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Loving Change

In changes on June 30, 2008 at 1:49 pm

Okay, this is a simple note to let those of you who subscribe to my blog know one simple thing about me….I love changes. I will try to keep the name of my blog the same, but you may notice a change in it’s appearance now and then.

God made me this way and I embrace the joy I find in change. Life is full of change, like the seasons. I suppose that’s why I love where I live – it’s ever changing. Within life’s changes, one things always remains for me and that is the assurance that God will be with me always.

This note was meant to gently warn you not to expect my blogs look to remain the same…it will change and I hope you enjoy learning more about me with each new appearance.


Meaningful Frustrations

In Frustrations on June 30, 2008 at 11:53 am

About a month ago, I was getting ready to go somewhere in my jeep and discovered that the battery was dead. This happens all too regularly because my little man just loves to play with the light buttons. This wasn’t going to be a good day for this to happen. My oldest had a baseball game that afternoon and my husband wouldn’t be home with time enough to charge the battery…well maybe he would (was the thought).

So, he came home and strangely the battery wouldn’t charge. The jeep wouldn’t start. So, my oldest and I packed up into my husbands truck and we ventured off to the game. While we were gone, my hubby managed to work things out but only after he checked the oil and found that it was 2 qrts. low.

This wasn’t the first time that The Lord has kept me from moving too quickly and possibly causing damage :o>. I tend to go beyond my limitations at times, in faith and hope that God will take care of it all – and He does (but I would much rather take His hand and lead me, than to ask Him to follow me…ya know?).

I was mowing the lawn a few weeks ago, when it suddenly began spitting and sputtering (back-firing). I let it rest momentarily, then finished the job I started. When Ray came home, I explained to him what it had done and he told me not to use it again until he looked at it. This was fine in my mind for the next (almost) two weeks as it rained off and on. When we did have a dry day, he didn’t take the time to check it out though. I mentioned to him that when the lawn was dry enough, I’d want to mow it (our lawn gets really thick) and he reminded me that I killed the last lawn mower by using it when it was acting like that. “HMPF…I did not.”, I thought and then he just had to replay the whole history of the old lawn mower. “OUCH…I did.”

Well, last week, I was on the back porch looking out at the lawn (on a beautiful day) and thinking how badly it needed mowing. I thought that I could just start it to see if it would run well…and it did. Guess what I did? Oh yes, I started mowing. There came a moment of needing to shut it down to move some stuff out of the way, so I did. Mind you, the tractor mowed great the entire time that it was running!! When I returned to start it after moving the stuff, it wouldn’t budge. Nothing happened – not a sound. Didn’t my heart drop and feeling of dread come over me?

I came inside…the whole while praying that The Lord would fix it before hubby came home. I looked at the clock and discovered that he’d be home in the next 15 min. (AGH!). Longer story shortened….he came home, I told him what happened and it still didn’t start.

After letting the thing rest for a few days, this past weekend while I was at church, hubby went out to take a look at it. When I came home, he was smirking at me and told me to watch him. He turned the key and it started, then he proceeded to let me know that there wasn’t anything wrong really. I had left the mowing deck down…thus, not allowing the tractor to start. HAHA!

The lesson here…God allows these little things to happen because He is protecting us from a greater catastrophe. In both of these situations:

My jeep could have blown the motor if I continued to drive it day in and day out without adding any oil. So funny to me, that once it received it’s two quarts – it started right up.

The mower…well. Upon checking it out, my hubby discovered that there were quite a few nests built in around the motor and in other areas (we have critters that do this every year). If I had continued to mow that day…oh yes, I could have killed the mower.

I really don’t think I have to say much more. I do believe that my point here has been made, but just in case……………..the next time you are crazy with frustration because of an unexpected detour, slow down and take some time to thank God for it because truly He is keeping us right where we need to be.

So many inspirations…

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2008 at 10:20 pm

The Lord has been showing me so many different things lately and I want so badly to write absolutely everything out. I want to share it all with you but I really don’t have any time to myself on the weekends to write.

At this moment, my two older children are sitting behind me (arguing) and creating things. My little guy is snoozing on the couch and hubby is watching Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs on t.v.. Even though I am able to write this fluffy stuff, right now…I have much, much more and deeply inspiring things to say but I am unable because I know that once I’ve begun, everyone would need my attention.

It’s not easy trying to find some quiet time for writing in my house. I either have it for those precious moments with The Lord (hearing from and talking with Him), a few moments to read or a few to write. Very rarely do I manage to have time for all of that within these few quiet moments. So…I wait.

I’ve learned that waiting is a good thing, especially waiting on The Lord and truly, in everything we do…we wait on The Lord because we are living in His timing. We really are. With this said…I will have some really good postings within the next few days. Things that he continues to show me, things that I am absorbing with all of my being. Good stuff, I tell ya!

This little note began as another simple test to see if I’ve finally figured out the subscription problems…but see, I must share more…

Nature’s Alarm Clock

In Inspirations on June 27, 2008 at 10:10 am
Last night was late for me. My little man didn’t go to sleep until sometime around 12:30 a.m.. As I was rolling over in bed this morning at 4:00 a.m., I heard a strange beeping outside my window. I have no idea what it was but it got my curious enough to begin the day….yes, at 4:00 a.m. I lay there for a few minutes wondering what the beeping was and decided to get up, come downstairs and start the coffee. I made my hubby some lunch, grabbed my coffee and greeted him “good morning” as I headed back upstairs. His thoughts about the beeping were the possibility of our neighbor’s alarm clock getting him ready for the day (probably true).
Anyway, I sat up in bed with my coffee in hand. I usually sit and welcome The Lord into my day. As I sat there…in the dark, I enjoyed the serenity of the morning. As the sunlight approached over the hill across the road, I began to hear the familiar and welcoming sounds of morning….the birds singing. Totally in tune with those pretty voices, I thought of how these little creatures are praising The Lord so early in the morning. They begin their day’s in praise, singing to Him…awakening the day. You know, if we lived in nature without the electronics we now have…these precious little creatures would be our alarm clocks….nature’s alarm clocks. God’s gift to us…naturally made and much more pleasant than the loud ringing “beep-beep-beep” of the old generics.
So, my day begins praising The Lord for His creation and His good gifts to us. Praising Him for this day ahead of me and for the beauty in those little creatures outside my window….for the ability to be awake enough and take part in their songs of praise. Honestly, I love getting up early and spending the morning like this. It’s the part of my day where I can truly be me, with The Lord – find contentment, be inspired to the point of writing about it and sharing it with all of you. I hope your day is full of inspiring and uplifting moments – and that He will enable you to see them, praising Him for every bit of goodness!

A brand new piece of paper…

In Inspirations on June 26, 2008 at 12:21 pm

Last night, as I was talking with my littlest man before bed, he asked me what we were going to do “yesterday”….meaning tomorrow (he makes my heart smile). I told him that tomorrow is like a brand new piece of paper without anything on it.

God gives us a brand new piece of paper each day when we wake up. I relate this way because I love to write and a brand new piece of paper, a blank piece of paper leaves so much opportunity. Each day is the same way…if we don’t completely fill it with a “to do” list, you know?

My summer day’s ahead are like a journal full of brand new piece’s of paper, blank pages ready to be filled up. Our lives are a journal, our children’s lives are a larger journal. What will you fill your pages with?

~ If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine. ~

Early morning thoughts…

In Inspirations on June 25, 2008 at 10:41 am

Well, I just woke up from a wild dream and decided to come down to grab a cup of coffee. The house is quiet and a bit chilly. I sit here thinking. Now normally, I would grab my coffee and head upstairs for some quiet time but there are two little men in my bed and when they awake, I would be struggling for some quiet.

I sit here thinking of my day ahead. Today, I’ll be visiting my mom and dad. They don’t live far, just in the next town but we still don’t see each other as often as we should. My mom won’t be with us much longer, she is living with cancer. I have another blog that I started last November on myspace and if you’re interested you can go there to read past writings of mine. You can find that under my profile here and webpage. There have been so many things going on in my life within the last four years, amazing things and I have to say that my life has been full of God’s goodness…from the start. What an awesome gift it is to have the ability of seeing His goodness. The Lord is good to those who truly love Him. I’ve learned that He is good to all, they just aren’t aware of Him and what He does for them.

With that said, I am reminded of a friends daughter. She was trusted to care for her newly wedded sisters dog for a week and lost him sometime in the first day. She’s beside herself with thoughts of this little pooch running lost in the city and it being her fault. Because this comes to mind at this moment, I’m going to take a hint and pray for her:

Father, Thank You that you’ve made me aware of this as I was writing this morning. I’ve been wondering if she found the dog yet. I also thank You that you have this young lady in Your care, that her name is in Your Grand Book and that we can all rest assured that she will eventually come to trust in You. For now, I lift her up to You and I ask that You would open her eyes to see Goodness in this lost situation. Lead this little pup to a place where he is safe, fed, and able to be found by someone that will lead him to his true home. I ask You to prepare everyone involved for Your timing and that they would all learn to trust in Your Care. I know that all things work together for our good, for those who love You and are made according to Your purpose. There are many praying right now for this young lady, the pup and everyone involved….as, of course, You My Lord are aware :o>. Our hope and our trust is always in You and I thank You now because I know You will take care of this little pup. I love You My Lord. I ask that You prepare my heart for this day ahead, not allowing me to step off course of Your path and that You would be truly able to shine through me in every way. Always, In Your Precious and Powerful Name Jesus, I come. ~Amen!

I’d just like to say one more thing to any who read this, and that is to be mindful of the thoughts roaming through your head. When you are busy doing anything and suddenly you begin thinking of someone (out of the blue)…try to remember that is a message that the person needs your prayer. The Holy Spirit places people in our minds and on our hearts. God gives us the privilege of making a difference in someones life with a simple, yet very powerful, ability to pray. Never underestimate that subtle thought. That’s the way The Spirit speaks within us most of the time, very subtle – through our thoughts. Other times, He can be quite bold and without a doubt we are aware….but for me, I’ve come to pay better attention. Oh, yes – I miss the mark often too…but I know He’s forgiving and if I am suppose to be involved – He’ll remind me every so subtly, once again.

Enjoy your day!

Summer beginnings….

In changes on June 24, 2008 at 1:40 pm

Summer has officially begun in our house. The lazy awakenings and lounging mornings. Not to mention the wild and crazy shenanigans running in my house. You’d think that they’d head out the door as soon as possible, but they don’t. They play in this little house, very loudly.

I do enjoy the early mornings, spending time reading and talking with The Lord; giving Him my day ahead and asking Him to be one step ahead of my actions :o>. I really want to remain calm when trying to discipline these wild men. The biggest stress-or for me is trying to teach them to get along with one another. It seems as though when I do try, they get along just enough to gang up on me. They’re such a bunch of little monkeys, full of energy and wit.

So, I sit here today thinking that we really need to build a little structure into our summer days. Just enough structure to keep them disciplined and gain a little throughout these long summer days.

Father, I thank You for these little men in my house. I thank You for this summer ahead of us and I know that everything ahead is already in Your eyesight. Teach us to remain content in all situations and to keep our focus on You as we go about our day. Remind me of perfect ways to build up these boys and lead them to You. As always, You are invited into every aspect of our day – to be with us in everything we do, see, say and feel. We love You, our Awesome God and may our lives reflect this…reflect You! In Jesus’ Name ~Amen!