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Lessons In Sarcasm

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Living with a “sarcasm major” for 15 years has taught me that there is a time and place when it is needed. I’m not very good at it…I’m not a quick responder, but sometimes things come out quickly and actually make sense. (haha)I find myself in the same situations occasionally…or around the same topics of discussion. Why? I can’t tell you, maybe people appreciate that I actually listen to them. I won’t lie to people…I don’t do it. I’ve only tried when I was young and was terrible at it. There’s really no use for it as far as I’m concerned…and that thought goes beyond me being a Christian. It’s just not me…never has been.I know how to use my words well and not say much though. I think that bothers people sometimes, but oh well. Sarcasm isn’t always about being snotty or putting people down. When used wisely…it can make people think – digging a little deeper into who they are to see how they think.
For 15 years, I worked at a place that was full of sarcasm…not usually the kind with wisdom attached but I learned lessons there too. I couldn’t fully explain my job description but I did all of the secretarial, bookkeeping and payroll…not to mention the legal junk. I listened to a lot of complaining and whining over money and was well aware that this was a topic that I didn’t discuss with anyone but my boss.I found myself done with listening to this one person complaining about time, hours and money one day. They would always try to manipulate others into saying something that would set them off. Without knowing it, you’d have said something to feed their argument. It’s annoying and made people feel like they offered information when they hadn’t. So, this day – I was done hearing it. They were compairing something about their pay with another’s and I made a comment…a subtle comment but it was heard and they didn’t know how to respond. WOW…was I ever surprised.It’s been a few year’s since I ended that job…it was perfectly timed. But I find myself in similar circumstances now and then. Whether it be about money or some other area where people are competing or jealous or just acting like “Eeyore”. I don’t always know how to respond but I am reminded that words wisely said can have the right effect (without revealing any information at all)!


Early to Rise

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Me oh my. I really do love getting up early in the morning and taking some time to pray, listen and read my Bible.So, what do I do this morning? I grab my cup of coffee, stop by my friendly computer and check messages….and here I am. How is it that my best intentions always manage to bring me here? I don’t know, maybe there’s some message that The Lord has for all of us.Years ago I began journaling. Anything and everything that I was going through on a daily basis – mostly what The Lord was doing in that day or showing me, teaching me and growing me. I look back on those journals and see how far I’ve come from then to now.I want to really bring something important to your attention. So many people are under a false assumption that God is this great dictator of your life and that He causes “bad” things to happen to us because we “deserve” it or in response to something bad we’ve done. Don’t you know that your sins are already paid for? That’s what Jesus did for you….He didn’t deserve it at all.The trials and hurts that we go through in life are just there. Mostly product of our own doing and if not, a product of someone else’s wrong doing. Our health fails us because we are flesh – human’s living on earth. All of these things are bound to happen and God tells us that the road we’re on is not without bumps.BUT…for all of these negative affairs in our life – the trials, God brings you through and when you reach the other side of them, you see that you’re a little stronger and that He was surely with you each step. There is purpose in each trial – for your growth, to grow you closer in trusting The Lord and (someday) you’ll find that someone else on your path needs the encouragement & support that you can give them….because you’ve been there (and that’s such a gift).I hope you find great moments of refreshment today. Now, I am going to go pray, listen and read…if only for a moment.

You’re Invited

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You’re Invited

I have this feeling inside my heart
Something I have to share
It could bring hope to a cold, cold world
And a warmth to ignite some care

Today is the day that this feeling must show
This moment must be siezed
For love is the feeling that shines like the sun
Now is the time…be released

Reaching out to a world that feels so alone
Each one that hides behind shame
This is for you to open your eyes and see
Let down the guard of blame

Forgiveness is yours and freedom to rest
In the arms of a Heavenly God
Trust in yourself and open the door
He brings healing to all of your flaws

A letter’s been sent to your home right now
It’s one from His heart to yours
It reads…”You’re invited to stay a long while”
Come to Me, be Free, rest assured

No simpler than this, is the way to proceed
A relationship like no other
Find time in this day to R.S.V.P.
You’ll need not look any further.

God is waiting for you. Give him a chance to show you His love – it compares to nothing else that is offered in this world. He is not a religion – He is Life.

Inspired – I sat at the computer not knowing what to write but wanting to write something. I prayed and this is what came out. All Glory To God because this message is not for me or from me…it’s from Him and if it’s something you needed to hear – please thank Him for it.

Full Moon Madness

In Myspace Posts 2008 on January 22, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Oh my goodness! I don’t know what anyone else thinks about the changes that the moon has on our chemistry but I’m telling you it has an effect.
Since my boys were babies, I noticed changes in their behavior and sleeping patterns about a week before the full moon. I tend to forget that it could cause other kids to behave in the same way….until today.I was on the bus wondering what the school fed these kids today. From the time that the bus filled up until I dropped the last ones off, I found myself having to speak to them…repeatedly. They were bouncing, giggling, fussing and they were very loud – they’re never this difficult. It wasn’t until they were all off until I remembered….tonight’s the full moon.I’m not a “sciency” person and don’t really know much about the chemistry cause/effect stuff but I do know what I’ve experienced…first hand, in my own kids. It usually begins about a week before the full moon.So…if you’re little ones are acting a little crazier than normal every so often…..look out the window at night or check your calendar. I’d betcha there’s a full moon on the rise!

What is truly healthy?

In Inspirations, My Faith, Myspace Posts 2008 on January 22, 2008 at 3:57 pm

I always wondered why some children seemed sick all of the time and just assumed that it was because they ate food like peanut butter sandwiches, noodles, McDonald’s and chips all day every day.

When I had my own children, I vowed that they’d eat all of the same foods that their mommy and daddy ate. We eat pretty healthy most of the time and so do our kids. Truly, there’s no great explanation to the sick game other than that there are so many different kinds of viruses out there and when your immunity is down for some reason…they catch up with you.

My kids have always been healthy until they entered into school. The first two never had ear infections or anything other than a head cold all the while they were little. The littlest guy is getting hit pretty hard because he has a greater exposure to it all with his brothers being in school.

I’m not writing all of this to scare off the mom’s that don’t have little ones in school yet – I’m writing it with some encouraging words in the end. Everyone’s bound to get sick and it’s sooo important to see that time for what it is. People get sick and when we do, we need to rest! Sometimes, I know that God allows us to get to that low point because it’s the only way we’ll relax…we have no choice.

Years ago, when the events of 9/11 occurred and the anthrax scare was everywhere – I began praying with my family over every meal. At first it seemed a little uncomfortable, especially for Ray (he just wanted to eat). But as the year’s have passed – now we have boys arguing over who gets to bless the food.

“The Blessing” is what we call it. We can’t call it Grace now because the dog will think that she’s invited to the table (smile). I was full of fear in those days because I was raising two children under three and I was still nursing one of them. The Lord pulled me through those fearful days and gave me a few promises from His Word to hang on to…for life.

During that time, I came across this writing that reminds us of His presence in our home. I put these words, along with the Scripture verses in a small frame on our kitchen table.

It says:

Christ is the head of this house,
the unseen guest at every meal,
the silent listener to every conversation.

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the Word of God and prayer. ~1 Timothy 4:4

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. ~ 1 Corinthians

And so through Him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the Glory of God. ~2 Corintihians 1:20b

With these few promises from Scripture…from God Himself…we’re able to live confidently knowing that He’ll lead us to good choices and healthy bodies (atleast in our eating and drinking).

The weaknesses within me sometimes make me fearful to share the things that The Lord has shown me and the areas that I’ve grown, but I press on because I know this fear is not from God…and so I write. He totally blesses me when I share it…I suppose it’s my weakness that brings Him the greatest Glory! (AMEN?!)

“For God did not give us a Spirit of timidity, but a Spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” ~1Timothy 1:7

Just a Few Minutes

In Myspace Posts 2008 on January 18, 2008 at 3:56 pm

Right now the house is so quiet. I have two sick boys sleeping in the other room and I hear them breathe. Ahhh – peace.
I am the kind of person that needs QUIET time – peaceful time without noise or music or t.v. and I don’t get that too often. It comes rarely in this home.Growing up, I was the youngest of two and the only girl. My brother was 10 years older than me – so I did have a lot of peaceful (quiet) moments to myself. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a difficult time hearing God when He speaks to my heart…because I’ve had training in the quiet life.
I know many people that know The Lord and still don’t really understand how others are able to hear Him speak to them. One thing I’ve witnessed first hand (in my family) is that even though they think they are trying to listen to Him….they aren’t. Some people just find it hard to quiet themselves and come to a place where you hear nothing…to wash out all of the junk that’s in our minds.
Women especially seem to carry a lot of useless junk – don’t we? Things that are completely out of our control…yet we still entertain ourselves with worry and wonder. I’ll tell you what….this feels sooo good right now – sitting in my quiet house and reflecting…(deep breathe – exhale…ahhh).I know….I’m a nut! But to those who know….you know (haha). Anyway, something’s been on my mind lately. You know that Serenity Prayer? I’m sure that you do. I don’t know many people who haven’t heard of it:
The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful worldas it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things rightif I surrender to His Will;That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with HimForever in the next.Amen.
–Reinhold Niebuhr ..>
Well, I didn’t realize that it went further than those first few lines in the beginning. I held to this growing through the teen years and into adulthood…always carrying it close to my heart and pondering the thought of serenity.
This is a beautifully written, simply said prayer that reflects the heart of someone who loves God, lives for Him and hopes to find serenity as we live. So, as I sit in this peace-filled house – I’m going to take just a few more minutes to read it again…breathe deeply and thank Him for choosing me to know Him!
I hope you can find some peace-filled quiet moments to reflect and be blessed!

My Little Trooper

In My Boy #3, Myspace Posts 2008 on January 15, 2008 at 3:55 pm

Well…we made another trip to the Dr.’s office this morning. It always feels better when I can see our own Doctor…I really appreciate this guy (Fred Holmes). He’s always been point blank with what ail’s you and he knows how to put a smile on our faces.
Anyway…we’ve had this virus going through the family that is immune to the highly prescribed antibiotic ammoxycillan. Both boys have had the full 10 days on it and still came out worse. Lucien was on it for a mild ear infection and a sinus infection…now he has a pretty hurtful double ear infection and a touch of pneumonia.
I know that the new med. will take care of it all but this little guy has been such a trooper dealing with the sinus/ear infections, the pink eye, the nasty cough…aka.pneumonia, being dragged in and out of the cold weather and not being completely the center of attention. I seem to forget what his “normal” attitude is because he’s been feeling yucky for awhile.I have a case of the “guilty mom syndrome”, I suppose. Something that all moms go through now and then. It’s not easy to pay attention when the world is spinning around you, is it? For the past few days, I’ve been made fully aware that I’m not allowed to talk to anyone but him. Any type of conversation that I’ve had where he wasn’t involved, proved to be a little frustrating for me. Yesterday, I had a meeting to lead and every time I began talking…he’d yell “Mommy…Mommmmmeeeee!” It’s a little funny now…but in the moment it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. You know…those moments? Even though it officially lasted two hours and seemed like five…those moments go by so quickly. When those situations are done and over with and my little man & I are alone – I look into those big brown eyes and see that cute round face….and I melt. I regret even having meetings or needing to push him off to get out a few words.In my heart, there is nothing more important than giving my kids my full attention when they need it. But you know what…it’s not reality, nor is it healthy. If I did that…stopped the world everytime they wanted to have attention…what kind of male monsters would I create? Oooooh…it’s too scarey to go there.So, I’m left with the over and done with guilt…pressing on to the next moment of alone time with my little man and hoping that he remembers every time I stop…look into those big brown eyes and listen to what must be said (right now!).By the way…I am aware that he probably had that attitude because he was dealing with the pain in his ears…he’s not “always” that demanding…but moment by moment – I forget.
Right now…my little trooper is comfortably resting on the couch. I hope that he wakes in time to have those long awaited chicken nuggets I just bought at the store…if not, we may have another “gulity mom syndrome”….hahaha.

Time Well Spent

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Boy, I’ll tell you – I find myself overwhelmed with ideas to share in my blog when I can’t possibly sit down to write them out. Then when I get the opportunity to sit and write – my mind is blank, usually because I’m exhausted with trying to keep up with all of these boys in my house.

I went to Church this morning expecting to be taking care of little ones in the infant room. Everyone volunteers a Sunday morning to do that and this happened to be my Sunday. It’s been hit or miss as far as Church has been lately. With all of the boys in and out of these winter viruses – I haven’t been able to go and when I do, I find most of my time is spent managing my 2 yr. old through the service. Going to Church doesn’t always make a peaceful experience for me – but I go because I get a little bit of time to appreciate The Lord with others who love Him.
So – I went today, leaving my 2 yr. old at home with Ray because he still has a pretty rough cough and I couldn’t bring him in the infant room sounding like that. It felt so good just to go with a little freedom. Guess what? There were no infants to care for and I got to sit through a whole service…and just listen.

It was a good one too! One of the things God reminded me of today was that He works through all of us. Today’s message was on the effectiveness of prayer. Something that really stood out for me was how He has made us all completely different. Our desires, our likes and dislikes are different, we’re built differently and everything about us is unique. Yes, there are similarities but like the snowflakes – not one is exactly like the other. When you come to God in prayer, what do you say?

Prayer isn’t about reciting words and expecting that God is impressed, I’m sure you all know that but we tend to get so busy with our lives that we mutter up the basics now and then thinking that’s “good enough for now”. It’s like having a friend follow you around all of the time and every now and then saying – thanks for coming along. Or even, could you carry this bag for me – oh yeah, and thanks for doing that.

When we have a friend, someone that really is important to us – we care for them. We want to know what they’re feeling and want them to feel appreciated, right? God is also that kind of friend, but even better. He’s everything to us if we’d only open our Spiritual eyes to see Him there. When we come to Him in prayer, even though He knows every need and every one of our desires – He wants that intimate moment with you where you open yourself up to Him, sharing your heart. It’s time well spent and we are so blessed for it….refreshed.

God is also our Father, our Creator – He does answer our prayers, maybe not always the way that we would want but in a way that shows He’s moving in your life and in a way that will keep you close to Him. Having a relationship with God doesn’t mean that we ask and He gives. It’s about knowing His heart, His reasoning and opening ourselves up to the same. If He wants the best for us (and He does), then why is it so difficult for us to allow Him in our lives.

It’s difficult to understand why the World disowns Him. Why would anyone want to live on their own? I suppose it’s because they have been misled about who He really is. So many people grow up going through the routines of Church and don’t really grasp on to who God is because all that they know of Him is what they’re taught. He is so much more than the God you’re told of in the old stories from childhood. To know Him beyond what you’ve been taught….to truly find Him in your life, you need to be alone with Him.

Take yourself into a quiet place and let Him open that door to your heart. Talk to Him, ask Him questions…and then be quiet. Allow Him to speak to you…He will. Sometimes it takes time, because we get so cluttered up in ourselves with thoughts – but eventually you’ll hear Him…His gentle whisper in your heart. I know you may be skeptical…but why not give yourself the opportunity to grow closer to Him?

It took me a lot of years to know Him in this way. I always believed in Him and knew the stories too. I believed He heard my prayers and answered them, but I never heard Him speak to my heart until I took the opportunity to let Him. When you finally do, you’ll never be the same. He lets you know that YOU are important to HIM…yes YOU.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares The Lord…~Jeremiah 29:11-14

In the corner of my mind

In mothering, Myspace Posts 2008 on January 6, 2008 at 3:53 pm

I say I feel bullied…not really, it’s just a funny thing…read on)Being the optimist and hopeful person that I am, I am always willing to try playing games with my older boys…again. They’re always so excited to play and have mom or dad play with them. It usually begins with everyone ready to have fun!Why do I lie to myself? I know how it will turn out. I cannot control how they play, how they feel when a play doesn’t go there way or if they win. You know, I am not a competitive person in the least bit…but these boys are for sure. I don’t care if I win…I just like playing. I never wanted to finish the game when I was a kid because I had so much fun playing…but my brother wanted to win. My brother (10 yrs older than me) would seriously get competitive and fitful when he was losing. He’d get crabby, sometimes throwing the pieces or just outright dumping over the gameboard. That should be my first clue about trying to play with these boys. They have some of that same blood flowing through their veins too (haha).But…I just want to play and have fun. We bought a few good games for Christmas that I thought wouldn’t allow to much competitiveness (LOL!!!)…theres’ no such game for these two boys!!

You know what, even though every game (no kidding – every game) we play ends with one/both of them crying or yelling…I will continue to play the games with them. Call me a glutten for punishment but I want these boys to know that momma’s in it through thick and thin….even if in the corner of my mind, I’m banging my head into the wall!

~I find that even in my complaining moments….there is something to laugh at. Reflecting through my writing helps me get out the stress in those kind of moments and find the lighter side of being the only female in a house full of males. I really felt it last night when I made an obvious comment about them and they all heard it the same way…ooooh, I was about to run (but we all laughed)…they had me in the corner. When I’m backed into a corner, there’s two things to do – come out fighting or make it funny….I opt for laughter!

Twenty-four Seven

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This takes on a lot of meanings…24/7, doesn’t it? Well this morning, I’m reminded of another way to look at it.

Jeremiah 24:7 says…”I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am The Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to Me with all their heart.”

God gave us 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week….how many of those hours do we take to think of Him? To talk to Him? To sit in silence hoping to feel His presence or hear His gentle Words in our hearts. Oooooh – meditate on those words throughout your days, because He is with us 24/7 and will never turn away.