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Food for Thought

In Life Lessons, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 27, 2008 at 3:25 pm

I have to share something that comes to mind quiet often, especially in raising my boys. We’ve all learned to treat others as you’d want them to treat you, right? Well, I realized one day that I was sounding like a record as I’ve said this to my boys (in dealing with each other)…many, many times.
I have one that understands that in a different way and I think that there are even some adults that think that way also. He felt those words to mean that “fair is fair”. If you treat me badly then you deserve to be treated badly.
That is such a wrong way of thinking, really. To treat others the way that you would want to be treated means to treat them that way regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Oooooooh….GRACE!
Everyone has bad moments, ugly days and responds differently to circumstances. Everyone has their own internal self to deal with and sometimes that “self” isn’t even a comfortable self to live with…of course it’s going to spew over into relationships and acquaintence’s. Don’t we all have those kind of moments that possilby hurt someone else? I’ve learned to ask The Lord to erase that damage – the damage I could have caused in someone else’s life. Do you know what God does? In ALL things, He works for the GOOD of those who love HIM – and are called according to HIS purpose. He forgives us and He works through our idiotic moments.
One of the most difficult things to learn in this world is to truly love one another and get along. There is friction in personalities and just about everyone will run into someone that rubs them the wrong way.
People find it odd that I seem to get along with nearly everyone and how I am treated differently than others. I’m not tooting my own horn here. I’m being honest about what others have told me. Some of the most difficult people to get along with have treated me respectfully and caused others to wonder why. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because I don’t treat them as they deserve to be treated. I’ve had this all of my life…I’ve also been treated unfairly by people, but I don’t retaliate. I pray and hope that they’ll learn the error in their way. No, I don’t hope that they will be hurt or learn the hard way….I hope that they’ll learn what God’s Grace is all about.
If we can live our lives with the attitude that we don’t deserve anything any more than any one else, and if we can learn to live with an attitude of forgiveness – then we’ll see that people treat us differently. We need to show love to receive it.
Grace is Amazing. I know that it is hard to forgive sometimes. I know that it’s difficult to think of people being forgiven by God…even though they’ve done some horrible things – but thankfully HE IS ABOVE these thoughts and HIS WAYS are much more loving and forgiving than our own. Thankfully, HIS GRACE prevails for eternity and we can all be loved, regardless.
Guess what? I think He’s still showing me and growing me through that song. Amazing Grace…listen to it (it’s on my profile page playlist) – let Him fill your spiritual stomach!


These are a few of my favorite things…

In Myspace Posts 2008, Odd Me on March 26, 2008 at 3:22 pm

I am such a “self examiner”. I know that I’m not the only person in the world like me, but in the areas that I travel…I often feel like I am. I know so many different character’s of people. I think that most everyone holds something within them that can relate and find within someone else.

Growing up, I was never the “girly-girl” type. I liked my levi’s, t-shirts and sneakers. I’ll admit that I liked the attention I got when I did dress up pretty, but the feeling was short lived and I was never comfortable that way. I had a time that I wore make-up, painted my nails and used way too much hairspray (the 80’s – hahaha). Most of those year’s were times of measuring up to the rest of the crowd. It took me many year’s to be comfortable with who I truly am.

I grew up with a friend living next door to me. The relationship that we had was not necessarily a good one but it formed a strength in me that I recognize now…something I once saw as a weakness. I’ve learned to secure my self and to be strong in the things that I know – not to be swayed by anyone else’s opinions. Maybe that is why my relationship with The Lord is so strong – because He is truly the only One that I will allow to change me.

There are a few things that I know could affect who I am and create fears within me…I avoid these things. Ignorance is bliss – in some areas. I don’t need to know what is going on all over the world and be affected over and over and over again. These media’s can destroy innocence if allowed to.

Who am I truly? What are a few of my favorite things? Well…like I said, I am not a girly-girl…but indeed, I am still a girl. God has shown me that in a home full of little men. I wouldn’t have my life any other way – I love being the only girl in the house. I just hope that my boys will understand enough about women through me. Some of the women I meet are very much unlike me.

I am emotional – crying often for happy, sad, angry and frustrated reasons…that is me.

I do enjoy the lighter side of life, pastels and bright colors. I like pink and yellow and orange.

I feel close to God when I put the ear buds in my ears from my MP3 player and listen to the
songs that pour my feelings out to Him…in worship.

I find delight in those little Robin’s boucing around in my yard, pecking through the leaves.

I love buying new things, but I really don’t enjoy shopping.

I get really excited over the littlest things and may even clap my hands.

I love strawberries with melted chocolate (not the ones that are already covered and dried).

I love the feeling of water surrounding me and the freedom I get from it.

I love the feeling of good laughter.

I love the tenderness in a well given hug…I don’t like being hugged with a pat on the back.

I love new life in all ways…green grass, butterflies from caterpillars, birds returning in the winter, flowers sprouting from the ground (not gardening), and I love the birth of new living creatures.

I love good friendships, forgiveness and understanding.

I love quiet moments of reflection and chaotic moments of fun.

I love to be the one my friends need and am honored when I can pray with them.

I love God, whole-heartedly and without doubt.

There is so much about me that no one knows…even if I could write it all out, we probably wouldn’t live that long. I thank God that He knows me full well! And that He knows the finished product…the “me” that I was, am and have yet to be!!

Birthday Love

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2008 at 3:21 pm

About a month ago, my oldest son was doing a project at the kitchen table and he asked me (as I was working on the computer) if I would print out a picture of the three boys together and make it pretty small. So, we worked together and I printed him the picture that he wanted.
On Friday, after school, he told me that he was working on a few writings at school and had brought his writing book home. I asked him if I could read through his booklet and he said all but one page because there was something special there for me…for my birthday. He’s pretty talented in his writing and with his imagination. He ended up sharing all of his writings with me.
On Saturday, he was very anxious for my birthday to come. He’s very much like his mother, impatient with gift giving. He asked me if I wanted my present early and I said okay. He went upstairs and came back down with this little stuffed animal and a wrapped little package. He had drawn pictures of animals on a piece of paper and used that paper to wrap my present.
When I opened up the present, it brought me back to that day when he asked me for the little picture. He had made a little frame out of those beads that you iron and melt to form a picture. He used some that were glow in the dark and actually took some time to make it “just right”. I am so blessed!!
Later that day, I noticed him sitting at the computer. He was using Microsoft Word (I didn’t even know that he knew how to), to type this up for me. It’s the same thing that he had written in his writing booklet at school.

Helps me when I need it.
Every day she loves me.
A very nice mom.
The best mom I could have.
Has a very nice job.
Every day I love her.
Rides in the car with me.

I must agree with God’s Word and say….”Sons are a heritage from The Lord, children a reward from Him. ~Psalm 127:3″

Amazing (the sequil)

In my mom, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 15, 2008 at 3:18 pm

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) as sung by Chris Tomlin

Okay…I know that this song is something special. The Lord has shown me and confirmed that it’s a song to be significant in my relationship with Him and with my mother. Again…if you don’t know what this blog is about – read Amazing and the other reference to my mom’s testimony in there. (Oh..and I added the song to my playlist above, as well as to my profile in video format.)

Obviously, the first paragraph of the song is everyone’s relationship with The Lord when they first understand the truth of who He is in their lives. It’s also something that I’ve sang to each of my boys when they were little, as I’d rock them to sleep. Traditional? Oh yes, but still powerful:

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was blind, but now I see
’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed
The second section:
My chains are gone
I’ve been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

This is about my mom. When He finally calls her home – He will set her free from the chains that bind her (fears, disease, doubts). I know that day will be sweet celebration because of this release and because she’ll be free in His arms. I also know that day will be sad for those of us who will remain here without her. Even in her weaknesses, she’s been a strength to our family…a strength that I know is within me and probably, will be all the more when she’s not here.

The third section of the song:
The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

This is my relationship with Him. He reminds me of His goodness in my life…everyday. I’ve had a life full of obstacles, especially in my health…little and big. But, He’s always carried me through and has told me that “this too shall pass”. I know that the heartache I will feel when that time comes will be real and will make an imprint, but I also know without doubt – that my Loving Lord will hold my hand and carry me through that valley as well.

The ending of the song:
The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
The sun forbear to shine
But God, Who called me here below
Will be forever mine
Will be forever mine
You are forever mine

What else can I say? I can say that this song rings true to God’s Grace. This isn’t a song written just for me and my mother. This is a song that touches the lives of each of you and everyone else who opens their heart to listen. God will speak to your heart and give understanding in every area of your life.

We all have hurts, doubts, fears, anger…and we all have love. Love from the One who made us. Love more amazing than any other in this world. Open your mind and your heart to Him – just feel His Love for you!

(Oh, by the way…this song will definately be heard on that day – the day when we tell my mom that we’ll see her later. It’s not goodbye, ya know!)

Those Sneaky Little Stow-aways

In Bus Rides, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 10, 2008 at 3:17 pm

Just a little something to make you think about your kids and what they might try to pull over on you…someday .

After school today, my bus was loading up pretty full and quick. I had an unusual amount of extra’s on the bus this afternoon because of the after school program and a few friends going over to other’s homes. I also had some that would be regulars from now on. So, I was a little overwhelmed with new faces.

One of my brighter faced children came up to me and gave me a little note that was all fancy with glitter and stickers. She told me that this was a passport. I said..”a what?” and she said…”a passport.” These kids draw me pictures all of the time to hang up on the bus, so I didn’t think anything of it…I stuck it up with the rest of the pictures.

Along we went, ready to deliver the children to their homes. As I stopped to drop off the little one who handed me the passport, there was another teeny-tiny little girl right behind her. I stopped her and asked where she came from. She turned and said that she was going on a play date to her friends house. Well, I know that I hadn’t seen the little girl get on the bus but wasn’t sure if she handed me a pass. A few handed me passes as they were headed through. I dropped them off together and they all headed to the house with an adult.

I waited a few minutes as I began to think…hmmm. I did not see her get on the bus…then “J” handed me that passport…oooh, I bet they just pulled a fast one on me. As I was thinking and watching them walk toward the house, the adult turned around and put her hand up signaling me to wait. I knew it!..I thought to myself.

I opened the doors and she told me that this little girl didn’t have permission to come over today, that she didn’t know who she was and the she didn’t want to get into trouble trying to figure out where she belonged. I explained what I assumed the girls had done and called into the school. I also figured out where she belonged and brought her home. All was well.

I recall something very similar happening in my life when I was that age. I don’t quite remember but I think I tried to have a friend come on my bus. I’m sure it wasn’t me going on someone elses…I was never too adventurous .

What a whirlwind of a bus ride that was. I know how I missed her though. One of the other busses was late arriving and I was trying to gather those children together. It’s easy to contain your own on the bus. It’s not easy to gather a bunch of them, names unknown and keep them together .

I thought with all of the serious stuff I’ve been writing about lately – you may need to here some of the fluff too. Those little stinkers…they really did pull one over on me. That little girl was sooo tiny – just a peanut…it’s no wonder I didn’t see her. I don’t know – some may not agree, but I think little girls tend to get away with more than the boys do. Boys aren’t so sneaky.
Gotta run now…just wanted to share.


In Inspirations, My Faith on March 10, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Yesterday, at Church, we sang Amazing Grace. It’s not the old traditional style of the song, this version holds deeper meaning. But as I sang, I felt myself swelling up inside and ready to release all of the emotion that’s been building inside of me through the weekend. I felt that The Lord was telling me something in that song, but at that point – I just needed to release the build up.

Today, on my way to visit my sister-friend…that song came on the radio. I knew it…once again, I felt that nudge to pay attention and once again…the release came out. I asked Him, “What are you doing to me, Lord?” with a great big smile! I know how He works in me and how He speaks to my heart…how He gets me to pay attention. Well, I just absorbed every bit of that song on the way to her house. I thought I’d share this with her when I got there…but forgot by the time I left.

So, I get in the car to leave and I head down the road…GUESS WHAT song came on…again?! OH BOY…”Okay, Lord…please show me what Your message is for me in this song.” He’s pretty persistent with me…He has to be because sometimes I can be a little flighty (don’t you dare laugh..hahaha).

Aside the fact that I sing this song with outpouring love to Him, I know that He’s wanting me to know more about Him through it. Well, honestly – each time I listen, I gain more understanding. I know I still don’t have the complete message…therefor, I know I’ll keep hearing it. I think I’ll download it and listen to it more now that I know there’s something more to share.

I really love that I’m able to write and share all that The Lord does in my life. He always amazes me and shows me His goodness in all things – and don’t we all need to know that? I praise God for each of you who take time to read my blabbering blogs and I pray that He will touch your lives through them – in ways that I’ll never know….but it’s all about our own personal relationship with Him and the journey we live as we get closer to Him, isn’t it?

The song? I’ll let you know what I learn through every bit as I absorb more meaning of it in my life…you can be sure of that. I’m sure that I’ll be amazed at how it fits so well with this journey I’m on with my family.

Encouraging Report About my Mom

In my mom, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 9, 2008 at 3:16 pm

I just want to share that I did bring the boys to my moms after Church today and we visited all afternoon. Seeing her was much more encouraging than talking to her over the phone. She hasn’t changed, other than her coughing and weak lungs, but on the phone – the vision I got was much worse. While I was there, she shared a little more about what the Doctor’s told her. She does have new tumors around her heart and lungs…but she has an appt. on Tuesday to start back on chemo.. The Doctor’s told her that the chemo could take care of the new tumors…so they’re optimistic.

I have to say that when she went into the hospital for the very first time, a wise friend shared with me that God could change her mind about wanting chemotherapy….and it opened my mind to realize that fact. He did too – at one point when she was in the hospital, she agreed to it. Later, she couldn’t believe that she said yes – but then realized how The Lord had worked in her weakness. Once again…this wise friend reminded me that I didn’t know how many days we have with her (it could in fact be a year or more)…and my thinking was enlightened.

I am always amazed at how I try to prepare myself for these things…and how dense I can be at times. I am so thankful for those moments of realization that The Lord brings to me – Isn’t He wonderful!? We get so stuck sometimes in one thought process…that’s exactly one of the reasons we need to open up and reach out to others, because He loosens our way of thinking.

So, to all of you who lifted my family up in prayer – you’ve blessed me…much!! My heart is not as heavy as it was the last two days and I am able to relax a little. Don’t stop praying for us all though. Praying keeps us all connected and allows Him to work through all of us…like muscle in the body.

I am so blessed. Oh – and one more little note I want to share with you. Don’t ever feel as though your problems aren’t imporant to others. God puts people in our lives for a reason…whether it be to laugh with, cry with, talk or listen to and most definately always to pray with. If you ever need prayer, no matter what I’m going through personally – please reach out to me.

There have been so many times in my life where The Lord has put someone on my heart…and I pray for them, as He leads. Later, I find that they were going through something at that specific time. No kidding…God is good and He knows what we need. So – never hinder blessing me with a need for prayer because you’re afraid to share or bother me.

When you are aware that a friend is praying for you, God enables you to feel it and opens your eyes to see the change taking place. Thank you my friends for praying for me!

Not ready for the inevitable (about my mom)

In my mom, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 7, 2008 at 4:15 pm

This is going to be a quick little note to explain my “updates” status tonight. I just got off of the phone with my mom. She and my Dad have had a touch of pneumonia the last few weeks…well, what seemed like pneumonia. Dad has had a virus that always seems to hang on in his lungs…but he’s okay.

My mom, though….I know better. She sounds very similar to the way she sounded before her very first trip to the hospital. She doesn’t share much about the news…she tries to keep me protected from sadness.

I wrote a while back about my mom and my testimony as to what she went through finding out she had breast cancer. If you aren’t familiar with that story…you should read it before you read my future blogs (12/13 Once upon a testimony – get out your tissues for this one)…

There was a time that I felt I was ready and could have all of the courage to say goodbye to mom. Through the last few years, we’ve built a relationship and I’ve learned so much of who she is. The woman that I knew as mom grew into a women that I knew as a friend and I was able to grow in my relationship with her as a sister in Christ as well. At this point, I wouldn’t have traded these last few years for the courage I had then….but now, it’s a little harder to want to say goodbye to her.

I don’t feel ready…but the time is coming. She went to the Doctor for a CAT scan earlier in the week and had her appointment yesterday. Over the last week, she’s found it so difficult to breathe at times and it was confirmed that she does have fluid in her lungs….but not from pneumonia.

We’ve known that the cancer spread to other areas and into her bones for a while now. Yesterday, they confirmed that it was in her lungs, as well as other parts. They’ve given her an oxygen tank to carry around with her wherever she goes and an inhaler. She’ll most likely remain at home though. They’ve also set her up with the visiting nurse program too.

She was very encouraged yesterday. God sent her a special gift…a man came to set her up with the oxygen and they talked for quite awhile. He was a man who loved The Lord and it really uplifted her. HE knows what we need.

I hope that I’m not depressing you, my friends. I’m just sharing because I want you to be in this with me and hope that you’ll pray for all of the family to be prepared for the inevitable. For my boys, it’s going to hurt a little and I’m hoping that The Lord will protect them and still enable them to understand His love through all of it.

I’ll update how she’s doing now and then. I’m still smiling ya’ know…because God is good and I am so blessed to have had these last years with my mom. I know that, even as I write…He truly is preparing me for the inevitable.

Adventures In Training

In My Boy #3, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 7, 2008 at 4:14 pm

Here I sit, back from another enlightening day. This was MOPS morning – and it was a really nice one…once I got there.
This morning began well. I got out of bed when I needed to, started making an egg dish to bring to MOPS, took my shower and grabbed a few minutes of quiet time. Then it all ended…Lucien woke up in an ugly mood. He didn’t want me or his brothers – he wanted Daddy. “Daddy’s working today.” I said. “NO HE’S NOT!’, he shouted at me, “GO AWAY!”. Well, I went about doing what I needed to do.
Between the boys and myself, we were able to get him motivated to get out of bed, get dressed, go potty (yes-he’s doing that now), eat breakfast and get on the bus. YAY!
After the bus run, we came home. Now, he is much like his mom and dad in the way that when we come home, we like to stay awhile. The Lord has had many years working in us though…Lucien’s only begun, and it’s so hard to be the one having to pull him back out the door.
I manage to gather everything and set it aside as I’m coaxing him to go potty before we head to the church. He decides that he wants to fight with me about that because he really doesn’t want to go to MOPS anyway. (It’s always a fight to bring him there…always. Even though he hangs out with me the entire time.)
Finally, he goes into the bathroom and gets his business done. While his pants are around his ankles, he notices that his favorite pair of pooh bear swim shorts (the ones that he was looking for last night) are on the floor. He insists that he’s changing his pants and he is going to wear them. At this point, I have 5 minutes before I should be at the church for MOPS….and I’m beyond frustration levels. My reaction….”No, you’re not wearing shorts outside. It’s cold.” Needless to say, he argued with me and I, in turn, began acting like a three year old as well. One thing led to another and I caved in…but, I told him that he would have to wear his ski pants over the shorts until we got there. No problem.
I just want to give you an idea of the style today. He wore a navy green long sleeve shirt with red, yellow and orange swim shorts. Not to mention his blue and green mud boots that come up to his knee’s. Oh, this kid was stylin’. If you’re a friend of mine, you can see his picture in my album.
So, he’s all dressed and ready to go. Still completely aggravated with one another, I put him in his car seat and get in the car to go. As I’m pulling out of the driveway, he says point blank…”Mom, You’re Fired!”
When I got to MOPS and shared the story with some of my friends. I realized when I told them what he said, where he got it from. He’s been saying it for quite awhile and says it whenever he’s upset with someone. Apparently he’s been learning a little from The Donald (Trump…that is). I watch the show and he’s usually falling asleep about that time.
After raising two boys through these toddler/preschooler years, you’d think I would have it mastered. Don’t ever fool yourself! Every child is different and every season of life that we go through will change us, leaving us in unfamiliarly familiar territory.
By the way, as I shared this little story at MOPS this morning, many moms shared theirs. It’s always nice to be reminded you aren’t alone in these adventures in training.
Not only am I training him, but he’s also training me. That’s how it should be – we’re learning from each other. I just wish I didn’t revert to the three year old tantrum behavior along with him.

Preparation for the Rotary Trip

In Inspirations, Myspace Posts 2008 on March 3, 2008 at 4:12 pm

I am always so fearful when going into the “big” unknown. I never doubt the power of God to save me and keep me close to Him…but I do doubt my own abilities. Faith in The Lord for me is 99.9%….I hate saying that, because my greatest desire is for that 100% – but in reality, that doubt in myself is like a ripple effect; couldn’t I have more confidence if I had 100% faith? Probably. So, I’m stuck with that remaining percentage of doubt (fear of the unknown). But, it’s okay because that remainder keeps me extra close to The Lord in everything I do.
Anyway, the reason I’m writing about this….When I first started bussing back in September, I was asked if I wanted to do some field and rotary trips. I declined because I wanted to feel the waters first with my little man in towe. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react with this new adventure in our lives. Well, as the months went on and we tried a few after school adventures, I realized that he could handle a little more.
The fullest day we had was the winter carnival for school. I packed a bag full of goodies and everything I thought he might need for the day. The best part of these trips and field trips is that we can participate in them – so, we did. He was able to go sliding and ride on the horse sleigh ride. He had a great day, napped early and never had a tantrum.
In these last few months, a friend kept nudging me to go on the rotary trips. Rotary trips are the trips to Smugg’s where you drive a bus full of kids up for the day to ski. You leave the school at 8:00 a.m. and get back at 5:00 p.m. My friend made it sound like fun for the boys and I was able to see some pictures of the place up there. After a lot of prayer and wondering, I finally put my name in for going (aaaagghhhh). I took that leap in the percentage of faith.
I have to say, I did prepare myself. I looked up the route on the web – checked over the actual village map where we would be, prepared our bags for a full day away from home. You need a lot of stuff with you when you’re taking three boys for swimming and eating all day. It wasn’t too bad. And, of course, I prepared myself with the power of prayer.
The power of prayer…never underestimate what God can do through your needs….especially when those needs are in His Will. As we grow in our relationship with Him, we learn more and more about His Will in our lives and how to pray unselfishly. When we’re walking in His Will, unselfish prayer doesn’t mean that we don’t pray for ourselves – it means that we pray for our needs and wants according to what is good for us, according to His plan for us.
So, before I go on, I have to tell you that I have been blessed with an Aunt (my mother’s sister) who’s life and walk with God is so similar to mine. Our gifts are the same. We truly are kindred spirits. She and I have been prayer partner’s through many of the obstacles in my life and she’s the one who introduced me to Jesus when I was 4 yrs. old.
My Aunt and I have been in touch with one another more often lately, praying for each others friends together and connecting through email. I completely forgot to tell her that I’d be going to rotary on Saturday. The rest of my testimony went exactly as I share:
The Friday night before the trip, I was cleaning up and sitting at my computer. I kept feeling a nudge to email her….to ask her for prayer over the trip and how I was feeling (nervous). It was late for her to read her email but I kept feeling the nudge to do it, so I thought that maybe it would atleast relieve me a little. I wrote her a simple message:
I have a little prayer request for you…for the boys and I tomorrow. I am driving the rotary bus that brings groups of kids to Smuggler’s Notch for a full day of skiing. We’ll be leaving in the morning from my house around 7:15 a.m. and won’t be home until around 5:00 p.m.. There is a lot of nice things to do with the boys there and it should be a lot of fun. The drive is only about 45 min., which isn’t terrible. This is my first time doing it. I have much support from my fellow drivers and they’ve covered all of my questions. I’m always a little nervous when I’m going into something for the first time. I think the thing I’m thinking most of is my weariness by the end of the afternoon and how (my little man) will uphold the day. He and I collide pretty well when we’re tired. I’m hoping for an exciting, happy, relaxingly fun day with them. We’ll swim and there is a hot tub. They also have a fun zone full of great things for all of us to do. AND I have a fellow driver and friend that Lucien gets along with really well…I know he’ll be helpful. It’s funny…I meant to tell you about this the other day and ask for prayer then…but I forgot. I know that I’m suppose to pass this on to you – The Spirit keeps nudging me. I also know that whether or not you read it in time…just having sent it to you will relieve me a little. PTL! I will send you an update when we return tomorrow afternoon. Thank you my wonderful, faithful you!! Much love and hugs to you always. ~Heather
That was the message I sent to her, then I went to bed. I didn’t set my alarm clock because I knew (thought I knew) that the boys would be up bright and early. My oldest is always up before 6 a.m….nearly everyday. But, throughout the night – I did not sleep well. I’m a light sleeper anyway, and to think that I might not get up in time seemed to keep me restless all night. Not to mention that there was a storm warning in effect, which made me slightly uneasy.
Night turned into morning and we got up, ready to go. I went out, started down the road to the school and became fearful. My road (the one we travel on to Smugg’s) was horrible and if it was that bad on my end…where it get’s all curvy at the other end…up and down and around hills would be worse. But…I kept going, thinking this is the last time I’m doing this…if I do it. I got to the school, took some ibuprophen and began the journey praying the whole way. My heart beat fast as we drove my road there….and I prayed. I asked The Lord to put me on my Aunt’s heart when I became anxious and to keep me calm.
Shortly after I prayed, I finally relaxed a little and made our way there. The whole day turned out great. The boys didn’t fight and we had very few tantrum’s from the little man. We had breakfast, swam and played – it was all good. All of the roads on the way home were perfect and we got back at 5 p.m. I was surprised that I wasn’t completely wiped out though. I was sure that by this time, I would be ready to crash on the couch and not do anything else for the rest of the day. When we left Smugg’s, I was ready to come home but I didn’t feel tired – I felt ready to go home.
When I came home, I opened up my email and noticed that there was a message from my Aunt. Here’s the final testimony in this very long blog:
Good morning Beloved. Grace and peace to you. Let me tell you how wonderful our Father is. Last evening we were up later than usual watching a wonderful movie. Just before getting in bed (around midnight) I was drawn to my computer to check my e-mails. I saw your name, opened the e-mail and read your prayer request. I went to bed praying for your trip to Smuggler’s Notch today. Not only that but I was awakened a couple of times during the night and realized I was praying for different aspects of your trip. I woke up this morning about 6:30 a.m. in plenty of time to pray again. I can tell you for sure that our Good Shepherd is watching over you to protect you and the boys and that there are angels attending each of you all day. What a comfort to know our Father hears and answers prayer – not only that but He prompts us to pray and then let’s us participate in His answers. Our God is an Awesome God!!! I know what you mean about getting nervous the first time you do something. I’m like that, too (no surprise, right?) I have a tendency to pray about each and every detail of a new venture, just to be sure I’ve covered every aspect with the Lord. Naturally, I prayed the same way for you (about things you mentioned and things that would concern me as well). Since the joy of the Lord is our strength and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, I’m trusting the Lord that you will be energized rather than weary on this particular occasion – even though it will be the end of the afternoon. Who knows, Lucien may fall asleep after having such a great day. It’s comforting to know you have a fellow driver who can help with Lucien. I know why the Spirit nudged you about asking for prayer. It’s like having a loving blanket surrounding you just when you need it. I’ll be continuing in prayer all day as the Lord leads and reminds me. I’m thinking of you and the boys having a wonderful, blessed, grace-filled, joy-filled day of adventure and special blessings.

I had to share this complete message with you all…just so you can see how The Lord answers our prayers. God is good to us. I know that I was suppose to go on this trip…I needed to overcome that fear obstacle and there was even more involved than my own experience. When we open our hearts and lives to others and allow them to be involved…we’re allowing God to work in their lives too.
This was a faith lifter for everyone involved. Don’t ever be afraid to ask someone else for prayer – you’re allowing them to give you a gift of love and it connects you together, with The Lord. It also takes some of the pressure off of you….we weren’t meant for this journey in life to be made on our own.
“I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all of the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the Love of Christ, and to know this Love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the Fullness of God. ~Ephesians 3:17-19”