged the bedrooms. My littlest truly looks up to his oldest brother and decided that he wanted his bed to be in the same room. My oldest was very welcoming to him and on Sunday night…..for the first time, my little guy slept all night in another bed.
It was a “one-eye-open” and “one-ear-listening” and “lips talking to The Lord” type of night for me….but I made it through. Priceless was the moment when that little man awoke in the morning to find that he indeed slept completely through the night in his own big boy bed.
Last night was a little different story….but he made it through most of the night. I awoke about 3 a.m. to a cute little face with a big smile on it, standing in front of me. “Mommy.”, was all that he said. My reply, you wonder? “Do you want to cuddle with Mommy?”.
I’ve done this before, it’s not new to me at all. Imagine a bed with two little men in it; been there. It’s all good and they do grow up. I’m allowing them to do it gently :o>.