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Amazing Things

In Inspirations, My Faith, Myspace Posts 2008 on February 24, 2008 at 4:10 pm

You know…I sit thinking about how good God is all of the time. Even in the midst of the crazy life around me, He is still good. I don’t live in a fairy tale or even in ignorance of the world around me. I have struggles like everyone else, but still inside of me…I feel peace.

I’ve been through struggles with my health most of my life. I was born with a club foot and raised in Dr.’s offices, special exercises and the thought of having surgery for the most of 13 years. I’ve had issues with my voice box, thyroid scares, kidney stones, weak joints, cancer scares and many other issues. But, so many times The Lord has shown me that He is faithful to be with me through every detail of my life. Everything that I’ve been through has turned out to be a growth experience and nothing but an obstacle to overcome….proving me more faithful and showing that He is True. With Him and much prayer support, we’ve overcome.

I know so many women who have come from abusive backgrounds (physically, sexually, mentally) and now they know The Lord. They struggled for years trying to understand how God could allow such things to happen to them as children…as innocent little children. You know what? God told all of them the same thing. I think that we can all gain understanding for whatever negative things we face in our lives, if we listen to these words….

God told them (and this wasn’t rehearsed – this message has been told to me at different times, by different people from different situations and backgrounds)…He told them…
“I gave man free will. I didn’t allow this things to happen to you and I couldn’t change the effect, but I was with you. I felt your pain. I held your hand. I cried tears with you. I knew your hurt and I hurt with you. And I knew that some day, you would come to Me and I could heal you from the pain!”

Was I amazed to hear this said by different people. I know this to be true, that God is with us through every detail of our lives. Never doubt it. I’ve felt His touch in my weakest moments and I know that in every detail…He is with me.

I don’t come from an abusive background, but I’ve had my share of health issues in my life. I know that through everything…He’s been with me. I never doubted that. God is amazing and I challenge you to never underestimate His power to show You His love for you.

Amazing things…coincidence? Not at all! Every amazing and touching event is something for you…from the One who loves you more than any other could!


What’s a MOPS?

In Myspace Posts 2008 on February 7, 2008 at 4:08 pm

Feeling so unlike myself today, I need to write it out and figured I might as well share it with you all . I’m amazed at how many relate to what I have to say most of the time. It’s good!Many of you already know about MOPS…some of you have no idea what it truly is and others have never heard of it. But…again – I’m feeling like I need to share the message.MOPS is a program designed for mothers. It’s a place where all moms (stay at home, working, single or not, teen, etc.) can come together and share their stories in mothering.MOPS is not a “support group” or a special “club” and it’s not “church”. It’s also not a “play group”. It’s a meeting that we have twice a month. We have a brunch table, a speaker, small group time and a craft. By having these meetings, it gives moms the opportunity to meet other moms, build friendships and find a little “healthy” refreshing time for themselves.Something that I’ve seen, being in MOPS for six years, is that many of the women who come are not from our area originally. Many of the ladies have been transported here from other parts of the U.S. because of their husbands jobs and they are far from family. Those who serve on the planning team at MOPS, reach out and form smaller groups where these ladies can build friendships and grow into the community…feeling more comfortable.Another thing I’ve learned by attending MOPS is that many of us as moms go through so many different emotions raising our children. The ups and downs of mothering can sometimes make you feel so insufficient…and it’s good to hear that there are so many others who’ve experienced the same things.Also…it’s nice to have common ground and hearing the stories of what our kids are doing. The ages and stages of our children can come as a surprise to us, but when someone else has “been there, done that”…you realize that it must be a stage.I’ve grown into the leadership aspect of MOPS…through different positions, led by The Lord, I have found myself at the top ready to climb back down. I’ve been the Coordinator for two years now and see so much growth through years passed…in me and in others. It’s exciting to watch new leaders growing and building on their relationship with The Lord…learning about themselves (strengths and weaknesses).This is my last year Coordinating…and The Lord is weaning me perfectly. At one point…I was ready to be done, not feeling any part of pressing on…but I did. Now, I’m on the other side of that hump and I’m finding the joy in it again. It’s hard to grow out of things in your life…to know in your heart that something is suppose to end. That’s what I was going through at the beginning of the season…He brought me through all of the wondering to a place where I am ready to press on joyfully and finish the ride.I suppose I felt led to write about this for a few reasons. One being that many have no clue what MOPS is all about. My husband didn’t get it in the beginning but He’s seen The Lord work through it and through me because of it. Many think it’s some kind of melancholy group that whines or rags on the men in their life. It’s not that!! It’s about us wanting to be the very best we can be for our children and learning how to balance self with service.Parenting is not for whimps or for selfish people. It’s a tough job…the most rewarding…but the toughest. When we can come together and learn through the process, we build bonds with others and strength in ourselves. That’s what MOPS is about!

What are your hands doing?

In My Faith, Myspace Posts 2008 on February 5, 2008 at 4:05 pm
So many thoughts are circling in my mind right now, so I’m just going to lay them out and hope that they’ll all come together for a clear message.
It seems as though everywhere I turn lately, I’m seeing more and more people pointing fingers or casting judgements. A few weeks ago, I ran into a friend in church that I hadn’t seen in awhile. We talked a little and I asked if she was still working at the same place. She told me no and looked like she was hoping that I wouldn’t ask her where she was working…but I did. She looked around and regretfully whispered…”at a bar…I’m bartending.” (NOW PUT YOUR THOUGHTS ASIDE)….I told her not to be ashamed! She shouldn’t be at all. Do you realize that a bar is one of the most needed places for Jesus to be? Now, I don’t know if she felt led to work there…probably not, by the reaction she had when she told me – but, I made her aware of the opportunities that she has working there. She’s in the front line – every person that comes up to her is in need of prayer and some of them will probably share some deep stuff with her and she may even find an opportunity to share the good news. So – The Lord will use her in that place. I know that there are some Christians that would think/say..”That’s no place for her to be.” I know it because I’ve heard it before about some of the places I’ve been. But – wouldn’t Jesus be there?
There are times when I’ve felt like I shouldn’t be in some places, doing some things or even talking to some people – but I know better. I almost didn’t continue this myspace stuff…I actually started one and quit because I felt uncomfortable with some of the things that I saw. But…it led me to pray and The Lord showed me that He needed to be here. It’s happened many times in my life, that I’ve felt against something and just prayerfully pressed on a little. When I continued on, The Lord showed me clearly that He had reasons for me to be there. If every Christian held back from being in these places, the rest of the world would never have an opportunity to see who He really is. Most of the world only see’s the “thumper’s”…you know the Christian’s that aren’t afraid to “make a stand” (yes, I know…a little sarcastic). With a little prayer and proper care…He’ll lead us to the places where He’s given us the strength’s to share who He is. (Like me with writing and like my friend…at the bar – she’s got the right attitude and the strength needed to be in that position).
Jesus in the flesh was an Awesome Leader to follow. His life clearly demonstrated how to live without guilt or shame – and with that, He led is into a right relationship with God. There is no person that He would deny being in His presence and there is nothing that would keep Him from sharing His love.
With all of the different Christian Religions, people forget that it’s not religion that matter’s. It’s faith and having a true relationship with God. You can worship in any building that you are in – and I have. I find Him just as clearly in any one of the churches (Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Evangelical, Charasmatic..etc.). Having different ways of worshipping doesn’t make a person any further from The Lord. What keeps us from a true relationship with Him is the mindset that you can’t reach Him unless you do something a certain way….the laws and the rules that each religion states as a must.
I am grieved when I see Christians holding up signs that tell people they’re living in sin because they’ve done something wrong or live an unhealthy lifestyle. THAT is just as much a sin as what they’re stating. None of us are without sin and sin is not rated or numbered. God doesn’t sit and make a list of our sins. He doesn’t number one as being worse than the other. We need to stop using our hands to point out the wrongs in others and start folding them up in prayer.
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~Matthew 7:1-2
This verse isn’t written to warn you that God is going to punish you when you cast judgment. In a sense, I believe it’s stating that when you cast judgement on someone else – in that measure (in your lifetime)…judgement will come back on you. Whether you’re aware of it or not. Also…does it really feel good to put someone else down? Not really – it usually causes you to judge yourself………….hmmm!
What comes around goes around, doesn’t it? Even in this writing…I suppose I’m casting a little judgement on those who cast judgement (haha). See….we’re all in need of forgiveness.