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Thoughts to Remember

In Life Lessons, mothering on October 29, 2008 at 6:21 pm

My little man is sleeping on the couch right now and I really don’t want to use up all of that “me” time in writing but it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do it with no interruption.

I’m enjoying these days at home with him. We’ve played board games, colored, done projects together, played hide-n-seek and even charades. This little man is amazing! Kids are amazing if given half a chance to share what they know.

I read something the other day that this woman sent to a magazine. She was saying that she and her mother started a journal together on the day she left home for college. Through the years of college and growing, she and her mother would write notes to one another and keep them all combined in journaling. It was a thought that she had read about in a magazine when she was a teenager and decided to gift her mother with the idea. They continued this idea of journaling right up until her mother passed away from cancer a few years ago.

When I read that, you must know that I cried. I have as many of my mother’s journals that I could find. She told me once that I could take them; although there was a time before she became sick that I wouldn’t have even attempted to look at them out of respect for her. I’m glad we discussed it though; now I have them and am able to read them. Of all of the journals I have, there is one that has brought me the most understanding of who I am now…it was written daily when I was only four years old. My mom’s journals were mostly written by what she did all day. She wasn’t really a “writer” but she kept her thoughts about things scattered on paper, kind of like in a list format. Anyway….looking back and reading that I woke her up every morning at 7 a.m. makes me giggle. I remember the relationship that I had with my mom when I was little…it was good.

Okay…so, I got carried away for a minute. The idea of keeping a journal with each of my boys to write our thoughts in, passing it back and forth through the years really inspires me. I’ve often wanted to do something special like that for them to have some day but I’m really not a scrapbook type of gal. I like playing with all the paper and things but I’m too fussy to have patience for it.

My thought is to grab a journal, keep thoughts between us in it; maybe a few drawings and photo’s or whatever else….and do this until they don’t want to. I have a feeling that it’ll be something of importance to them and they’ll want to continue it for years. They like when I write them notes :o>.

I don’t know if this has inspired you at all but think about it. Whether you have kids or not; think of the people in your life that are important to you. Wouldn’t you appreciate having something special that they said to you…on paper, when that day comes and you aren’t able to see them face to face? Hey, you could even pass one journal around through friends and family members….like the yearbooks we had in highschool. Have everyone write something of importance to them in it.

I just like that idea….I might do something like that on Thanksgiving. You know though…most of my family members tend to be very good at writing their thoughts. I have lots of good stuff to keep already…


A Handful of Bliss

In mothering on October 27, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Today is a double post kind of day. I had to share how blessed the days off from school have been (other than the choking).

Even though I love the thoughts of lazy and leisure mornings, it rarely occurs. I usually wake up chipper and ready to do something. Last week, that’s what happened.
Wednesday morning, after the boys played in the first snow; we got ready and headed to the Mall. My oldest had some money to spend from his birthday and wanted to buy a few jeans, so we made an afternoon of it and just mosied around the Mall for awhile. It was fun and a little frustrating trying to contain my three year old, but still enjoyable.
Thursday, we decided to visit Grandpa’s house. My brother and his wife are staying there now, with their kitty. The house isn’t empty anymore and it’s nice to have that feeling of welcome when going there. It’s still a little heartfelt when approaching the closed door and not having my mom open that door with a great big smile but the house has life in it and that’s good. My little man LOVES his uncle, he always has. It’s funny because he’s never really spent any time with my brother but there’s a special something in my brother that attracts my little man. We visited, made some lunch and sorted through toys while we were there. The boys went outside to pick wild grapes with Grandpa and filled a bucket with them. It was a well spent day!
Friday, this was the kicker of eventful days. The plan was to make grape jelly at my house with Grandpa but I needed to go grab my check from work before we began. The boys and I piled in the car and headed to the shop. My employer’s (a husband and wife team) are very welcoming and comfortable people. They’ve always treated me and my boys like family, so the boys just love visiting them. While we were there, the boys received some great attention and a few lessons in tae-kwon-do. It was fun!
Upon arriving at home, Grandpa was here waiting to make the jelly. He’d brought the bucket of grapes and some frozen raspberries, along with everything I’d need to make jelly. The boys helped a little with the process of smashing the grapes…that was fun. In the beginning, it went well. The first batch seemed to take forever and I found myself recalling why I didn’t like making jelly…but I hadn’t set the burner’s high enough and realized after the second batch, it wasn’t so bad. I do enjoy making jelly, when I do it right.
I have to mention that I thought we’d need more sugar. I sent dad to the store while beginning the second batch. Soon after the process began, the boys told me that there were trucks in the driveway with ladders. Just as the bubbling began. I knew it was my handy-dandy tree cutter coming to tackle some tree’s down. Thankfully, he’s an old friend from school days. I didn’t have any problem having him come right into the kitchen (mess and all…including me). He was willing to wait for this batch to be finished :o>.
What a day Friday was. It felt good though and the weekend flowed right along in the same peaceful yet eventful way. The boys and I shopped Saturday for pumpkins and rakes. We came home and cleaned the lawn a bit. In the afternoon we carved some pumpkins. It was another well spent day.
Aaaaah. And yesterday, Sunday! Perfect day to send them all outside while I cleaned. This house was a horrible disaster after the wonderful days we had. I just had to clean it. My hubby went out and mowed the layers of leaves off of the grass.
I lift my hand up to The Lord in appreciation for the five days well spent….a handful of bliss.

The stubborn orange!

In Life Lessons on October 27, 2008 at 3:10 pm

Want a little laugh?

Last week, I purchased some type of oranges from Price Chopper. Well, yesterday, I decided to rip one open and eat it. The peel was not easy to remove; that should have been my first warning.

Finally, I removed all of the peel. Then I noticed that each slice had atleast four seeds in them. This was definately a difficult orange! Each slice resisted being pulled apart, but I managed and they were quite juicy. Although they were tasty, the skin was also very tough. I don’t like wasting food so I continued to eat after the first piece.

I chewed the second piece…and I chewed it…and I chewed it; then I swallowed. Next thing I knew, I was choking. So, I have this stringy tough piece of orange skin stuck in my throat. I stand up trying to cough it out…not happening. I tried swallowing it….not happening. My kids are standing there making some kind of comments and my hubby is in the living room, sitting there and asking “are you okay?”. Not one of these men felt compelled to come in and offer some sort of help.

Needless to say, I was able to cough it out eventually…obviously because I’m writing this now. I’m surprised I didn’t pop out my eyeballs. The feelings in my head afterward were similar to those that I experiencd after pushing out each of my children. Whew!!

I have to say that I was a tad bit annoyed with these guys in my house. I mentioned my hope that they would have atleast called an ambulance if I fell over convulsing on the floor for oxygen or come give me a kick to revive me.

What did I learn from all of that? I suppose I shouldn’t have fought with the stubborn orange in the first place, it gave me plenty of warning. I struggled with the peel and the seeds and pulling apart each slice….were those not clues? I also learned once again, not to swallow food unless I have thoroughly chewed it; unless I’m in public where some concerned citizen might offer to give me the heimlich because it’s not going to happen in my house :o>.

I know this is not the normal type of writing but I had to share my adventure in choking. Be careful and thoughtful when eating your next orange. Also, might I recommend cutting it into small pieces if you’re sharing it with your child? I gladly threw the rest of mine in the garbage! I know it’s wasteful but I had no patience left for it.

First snow.

In changes, mothering on October 22, 2008 at 12:10 pm
Last night was a very long night of sleep. It has been this week; sleeping very hard and waking up feeling pretty refreshed. Even though I feel like I got enough sleep through the night, I don’t know how I did.

I woke up early this morning after having an unusual and uncomfortable dream. I can’t remember now, thankfully, but it left me very uneasy. Shortly after falling back asleep, I was awakened again to the sounds of my hubby stumbling and grouching up the stairs. Apparently there was a toy on the floor that just jumped out in front of him :o>.

After returning to sleep, I recall a few odd dreams throughout the night. See what I mean? To remember dreams would point out that I probably didn’t sleep well….but I did. I feel good this morning. When the morning finally came, the sounds that I heard were sweet.

Cuddled up to me was my littlest man, beside him was my oldest son and then my middle man at the other side of the bed. They were whispering, as not to awaken me but you must know how loudly boys whisper. Not to mention that they can’t possibly sit still.

Suddenly I heard in my ear, “kiss me mommy” and then I felt little wet lips touch my cheek. He then turned to his oldest brother and said, “I married mommy”. It was precious waking up to all of them snuggled up, trying to be quiet and actually enjoying each other.

I stayed in bed for a little while cuddling and then decided it was time for a coffee. Whenever getting out of bed, I check out the weather as I look out my bedroom window. WOW…there was snow on the ground. The sky was still dark and I could hear the cars swishing by on the road in front of the house. “It snowed.”, came out of my mouth. Then three boys jumped up and forced themselves to peek out the window. Excited wasn’t enough word to describe their feelings.

After grabbing my coffee, I headed back up the stairs and settled on the bed. The t.v. was on to a children’s show and I grabbed my journal to write. I spent some time reading and writing while the boys bounced around me, watching their show.

After writing, I sat and watched the boys play. My oldest was sitting there bouncing when he suddenly stopped and looked at me. He said to me the same thing that I had just written in my journal….”I can tell it’s snowing outside because it feels so warm and cozy.” I had written a little more than that but it was the same message. I giggled when my middle son, looking out the window said…”How can snow feel warm and cozy?”. There is such a difference between the two boys and that difference is very much like their father and myself.

Well, as I was writing this; these three boys became wildly annoying arguing with one another. Then they came and asked me if they could go play in the snow. At first thought, I said “NO”. They hadn’t eaten their breakfast and they are still in their pajama’s….I would have to stop to search for their winter outfits….look for boots and…and….then I realized that it would be quiet for a few more minutes if I just let them go out. What would it hurt?

After finding most everything, they headed outside impatiently. They didn’t care what they didn’t have on…they just wanted to go and so did the dog. In just the few minutes that they’ve been out there, they are already back in the house; realizing that with the first snow comes a little bit chillier weather. Now they are looking for their mittens and will turn around to play outside…in the first snow.

Aaaaah….they’re outside for a few minutes. I’m going to stop now and enjoy a few peaceful morning moments. Maybe I’ll watch them out the window and appreciate them from afar :o>.

First snow and it’s sticky too!

Spongebob reminds me.

In Life Lessons, My Childhood, My Life on October 21, 2008 at 6:10 pm

So I was watching a short episode of Spongebob this afternoon and he was having a hard time trying to write an essay for his teacher.

Thoughts brought me back to my school days, when I too had to write essays. You’ll probably giggle when I tell you that I enjoyed writing essays. For me, these were the easiest homework’s and tests that they could give me. I never thought of it then but I’m thinking about it now.

When I was a kid, I loved doing homework at home (not so much class style learning – I was easily distracted…go figure). I also wasn’t big on having to read the books that they made us read in school, but I didn’t have any problems finding what I needed from the books for book reports or essays. I’ve never been great at test taking, for some reason I forget things when I’m on a time limit but given a good amount of time I usually did alright. This probably goes hand in hand with the ability to do homework vs. classwork.

Anyway, I was aware of the fact that essay’s came easy to me when I was in school. I never really knew why that was because it wasn’t like I really absorbed myself into the material before I’d write about it. Looking back, I realize that it must have been the experience of writing and the ability to share my point best in that way. I always did really well in grade points with the essay’s….it was the rest of the test stuff that gave me trouble.

This isn’t a really spirit-filled message that I’m making today; just a little insight of myself that I thought I’d share. Somehow, through what little I may know intellectually; God is able to flow through my fingers and share His message with all of you…through this one child’s life. No matter how many circles of my mind you might travel with me – God has the destination already prepared for all of us.

Not coincidence…

In Inspirations on October 20, 2008 at 7:57 pm

I had to share this. I hope that you all know that the things which happen unexpectedly to us are not unexpected to God. The word “coincidence” is just a superficial way of explaining how God intervenes in our lives.

After one of my bus stops today, one of the girls on the bus came to me and handed me a pretty little wallet. She said that it was left in the seat she was sitting in, so I asked who had been sitting with her. She told me and continued to say that there was money in it…more than I wanted to be responsible for. I didn’t look in the wallet. I didn’t need to. My thoughts were of how I would get it back to the girl who left it. Obviously I’d be picking her up in the morning but I was thinking that she would be upset not really knowing where she had left it.

I called in to school and they suggested I keep it until the morning. If it were any other day, I would have swung by her house on my way home (I go in circles anyway…and need to pass that direction that would lead me there). But today was the day that I take an extra little run from the school to another location; also being on my way home and out of the way if I wanted to return her wallet to her tonight.

I know most of you wouldn’t think twice about keeping the wallet until morning. I was going to be alright with it but I was also going to give her a phone call to let her know it was with me, so she wouldn’t worry. The girl that left it is friends with my son….so it wouldn’t have been a big deal to call her.

I went to the school after my normal run to gather up the kids for the usual afternoon endeavour. I sat outside the school for about five minutes and then decided to call in to let them know I was waiting. Usually they are all ready when I get there, but not today. After a few minutes, they called to me on the radio apologizing that I wasn’t aware the run was cancelled for this week. It really wasn’t a problem to me anyway….like I said it’s all on my way home.

I didn’t even have the chance to think about scooting over to the little girls house when I noticed her sister walking up on the sidewalk to the school, in my rear view mirror. I honked at her and she just waved at me. Then I noticed that her sister (the one that lost the wallet) and mom were directly behind her. I stopped the bus and poked my head out the window….”Did you leave your wallet on the bus?”. She said yes and just looked at me. Her mom gave her a scoot and told her to come get it from me.

Coincidence that she just so happened to be at the school when I was there? Coincidence that my run was cancelled and I didn’t know? Coincidence that I was waiting outside of the school just long enough for her to show up? Not coincidence….INTERVENTION.

God cares about all of these little things that matter to us. I just love it when He does these BIG things that seem so trivial to most. They are never trivial to me….He’s “showing” me that He cares.

Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully. ~1Peter 5:7 from the Amplified Bible

Mr. Magorium

In Inspirations, Life Lessons on October 19, 2008 at 11:51 pm
It is never too late to have a happy childhood. ~Tom Robbins
I stumbled upon another meaning of that verse this weekend; the one in Matthew 18. Funny, the message at church remains on that same verse as well. I know that The Lord is really impressing the truth of that verse on me. He knows my heart more than anyone else on this earth. Very few can come close to really knowing me in that way; one is now with Him and another is my Aunt. What will I do when she’s no longer here….I’m not going there right now.

A few months before my mom passed away, I rented Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. I loved the movie and shared it with her…she ended up buying it. It’s message is so simple but to those who think that we need to be all grown up, or to be mature as we grow older wouldn’t really understand it’s message. Well, maybe they would…maybe God has a greater purpose in this movie’s presentation…..

The boys and I were trying to find something to watch this weekend and I saw that movie sitting under the television (where the rest of our movies sit). When I was going through the movies at my moms, I knew that this is one that I had to keep. I’m so glad that I did and I’m glad that we watched it Saturday afternoon.

All of the men in my house weren’t really interested. Well, my little man was but he fell asleep quickly. So did daddy. So, I sat and watched it with the spirit of my mom in my mind. It was as if I had never seen it. I watched it with childlike wonder and saw all of the parts that stirred up the inner self that I rarely see anymore. I found myself laughing and crying all at the same time throughout the movie. It reminded me of that verse in Matthew and it reminded me (once again) of who I truly am.

I was thinking how terrible it is that the responsibilities of adult life weigh down that inner child we have within us. When we lose the ability to be silly whenever we feel like it or to pretend that there just might be personable character in every living thing; we lose the purity of life. The innocence of childhood and the ability to believe in possibility is what we lose as adults; if we allow it. I won’t.

I often get carried away with the responsibility of life. We all do but just as much as we need to breathe; we need to remain children in heart. We can’t allow ourselves to become stone cold to wonder and sweetness.

It’s when we can come off the high horse of life that we are able to feel the fresh grass under our feet and experience the purity of this place we live in. Don’t forget to enjoy what God has given you. We’re all special and we’re all given the heart to believe. Don’t lose that heart.

Blessed (happy, enviably fortunate and spiritually prosperous–possessing the happiness produced by the experience of God’s favor and especially conditioned by the revelation of His grace, regardless of their outward conditions) are the pure in heart, for they shall see God! ~Matthew 5:8 from the Amplified Bible

I will be the other hand.

In Life Lessons, mothering on October 12, 2008 at 8:23 pm

I have to write this out for you. I read it yesterday morning and it pretty much summed up what I was writing about in the last post. It brought tears to my eyes because I’m so visual. I could totally see this:

This woman writes: It had been a long day getting ready for guests, but at last, supper was over, the children were in bed and we were relaxing at the table with a second cup of coffee. The men were discussing “men things” and my friend and I were solving the problems of the world, when I heard a noise in the hall to my left. Turning to see what had caused it, I found Dawn, my three year old, standing just beyond the light from the dining room. “What’s the matter, honey?” I asked. “I’m scared,” she responded meekly, chewing on a chubby finger. Not wanting to be disturbed I said matter-of-factly, “Just go back to bed, sweetie, God will hold your hand.” Even though I felt a twinge of guilt for not jumping up to help, I dismissed it and watched until she reluctantly disappeared into the shadows.

I then returned to the conversation at the table. Only seconds later I heard the noise again. Sighing heavily, I turned and saw Dawn standing along with one tiny arm stretched toward the ceiling. “God’s got this hand, Mommy, won’t you hold the other one?”

Reach out in gentleness to that little one who needs your comfort and reassurance. The world is a scary place without it. Let that child know they deserve abundant life too.


Lord, You never seem to amaze me. The ways that You work in my life, in my thoughts, to bring me closer to You. I love the way that you confirm to me that it’s okay to feel the way that I do and to confirm that I’m learning what You’re teaching me. I want to be the mommy that can put the world on hold long enough to be that other hand that my child is in need of. I’m thankful for these rowdy boys in my life and for all that You teach me through them.


Now with all of that said, I must share one more thought. My mother never forced me to do anything that I wasn’t ready for. She was always the other hand in mine; as I learned to trust God in my childhood. I wasn’t brought up with daily praying, church going or childhood Bible reading but when I questioned or needed; mom would do her best to answer. We prayed together through the bigger stuff in my younger years. Big things were healed in my body because I was a child coming to The Lord with a pure heart. That’s what we need…pure hearts and the only way to get a pure heart is to come back to the basics of life. Return to him as a child with the desire to learn and grow. Leave behind the “adult” ways of selfish ambition, the need to know everything, angers and resentments, prideful blockades. Lift up your hand to Him and ask Him to start fresh. Be willing and humble yourself.

I learned another part of that lesson He gave me a few days ago in Matthew 18 when Jesus said to go back to square one, today. Again, He confirms to me that I’m in tune and on the right path of learning. Today’s message at church was from Matthew 18. We all need to have humble, pure and gentle hearts. The world teaches us to become self-reliant and we learn the tactics necessary to survive among the negative, but these ways are harmful to us spiritually. Subtly these ways transform our childlike hearts into an adult’s stubborn, selfish and prideful form. This is a lifetime lesson; as long as we live on this earth, it’s something that we’ll need to do again and again. We have no choice because we live here on earth and here on earth, sin resides. So does an enemy of our soul and he’ll try to cause defeat in our lives over and over again. We all fall prey and will stumble but if we can remember this simple message from Jesus, we’ll always carry the key to “becoming”…Becoming all that He has planned for us to be and all that our hearts truly thirst to be.

I’m learning so much through this season of rest, the living one day at a time, the mothering, remaining a child at heart and becoming. You’re only reading bits and pieces of what He’s teaching me…just imagine what the inside is like.

Who do you depend on?

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This post is something that I wrote the other day; after having written the last post, upon returning from the store. I wasn’t going to share it here because “I” felt it didn’t need to be said. I’m re-thinking that thought. The next morning, I accidentally came across a confirmation about this; again thinking that it was just for me right now. Sometimes God teaches me things and I know I need to absorb them before sharing. Well…I think it’s time to let this one out, for whatever reason….so, here it is:

This is just a little more added to that last post. After I wrote, my little man and I left the house to go pick up some groceries. I felt terribly irritated about something, maybe having spent so much time sitting at the computer and erasing my thoughts over and over again. As I drove along, on the radio came a short teaching about learning independence. I know that what I heard from it was clearly not the message that they were trying to convey; but it was a message to me reminding me of what I believe.

The teaching was in regard to putting your children to bed at night. Everyone who has children has had the issues of getting their little ones to sleep on their own at night. I struggled with my first child because so many people told me he needed to do it on his own. I struggled within myself because I thought I needed to listen to others who were seasoned in parenting. Then my second child came along, for awhile sleeping in with me and my first child. Soon after, I managed to get him to sleep in his own bed (the 2nd) but not without hearing him cry for a few nights. He learned how to eventually. Now, my third child is three years old. Yes, he’s slept in bed with daddy and I almost from the beginning. As a baby, he had his share of nights sleeping alone in his crib but at some point it changed. I know that he’ll fly from the nest when he’s ready and we’re okay with it. I’m learning to let people think what they want and realize that they don’t need to understand.

I listened to the person on the radio stating how sleeping with your children or hanging around until they fall asleep, holding them until they nod off or singing them to sleep is all a “no-no”. He said that we need to teach our children to be independent…not in need of us for “everything”. That’s when the light bulb went on inside of my head and The Spirit began to minister to me.

I’ve heard people say that they want their children to grow up and be independent; not needing anyone or feeling like they do. Some of that thinking is because the parent doesn’t want to be bothered with every little detail. It’s not easy finding time for you as a mom; but on the other hand, God made this time in our life for a reason and only for a season. Shouldn’t we be asking Him to balance us out and teach us how to properly nurture our children? I don’t think that parking them in front of the television or game station all day to do our “own” thing is God’s intention of making a mother. I think that God’s purpose is for us to learn from our children and teach them His ways in the same manner.

The idea of teaching our children to be “independent” is good but not entirely. To whose agenda are we teaching them? Is it our own selfish agenda or is it to their own well and good? Do we teach them to be independent and kick them out of the nest before they’re ready or do we nurture their ability a little, sharing in their life and listening to their hearts while they find their way? I think this whole understanding is another piece of coming to Him as a child.As a mother of three boys; I believe that I am supposed to nurture them into manhood. I don’t mean “baby” them or do everything for them; but understand what their needs are and be there for them when they need me. If that means allowing them to sleep where I am until they’re ready to do it on their own…then I will allow it. If it also means that my little man stays home with me for one more year; waiting until he’s clearly four years old, to go to preschool…then that’s what we’ll do.

It’s okay with me if my children depend on me for the things that I’m able to give. That’s why God made me a mother to them, isn’t it? Of course I realize how frustrating it is sometimes because we are not able to live entirely catering to our children’s every want. There are times that they need to learn to be patient; as do we. There are times when they need to be mindful of their choices; as do we. There are also times that they need to know we care about the thing that doesn’t seem important to us, but is terribly important to them. Don’t we need that too?

My thoughts are to be available to them while I can (be dependable) and to gently guide them into understanding that their Heavenly Father is truly dependable. I want for them to grow up dependant upon Him not independent to themselves. It’s not alright to teach them to be so independent that they don’t need anyone. God did not intend for us to become “lone rangers” in life. So many children get lost in the years between ages eleven and twenty. They begin to feel more mature and independent. They realize that they’re becoming unglued from their parents and discover they can make some of their own decisions. If we’ve taught them how to be so independent, how long will it take them to realize their need for God?

I see so many adults struggling in this world in the same ways that our teens struggle. How many times have we heard people say, “I wish I was young again.”? Do you know why they say that? I think they say it mostly because they’d like the freedom that we experience as children.

With a whole lot of prayer, understanding, listening and taking one day at a time; I hope that I will instill in each of my boys to become the man God has planned – depending on Him and only being independent to what the world tells them they should be.

OKAY…the next morning I was feeling drawn to this devotional that I haven’t opened up yet for the month of October. So, I turned to the page for the day that it was and the title reads: A Life of Becoming.

Becoming…this one word has been on my mind since my mother passed on. It’s a word that I’ve felt a part of me for quite sometime. I like it. We’re all “becoming”. I just looked up the devotional to share that confirmation with you and now notice that the date of it was not suppose to be until tomorrow (hahaha). Well, here again is another example of how God uses our flaky-ness for a purpose.

Anyway…the message is about brokneness, becoming and letting go of self; therefor, resulting on our dependancy for God. It says at the end: He uses brokenness to remove those inclinations so that we can live moment by moment, day by day, in full dependance on Him.

This One Day

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Today is one of those days that you glance out the window and feel the warmth that the sun shines onto the earth. The leaves outside are beautifully displayed on the trees and the ground below our feet. First thoughts say that it’s a warm day but experience tells me differently. Something about this thinking began my day today.

Every morning when I leave my house, the sun is still on the other side of the little hill beside us. I know that once I enter the other side of town that same sunshine will be brightly on my face and in the window of the school bus. My eyes were aware of the chilly air and the bundled up children this morning; some wearing gloves and hats. One of the little girls, after sitting in her seat shared her thoughts of this morning with me and I smiled. Her thoughts were the same; of how we glance out the window and think it’ll be a warm day…but it’s not. We cannot predict the day by what it appears to be or by what we would like it to be. The day begins as it is and becomes what it will, according to God’s design.

He’s been teaching me what it means to live one day at a time. I’m enjoying it really but others in my life don’t completely understand it or even agree with it. Something that He has impressed upon me is to pay attention to how a child lives out the day.

Matthew 18:1-7, from The Message says:

At about the same time, the disciples came to Jesus asking, “Who gets the highest rank in God’s kingdom?” For an answer Jesus called over a child, whom he stood in the middle of the room, and said, “I’m telling you, once and for all, that unless you return to square one and start over like children, you’re not even going to get a look at the kingdom, let alone get in. Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will rank high in God’s kingdom. What’s more, when you receive the childlike on my account, it’s the same as receiving me. But if you give them a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t.”

So what do you think it means to return to square one and start over like children?

Little children have no real concept of time. They know that there is night and day. They learn what “just a minute” means even if it takes longer. Children have no clue when you tell them yesterday, tomorrow or next week. Never mind telling them next year or when you’re older. These little ones live in the “right here, right now” of Today. This day; this One Day.

I believe that this is a piece of returning to square one. Realizing that Today is the day that The Lord has made. Yesterday is over, it’s gone; never to return. Tomorrow could happen; most likely will happen but it’s not promised. Today is here and we’re living in it right now.

Now, with that thought; a child doesn’t go ahead of himself planning everything out that he could possibly fit into his day. He doesn’t think of every friend he has that might want to see him. He doesn’t decide every food he’ll eat through the day or every different way to play all day. There are a few things that he knows he has to do.

Let me share it this way. When our children wake up in the morning, who do they want to see first? My little man calls to me in the morning. Shouldn’t we begin our day in the same way; calling out to our Parent – our Heavenly Father? My little man asks me what we’re doing today and I tell him. As adults, there are things that we know we have to do everyday. We’ve experienced daily life long enough to know this. Many of us have work to do, whether it’s in the home or outside of the home or both.

Now my little man knows that the day will consist of getting dressed, eating breakfast and doing the bus run. Whatever comes after the bus run is unknown to him. Most of the time, it’s unknown to me as well. I’ve learned NOT to plan every day to the fullest measure. I can’t live purposefully or peacefully that way; and neither can my family.

Children take each day as it comes; even to the moment. Mine tend to ask me if they can or cannot do just about everything. They ask if they can play this or that; if they can go outside right now; if they can have a drink or a snack. When they want to have a friend over, they ask me. If they’d like to buy something, they ask me. When they want to go somewhere, they ask. There is very little that they are able to do without asking first.

What happens to us as adults? Do we really think that it’s alright to become our own Parent and exclude God from the daily activities in our life? As children, we depend upon our Parents to take care of our needs. I think too many adults lose their inner child because they become “independent”; not in need of asking anyone, much less a God that they can’t see. God is real. You can see Him; if you’ll only humble yourself to become a child again.

OKAY. I’ve been writing way too long. I’ve written and deleted over and over again because I’m going much deeper with this than I want to. A part of me wants to share more and more and more but I know I’m not suppose to right now. That sweet Inner Voice is telling me that it’s time to stop. So…until next time:

May you feel the blessing of God’s love just for you today. I’m asking Him to bring you back to the place where you’ll feel like His child and that He’ll enable you to remain there awhile. While you are there, learn to Trust Him and depend on Him. Let go of the independence you hold so strongly to and allow Him to take care of you, like only He can. I’m also asking that He’ll put the childlike wonder back into your life and open your eyes to see the world as He originally created it to be…for you. Enjoy God today!