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Grandma’s In The Perfect Place…for now :o>

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Okay, so a lot has been happening in our life since the last blog. Wednesday I had made plans with some friends after my sons dental appointment. From the time I got up that morning, I could feel a contentment about the day but wasn’t sure what it was all about. I also felt the nudge to go to my mom’s for a visit.

The boys and I got ready and headed to the dentist. I really felt the need to go to my mom’s house after leaving the dentist but before I just went there, I thought I’d call so we came home first. My dad was very sad, so different from the night before when I had talked with him on the phone. He really wanted me to go over and I talked to my mom, she confirmed that I should.

I didn’t hesitate, I knew that I was suppose to go there on Wednesday. Earlier in the week, my aunt and I made plans to visit my mom together that day. When I told the plan to my mom, she was unsure that it would be a good time to visit because her cleaning girl was usually there on Wednesdays. When she said that, it was like I felt a confirmed blockage barrier trying to keep me from visiting. Then I received the call reminding me that my oldest had the dental appointment that morning, so I thought that maybe I wasn’t suppose to go….yet, I was still uncomfortable with that choice. My aunt and I changed the date for Thursday.

So, Wednesday came and I already explained how I felt that morning. I knew that I was suppose to go, regardless of the timing with my aunt…I needed to be there. When I got there, my mom wasn’t well. She’s so weak but she still looked pretty cute. She was thinking that she should go the the respite house, as planned. My dad had called and they had a waiting list. When that happens, patients are suppose to go to the hospital’s respite area and wait until a room is opened….meaning a lot of confusion for all involved.

On the way there, I stopped and grabbed some burgers from McDonald’s for the boys and a couple of extra’s just in case anyone at my mom’s would be hungry. Guess who was hungry? She was and she wanted my burger :o>….of course, I let her have it and she was so happy to eat it. She always loved the kids cheeseburger happy meals. So, she was able to have her last taste of the luxurious Mc’y D’s cheeseburger.

Okay, anyway. After lunch, I sent the boys upstairs to play for a little while and the three of us (mom, dad and myself) all held hands to pray. I’d love to say that there were BIG answers as to what would come next but there wasn’t. The Lord was with us, so surely. There was a calm and a peaceful assurance after we prayed. Mom went in to lay down.

Nothing big came from all of that visit, other than us getting together and praying. But, I know that it was suppose to be because of the unfolding of events after.

After leaving my moms house, I brought the boys over to play at the local school. We stayed for quite awhile. When I came home, there were two messages. One from my aunt, returning my message and telling me that she was going to visit my parents at some point either that evening or the next day (today). The other was from my dad, just wanting me to call him.

When I returned my dad’s call, my aunt was already there. My moms long time (nurse) friend was there as well. Both were visiting with her, caring for her and managing things. Just before they came, the VNA called and said that a room had opened up if my mom was ready to go. Mom was ready. They made the arrangements to pick her up and transport her to her very own room this morning.

I know this is a bit long winded…but you’re all use to that by now. Keep reading.

The boys and I went to visit her there today. The place she’s in is a special place for people in their last days to stay, find rest and encouragement. This place is perfect. Everything about it is comforting and peaceful. The ladies there are cheerful and welcoming. It’s like a very well kept, organized and comfortable hotel. They have a chapel, a dining area, a living room, a piano, a play area for children who visit and the outside environment is perfect too. We saw some leftovers from a bunny and were told that there is a chubby (pregnant) muskrat living under the gazebo. There are flowers everywhere and birds singing. Mom has beautiful flowers outside her window and a bird feeder, where the birds gather. Every room in there is named from an animal, based on Noah’s Ark. Guess what room my mom is in? She’s in the Lamb’s Room. The Lamb’s Room. Perfect. She is the little lamb that God is caring for and will soon lead her home, as every Good Shepherd does. Until then, we will savor the moments that we’re able to spend with her.

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. ~Isaiah 40:11 (One of my most favorites)


The Time is Drawing Near

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Golly, lately The Lord is teaching me and filling me up to overflowing. In so many areas. I know that He’s preparing me for things ahead of me. He’s safe-keeping my mind so I’m not wallowing over the thoughts of not having my mom in the future. He’s overwhelming me with His goodness, covering me with His Grace and creating a strength in me that won’t waiver. I love it!

I titled this blog “The Time is Drawing Near” because I can feel it. I feel it in every part of me each time I talk with my mom on the phone or visit with her at her house. We’ve really enjoyed these last weeks of talking, laughing and going over the details of her desires. Sometimes, we get talking so much that I’ll notice my dad just sitting there listening in amazement. He gets left out at times because my mom and I are okay with what’s coming. He’s more in the place of losing her, where we’re in the place of knowing she’ll be found.

I’ve been trying to add some laughter into her days…I don’t need to “try” to hard because my goofiness just comes automatically. Many of you who don’t know me personally and only read my blogs may not know that side of me, but those of you who do know me personally – you know, don’t ya?

Anyway, yesterday was a day that the phone was silent. I spent the day close to home and didn’t hear from my mom at all. I know that there are days where she’s busy with others and there are days when she just needs to rest. By 8:30 p.m. last night, I was feeling like I needed to at least check up on her – so I called.

Dad was perky…I love making him laugh, he tends to laugh at the same things I do. He answered the phone and we talked a bit before I talked with mom. When she answers, I know dad is there but I don’t usually get the opportunity to talk to him before we end the conversation. I enjoy it when he picks up because I’m able to hear his feelings in his voice, and know if he’s okay or not.

So, my mom and I talked last night and she said that she’d been sleeping all day. She got up a few times but seriously “slept” all day. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that she’s declining. She doesn’t always understand it but that’s the way she’s always been. She thinks that something she’s eaten or done causes her body to react. At this point in her life, her body is just weary and tired. She’s been through a lot.

My uncle is planning to visit during the second week of August. Something inside of me really doesn’t think she’s going to be here that long…but I’m not agreeing to that thought. It’s only a thought…maybe just a little preparation to be okay with God’s timing, whenever it may be.

Death is often difficult, for everyone in different ways. For me, it’s the part of me that wants to have that last word or touch before they go. See, I know every thing’s good. I know that I’ll miss my mom and all that she is for me, but I know for certain that there is plenty of celebration in me for the day she walks hand in hand with Jesus. For the day she’s welcomed by all of those she’s touched in her lifetime, who’ve gone before her. And yes, for the day that our doggies run up and greet her into Heaven (there’s no doubt in my mind there either). People can think what they think and try to scientifically prove whatever they want to me but my ears close to anything other than what I know is God’s truth. He’s taught me to stand firm on His teaching.

I hope that I don’t depress all of you by writing this way, writing about my mom. I’m not depressed. I know that some of you want to hear and know how we’re all doing. I also need to share the Grace that surrounds every part of us. God’s Grace as the time is drawing near.

“So we’re not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace. These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever.”

~ 2Corinthians 4:16 from The Message

Knowing God through Your Fear

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I was thinking about many things the other night, flooded with memories and thoughts of the little girl I was growing up. Thoughts of my mom came up and I recall all of the positive influences she had on me when I was young. There was a time when I thought that she created a lot of fear within me because of her own fear. I am rethinking that now, in a deep sense.

Many are affected by the lives they’ve lived as children, creating who they become as adults. Honestly, my eyes have been opened to see truth in all of the negative stuff that happens to children and to adults. There are two forces in this world that we live in, and a battle of spiritual influence. God is our Creator. Satan is the destructor.

Looking back the other night, I was thinking of all those fears. Fears of windows being covered so people couldn’t see in, fears of the house catching fire, fears of tree’s falling on the house, fears of people stronger than me, fear of the unknown….a lot of fears. I think of who I am now.

In the last 15 years of my relationship with The Lord, I can see how much He has enabled me to overcome. I began with these fears as I stepped out into my own life. I would double check everything before I left the house, just to be sure nothing I did or didn’t do would be a cause for destruction. I would rethink every conversation that I had with people, as not to hurt any ones feelings or worry they didn’t understand me. I would worry about the way I might die or live. Think about things that were beyond my control.

The reality that Jesus is coming for us swept over me, and I loved the thought of His return. Then there were selfish parts of me that thought…oh, not yet. Like when I got married and wanted to spend some precious time with my new husband before Jesus came. I don’t like sharing all of this but I know that I need to…this is who I was, not who I am now. When I became pregnant, I worried about having healthy babies because of the issues my brother, his son and myself were born with. Then I delivered my first healthy child. After he was born, fear set in again. Thoughts of war and the world coming to an end, my world coming to an end and Jesus’ return again. I wasn’t ready, I wanted to spend precious time with my new child.

See the fear in all of those days? Honestly though, I’ve always been strong but deep within me were fears that controlled my trust.

We think that we need to live with these fears. We think that we can’t overcome them because the enemy sits just waiting to pounce on our thoughts…engaging our minds in fear, causing us to weaken and drown in useless thoughts.

When my children were older, I began fearing what would happen to them if I died and they were left behind without me to take care of them…without me to love them like only I could. As my boys entered school age and shootings began, other fears set in. I thought what could happen if I wasn’t there to protect them. Most of my thoughts are always of not being able to be there with them. Not knowing how they’d feel without mommy by their side. Those feelings really hurt…these were way beyond my ability and then the day came.

A day came when The Lord told me that I didn’t have to fear these things. He told me that everything in my life has been and will always be in His Hands, in His control. Through all of the years that I feared, I trusted God too. This is who I was, a contradiction in myself. There have always been areas of great strength and weakness, of great faith and the untouchable doubt. I settled in thinking that there were areas in my mind that were just “that way”. That was a lie that I believed and an agreement that I made with myself.

I was thinking this morning of all the fear obstacles I have overcome, I continue to overcome. All, simply because I began trusting God to take over. There, with Him, I have no fear for my life or the lives of my family. Why should I? I won’t say that I’m completely over the fear thing, but I know that my trust in all areas is in God’s control…not my own.

Not all fear is of the enemy though. Fear is a part of us that keeps us safe in this world. What keeps us from grabbing another apple off of the tree (Adam and Eve). It’s what keeps us on the path, keeps us close to God. The “fear of The Lord”, as The Bible tells is….this is holy fear. The kind that enables us to walk humbly with God and know our place beside Him. It also allows us to love the people in our lives all the more while they are with us. It allows us to experience the good things that God put here for us. It can be the creator of healthy relationships.

Thinking of my mom’s death coming and all of the talk we’ve had about it, brought this blog to you and to my mind. The little fears that I thought may have caused me to be weak as an adult, those things that may have been “negative” were not. Everything that the enemy planned to be destructive to me has unfolded beautifully to create strength, peace, trust and holiness. And in everything, every trial, every doubt, fear or emptiness….everything that seems negative in your lives in the past, present or in your future can be overcome. Allow them to be a little shove bringing you closer to God and you’ll find a strength that won’t leave you. Everything can lead you closer to God, can bring you spiritual strength. God doesn’t cause bad things to happen to you, He cleans them up and waits with you for you to see that He Is “FOR” you, not against you and that you will never be alone. He is right with you in the battles and wants nothing more to have you see Him there.

“Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you.” ~Deuteronomy 31:6 from The Message

The Thought Provoking Anniversary

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My hubby has been on vacation this last week and we’ve been very busy, mostly with the renovation of our bathroom…which now is just right. I love the new floors, freshly painted walls and trim, the new vanity and toilet, the new froggy shower curtain…it’s all fresh and feelin’ good. I realized when I was explaining it to my mom that the colors I chose are very much like the ones in my blog and on my profile. Isn’t that a hoot? Must be my “in” colors right now. I chose what is fitting to our family. My mom thought “frogs” on the shower curtain were a cute idea. I related it to the boys as she said…some day frogs will turn to handsome prince’s. It made me laugh, even now there are times when these boys of mine seem like frogs and other times when they put on their charm to be little prince’s.
We also managed to run to The Great Escape Lodge earlier in the week for some crazy quick fun…what a long ride for a few hours of water play. It was great for the boys though. Hubby’s not big on water stuff – but I am and so are the boys. I’ll have to write more about this adventure but in a separate blog at some point. There’s just too much to catch up on.

On Hubby’s last day of work, before vacation, he received a message that if he was able to find time during his vacation, he could work over at one of the Super’s houses doing renovation. He thought about it but our own bathroom project became time consuming. Last night, he received a call once again and he said that he might depending on what the morning brought.

Well, I awoke this morning to Hubby standing over me fully dressed. My eye’s still foggy and ears drowning in sleepiness. He was saying something about leaving…I perked up a bit. He decided to go over and work with the other guys. I was proud of him for doing that and I really think it will boost him a little to spend some bonding time with the guys out of work. We smooched and he left.

When I finally “came to”, I bobbled down the stairs for a coffee. I realized that today is our 11th year of being married. We’ve been together for 15 years.

I would love to go on and on about our marriage and the things I have learned through our growth together, but that is also in another blog. This blog is actually not about our marriage anniversary (per say).

After my few quiet minutes this morning, I began writing in my journal – marking our anniversary and my mom’s anniversary as well. I realized in that moment that today marks her fifth year of life beyond that first visit to the hospital. Beyond that first prognosis of “she only has a few hours”, to “she’ll only have two years”…now it’s the fifth year. For more about that first visit to the hospital, you can read it in my blog at myspace.

In the last few weeks, her voice has nearly gone. We thought that maybe it was a result of her oxygen tank, or snoring (haha), or some other kind of irritation. Her breathing ability has also declined. She came home from her Dr. visit on Thursday and said that they told her these were the first signs of her decline.

My mom has it all figured out, she wants to go the the Respite House when she has only a few days left. I don’t know what those thoughts will bring her but the Dr.’s said that she may want to think about going there now….meaning that her days aren’t many. She told them that she’d go when she thought the time was right. I’ve said before, only God knows the timing. He knows what’s best and it will happen accordingly. There are many mindsets that she’s had over the years, things that she thought would be best for her or for her family that God unfolded differently…to her amazement (smiling). My hope for her end to this world is only that we would have the opportunity to see her in the last of moments, to give her that embrace and say…”until we meet again.”

So, each year – on our wedding anniversary, we can also celebrate the year’s of my mothers life where she was able to collect goodness, healing, memories and truly living her last year’s well.

Something to Think About

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The other day, I enjoyed a fully satisfying visit with my closest sister-friend. She and I just talked about all of the insights and lessons that The Lord has been showing us. Many of them matched up but still remained as individual as we are and it got me thinking this morning.

During our conversation the other day, something came out of my mouth and I knew then and there that it was an insight from The Lord because it surprised me. It’s something I’ve thought about before but not verbalized. When I said it, the light bulb came on. This morning, The Lord put a little more thought into my mind of it and I’m choosing to share it with you all. It’s only a piece of what He has been showing me/growing me lately.

Honestly, this is not a new thought or a new insight. It’s a biblical teaching and understanding that we’ve all had, but it’s a different way of seeing it and it’s a reminder to all of us. Nothing is really a new Word…but it’s all new ways of understanding The Word and applying it to who we are. Never underestimate the power of God to teach you the same things, in new ways and give you deeper understanding of who you are. It’s the infinity of learning and growing in Him and it’s so exciting!

His children, you and I, are all made in His image. No great wonder, right? We knew that already. BUT…we are not completely, within ourselves, a wholeness of His image. He showed me many times how man and woman are One in Him. The right pair will, combined with His Spirit, become a whole image of God. Man has the strengths and the purpose, the providing nature of God and so many other characteristics. Woman has the nurturing, gently loving and creative characteristic (and much more). Even so, together…there is yet more.

All of His children hold a piece of who He is. We are not, as one person or even as one couple, His completion. We are all a part of Him. That’s why it is so important for us to realize how special each of us is. One has one talent or gifting, when another has something different. We are to come together to connect the pieces of who He is…and when we do, we see His Glory revealed more magnificently than if we were be-bopping through life all alone. Be comfortable with the goodness of who you are, you are a specially made person that is able to touch the world around you with a little of this and a little of that…and will bring God to shine in this world, because His character is in YOU.

Do everything readily and cheerfully—no bickering, no second-guessing allowed! Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God. ~ Philippians 2:15-20 (The Message)

Wow – I had to share this!

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Okay, okay…don’t you dare laugh at me. Well, not yet anyway. I know, here I sit just a few minutes after writing that last blog but I just got back from the most enlightening and encouraging moment.

After writing the last blog, asking forgiveness of my mindless blabbering – I went upstairs still feeling uneasy. I spent some needed time talking with The Lord and I asked Him what was up inside of me. Why did I still feel that way after sharing what I thought would bring me some release? I really need forgiveness for the “stupid” statement that I made. HE showed me a few things and here I am.

I have to share it with you all, maybe it will bring you even more understanding that everything we do is in His Care.

So, I asked Him to give me a Word. I sat quietly waiting and it came very quickly. He knows that my memory is terrible, maybe you all don’t know it but HE does. I don’t memorize scripture…some stick very well and it’s funny because those aren’t normally the ones that The Lord places upon me when He’s speaking to my heart. I know His Word, I just don’t know where they can all be found. Something I’d like to get eventually. Anyway….

After sitting and asking Him…He quickly and simply said “Romans 8:28”. So, I looked it up: You all probably know it (you memorizers…haha)…but I had to find it for myself. It says “And we know that in all things God works the good for those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Obviously I know this scripture, I’ve used it many times but like I said – I don’t always know the name with the place. It’s like not always knowing who’s face is with their name. I remember one or the other but it takes time and concentration to remember them together. It’ll come some day…but for now, when The Lord puts a verse on my mind to look up…it’s exciting because I don’t already know what it’ll be.

This one spoke clearly to me…I knew everything would be okay. But, it also made me open up a little deeper. He caused me to question why I was so bothered by my own words. I found out why. I don’t want to say anything anywhere that could harm anyone’s draw to Him. We hold His Spirit within us, delightfully welcoming Him to live with us in the daily adventures of life. I don’t want to screw up anything. I don’t want to put a baracade in front of something that The Lord is doing. I don’t want to mess things up…no, I don’t. Do you know what He reminded me of?

He sweetly reminds me that I don’t have that control. When we’re offended by something, it’s for a purpose…whoever we are or whatever it is that offends us. We’re suppose to dig deeper within ourselves and find out why we’re offended by it. Some may not do this. Many of us get offended and want to end it there. Forget that, right? God doesn’t work this way.

So, I sat there talking with Him and guess what happened? I was drawn to that latest read of mine, Walking with God. This book is so clearly uplifting, encouraging and growing me. Almost as if every word has a lesson, whether it’s something for me or showing me something I should pray for my hubby. These are the books that I love to read. Anyway…The Lord was drawing me to this. HE was pulling me to open it up. It was Him without any doubt, because I opened it up and began reading somewhere I had left off last time. I began reading and before long, that feeling of security reached my heart. The feeling that I know so clearly. It’s The Lord defining what He’s doing in me. The words are written:

There is such a freedom in Jesus. He didn’t care what the religious scholars thought about Him, good or bad. He didn’t let the current of public opinion sway Him either way. He just said what He had to say, knowing He was approved by His Father.
(John’s thoughts written, were my words after I read this statment)…He wrote:
Oh, this is what You were pointing to. This is what You wanted me to see.
Lord, I want the freedom You have. To be completely free of what others think of me.

The writer had been led to Scripture, John 7 where Jesus went to the temple courts and began to teach. That was what he wrote in the book after reading this Scripture.

Those words written by John Eldridge touched me, big time. The Lord brought me a realization that I’ve always known but He showed me that I’m not alone. This well known man was struggling with the same weakness. Often, I feel like others might see me as arrogant, especially when I write stupid statments like the one I wrote last night. I saw myself as arrogant. I know that God doesn’t see me this way and I am reminded by Him, often. I don’t need to explain myself all of the time, do I?

I know that this book is a keeper for life. It’s a tool that The Lord is using to show me many things in myself. It’s also a book that I wouldn’t have chosen to read (I said this also last night) because it’s written to teach others how you can have an intimate relationship with The Lord and really hear Him speak to you. I have this already. BUT…He intrigued me. He pulled me and I was drawn to it for some reason. I’m finding those reasons and I’m loving the transformations. The molding of His Divine Hands…so perfectly. I’m vulnerable, yes I am…but to Him alone.

Forgive Me of The Mindless Clutter :o>

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Here I am, up early once again with coffee in hand and sitting here…in front of the computer. I felt compelled to make a change in the blog that I wrote last night, for fear that I may have offended many readers. If you’ve already read it, forgive me….

Hopefully I haven’t given the wrong impression about reading. I do enjoy reading, very much. I like the feeling of being absorbed in a book. It’s hard because I can’t get “into” just anything. I made a little statement about mindless clutter – don’t look for it, because I’ve already changed it :o>.

When I wrote this, I was referring to ones ability to be led astray by every new book out there. I see so many people read the latest book, change their thinking to match it and wind up with a large question mark over their heads…wondering why they can’t change if it worked for someone else and eventually returning to the same place they started.

That’s about all I am able to say about what I wrote. In all things, we’re able to be led astray if we allow ourselves to be (t.v., groups of people, book studies, you name it…). The thing is to know in yourself where the weaknesses lay and to know what’s good, what isn’t, where God’s leading you, where you’re leading yourself and making the choice to follow Him.

I’m sorry.

God’s Perfect Interventions

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The thought to share this has hit me a few times recently. It’s something that I was greatly encouraged by and tonight, I finally have a few minutes without interuption to write about it. Many know that my mother’s prognosis with cancer is less than five months now. I say “five” because they originally stated that she probably wouldn’t make it to the new year ahead. (wow..that really hit, to think of that number as a reality).

I’ve heard many great recommendations of the book by Don Piper, 90 Minutes In Heaven. Honestly, I have never been big on reading anything other than The Bible. I’ve read a few great books through the years, but not many. I’ve always been a little sceptical to read just anything and it’s not always easy to find something I’m interested in. When others tell me I need to read this or that because they got so much out of it, I wait it out and wait on Him to guide me. Don Piper’s book was one of those.

I was at my mother’s one afternoon a few months ago when I noticed that book. On that day, something intrigued me about it so I picked it up and I brought it home. It didn’t take me long to finish it. I became one of “those people”, telling everyone they should read it (hahaha). Well, this book sparked something inside of me…I couldn’t really place it until one day, it hit me.

Somewhere (I don’t remember now), I received the introduction to a new book. One by Trudy Harris called Glimpses of Heaven. I knew it was something that I was feeling drawn to, so I ordered it. When the book came, I began reading the short truth’s that this woman encountered and I realized more and more that this book was something I needed to share with my mom. Don Piper’s book was too much yet not enough for her. It didn’t really pull her in.

One day last week, I read a really inspiring story in it that I knew I had to share with my mom. I was headed to visit her that morning (strawberry jam morning ;o>), so I took the book along with me. When I got there, we chatted a little and I began reading her that story. Her face lit up and she shared how just a few of the words spoke straight to her heart. The Lord lead all of that, but that’s not all.

I was going to leave the book there when I left, but my mom told me to take it home and read it; that I could share more of the stories with her after I’ve read them. I was going to, but honestly forgot the book at her house. Later, I called her and told her that I had forgotten it and that I thought that was a Master Plan anyway because she really needed it more than I did. (This book is full of true stories of people who’ve been under the care of the Writer of the book. She was a Hospice nurse for years and stayed by the side of these people in the last hours of their lives. She’s written of all they experienced, their questions and how God answered them, the peace that they left earth with, etc.) My mother was excited that the book was with her and she began reading more for herself.

Every time I talked with her, she’d tell me how much she loved the book and how encouraging it was for her. A few days later, she told me that she showed the book to her Hospice nurse; telling her how encouraging it was. Apparently the book is very new…very new. Her nurse was excited about it and wanted to purchase many copies to distribute around…to patients and other nurses, as well as the waiting rooms.

This really encourages me, as it should all of you. Little do we know that at every moment or tiny decision made, God already has the plan arranged. Perfect intervention.

Oh…one more thing. I love reading. I had to say this because I didn’t want to give any of you the wrong impression. I’ve always loved testimonials of God’s touch in peoples lives. He did it again and I’m still learning why. I have already understood more through the newest read. I’m onto Walking with God by John Eldridge. It’s normally the kind that I wouldn’t think I had to read because I’ve learned most of what He’s writing about (that’s pretty prideful, huh?)..BUT – God’s in the business of forever growing me and teaching me and showing me who I am. He’s also showing me who my husband is…through this man’s writing. Things that I already know. Intimacy with The Lord that I experience already, that I wouldn’t doubt…yet – defined. God has shown me new things about myself – and it’s so exciting. His intervention is “oh so perfect”.

Creamy-Dreamy Easy Chocolate Pudding

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Hey, are you needing a little dreamy chocolate in your life…right now? I found this recipe when I was looking up a quick-fix dessert for the boys and I. We made it, put it in the bottom of a graham cracker crust and topped it with canned cherries (oh..and a little cool whip). It was so yummy.

I thought I’d share it with you all because I know that when I want chocolate, nothing else seems to take it’s place. By having these few ingredients on hand it does the trick nicely. It’s also not too bad on the calories.

15 min | 5 min prep

SERVES 4 (or more)

Calories 160 – Calories from Fat 7

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 cup cocoa

3 tablespoons cornstarch

1/8 teaspoon salt

2 cups skim milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a 2-qt. microwave-safe bowl, combine the first four ingredients.

Stir in milk until smooth.

Microwave, uncovered on high for 3 minutes; stir.

Microwave 4-6 minutes longer or until thickened, stirring after each minute.

Stir in vanilla.

Pour into individual serving dishes; cool and refrigerate what you don’t eat.

Little Moments in Time

In Inspirations, mothering on July 11, 2008 at 11:38 am
I don’t know about you, but I am constantly in thought about something. I can’t say that all of my thoughts are “spiritual” but I do try to keep my mind focused and always ask The Lord to manage these files I have in my brain.

I wonder if this is just a piece of the writer’s gifting. It just overloads me sometimes and I am unable to write it all, especially being a mom of three boys and it being summer vacation. I long to sit and write out everything that The Lord shows me, the little quirks in myself and the relationship that I have with God. I need to write my frustrations out, my disappointments, angers and fears. It’s in writing that I’m able to understand in a deeper sense, finding release and a splash of joy.

It’s not an uncommon gift in my family either. I have an uncle that (once-upon-a-time) loved to write poetry. I have a great-grandfather up in Heaven that was once a music writer. I have an aunt that is filled with wisdom and insight, writing for years about her discoveries with The Lord. My mother’s family is full of the creative gifting. My dad’s family were gifted differently, although still with an artistic mind. It’s no wonder that my brother and I are both so extremely full of the artistic mind. We’re a pair, I’ll tell you.

Anyway. I’m finding more and more Christian women online writing their insights and discoveries. I’m intrigued by others that have the same gifts as myself. I love to hear testimonies of how The Lord is living with others…it’s inspiring and encouraging and so exciting.

I know that today’s post is fluffy, but that’s me. I’m fluffy most of the time…then there are those moments of complete rock like creation. Because I live in a little house with three little boys, I don’t have the opportunity to be fluffy all of the time. I realize that it’s all learning, growing, and managing my time according to God’s time. God knows that I wouldn’t want to find myself in the future, looking back and wishing I hadn’t sat in front of the computer so much.

So, I steal moments in the day – if only a few…to write these thoughts and share them with you.

Each morning He awakens me eager to learn His teaching;
He made me willing to listen and not rebel or run away.

Isaiah 50:4b