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Seeds of Faith

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My boys and I have discussions about God all of the time. It seems as though just about everything we see, do or feel can include Him and I try to bring that to their attention. That’s a lot of the problem in the world. It was created for purpose, not just to hurry through it. Our lives were created for a reason…not a mistake – on purpose. Many of us can’t figure out the purpose, some don’t have a clue and think they were a product of walking fish (?)….I’m sorry, I tend to lose focus now and then.

My middle child, one day, was so excited to see that our money says “In God We Trust” on it. That brought us to a big discussion…on how some people just don’t believe. See, it’s hard for my boys to figure a life without faith in God. In my home, we don’t live by religious rules and high expectations. We live by Faith – by Love and the reality of Forgiveness. I believe the Bible is God’s Word for us…it’s a journal. Many lives before us wrote of His relationship with them, that we might understand how He works in our lives and how He loves us. To me, my Bible is like a great big huggable teddy bear – it just feels good!

One of the verse’s says: Hebrews 11:1…Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Did you know that’s where those words came from? We hear and see it everywhere…it’s from the Bible)

One of the things we’ve talked about (the boys and I), is how to explain to others that don’t believe in God. Not everything has to be scientific and laid out on the table, it just doesn’t! I told the boys, if any of their friends ever doubt…remind them that God can be explained in a way as we would explain the wind.We know without doubt that the wind is present in this world. We can’t actually see the wind; we can see it’s effect and feel it’s presence. We can see it change and reform the earth – and we see the difference that it makes around us, but we can’t actually see “it”. How much proof do we need to know that it is there?

God is like the wind only much more wonderful, more exciting and even more real. His presence is loving and just. His power is greater than that of the wind and unlike the wind – He remains in every life that accepts Him.

My boys have inherited many of my traits…eyes, nose, chin, hair color, and (oh, yes) attitude. But I can also see that there is a reflection of faith that seems familiar to me when we talk. With any difference I could possibly make in my childrens lives, there’s nothing more that I would hope for my boys, than for them to know who God is – to love Him and never stray from that relationship. To me – that’s the only way to live.


Happy Thankfulness

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Don’t know how to be truly thankful? Here’s a short message that I need to share with you. Something I’ve learned…hope it helps. When you’re feeling down, depressed, anxious, fearful, sad, hurt, mean, grouchy…all those ugly words – try this:
Find that little room in your heart where the door is cracked open, just a little. Sit down, take a deep breathe and release. Let that door fling wide open and allow God to fill it up with His love.
The most amazing thing I have learned through every dark area I’ve been through (and there’s been many – I’ll get into that another time) is that if we can take our focus off of those ugly feelings and open that door. Finding one little thing to be thankful for….we will allow that door to open up a little more. If you can find another thing…even more of the door opens. Once that door is wide open, ask God to fill you up…to put the door stop there for awhile. Before you know it, you’ll actually be released of those ugly feelings and you will see God working in you.
You know, I think I had it better said the first time….but for some reason God allowed my stupidity to erase it all. So – this is what you get….I hope that He can work it out for you.Right now – I pray for peace, love and open hearts for all who read this message. Thanksgiving or not, I hope that every day – you’ll find those things to be thankful for and that the door of your heart will remain open.

Promising Future

In Inspirations, Myspace Posts 2008 on November 18, 2007 at 3:29 pm

After hearing the news about the recent death to one of our area’s teens yesterday and knowing how much it touched the lives of those around me, I felt compelled to share some of my thoughts and hope to shed some light into a dark area of our world.

I’ve had many friends leave this world sooner than we think they should. The year that I graduated, there were three deaths within a six month period – some very close to me and one in particular I was two minutes away from when it happened. We were partying and having a great time together – then he left to go to the store in another friends car. He wasn’t even a mile down the road when we heard a terrible noise…then the news came. The car had been hit at the railroad crossing and thrown…the two of them didn’t make it, and probably didn’t even have the time to think about it.

It’s a difficult thing for those who are left behind to deal with, the reality of losing someone you love or are close to. Even if we didn’t know the person, we still have the heart to care. When a sudden death occurs because of someone elses carelessness or recklessness – we can find someone to blame. When the death is a result of an illness or someone’s own cause, we still look for a reason…why? Why now?

In my life, I’ve always hoped that the person that was taken knew The Lord. That I might see them again some day and greet one another – be free together. Can we ever be sure of someone else’s faith and what they believe? Jesus said that all who believed in Him would live with Him – in Eternity. That life is not going to be what we are living with here. In the best that this world has to offer us, it’s no comparison.

When someone is taken early from us, it does seem to us as unfair – because we would like to see them grow. We want to have more time with them, maybe we didn’t have the chance to truly say goodbye. It hurts. But you know what….God loves them. Even if they never heard the Message, I’m sure that He gives them the opportunity in those last moments of breathe. We don’t know, do we? The way that I know HIm, I would surely rely on it. He doesn’t turn away anyone who calls on Him – never has…He never will.

We don’t know what kind of life they are actually leaving behind, do we? Only God knows that. Maybe it’s the way I look at things (optimistcally), or maybe it’s something God has shown me…but I truly believe that those who leave sooner than others are being saved from some things we don’t know about….God knows. Because every life makes a difference into someone else’s, who knows what would have been.

The most difficult part of losing someone we love, is living without them. God can be the source of all comfort, if we allow Him to be. Resenting Him and being angry at Him because we don’t understand things, is not allowing Him to comfort us.

Our Heavenly Father gets a bad rap when tragedy strikes. It’s like with our own children, the way that God is with us. Just as we cannot force our children to be happy, to listen to us or to do the right things – He can’t either. He can’t completely take our hurts away, but He can comfort us…and lead us on showing us how to live and how to enjoy what we do have.

I think that we should rely on God and even though we may truly be hurting…we can know that He is in control of our future…whether here or with Him…and with Him, it is truly promising!

Time Passed

In Inspirations, Myspace Posts 2008 on November 14, 2007 at 3:29 pm

Did you realize that every moment lived is one passed by? When my littlest was still a baby, I sat one night rocking him to sleep and cuddling him up, suddenly that realization hit. That could be an overwhelming thought or it could be an encouraging one.

So often we live with the thought of “what’s next” – planning ahead…and thinking back. How much of our time is wasted in thinking that way?

As a mom, one of my desire’s is to “live in this moment” with my kids – but for those of you who know, that’s not easy. Especially when that moment might not be a fun one – or a cute one. If I had my choice, every moment would be full of laughter, cuddles and fun with my kids – but that’s not reality.

So, we live each day as it unfolds – thinking of how quickly time goes by. Ray and I were talking last night…think about this…

Have you ever had a dream that you were falling and when you awoke with a big thump – you realized that you were falling…and that you fell? In your dream, the fall seems to take a long time….when in reality, falling out of bed is very quick. I think that’s how God’s time is…in comparison to our own. When it seems that we have to wait sooo long for His answers at times – it’s not all that long to Him. In truth, I think that He answers us in perfect timing – just so you’ll know that He made the difference in your life (not something you did on our own – something, undoubtdly that He did).

One of my favorite sayings is…”We’re all children in the Kindergarten of God.”….we are! When we’re children, time seems to drag on…we want to grow up and do more. When we’re adults, we ask where’d those days go?

Learning to live in the moment isn’t easy in this world. Learning to take the time to rest, enjoy the scenery, laugh with a friend and truly listen…it’s hard to do when so much is requiring your time and attention. One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is the realization that this is the moment…enjoy it while it lasts and include God in it – He gave it to you.

Happy Veterinarian’s Day

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There was a 411 alert today…”talk to your kids about not getting into strangers cars”. Apparently someone in our area is trying to do this.

So when we got home today, I asked my kids…”Did the school speak to you about anything today?” And the response I got was…”yeah that either today or yesterday was veterinarian’s day”. My oldest son, laughing said…”that’s Veteran’s Day!”

Thought I’d share that with ya – I love my kids! And keep a good eye on your little ones, it’s not always safe out there.

BeInG rEaL

In My Life, Myspace Posts 2008 on November 11, 2007 at 3:26 pm

It’s so funny how we make first impressions. I don’t really know what kind of first impression I make on people, but I’ve heard comments like…”you’re too nice”, “you’re so calm” and “nothing bothers you”…alot.

I’m just as real as the rest…I have flesh and bones. I get angry and frustrated, dissapointed and annoyed just like the rest. I’ve been known to swear (especially when I hurt myself – it’s involuntary and it happens often..haha). Ohhh – the other day did I ever hurt myself…I bent over and rapped my head on the corner of the sink…it really hurt, but it was too funny (I was laughing and swearing at myself all at once). TMI – Anyway, frustration – nothing seems to bring me more frustration than the reaction to a frustrated two year old, another thing that happens often (if you’ve ever been with a two year old for 24 hours, you’ll understand).

Something else about me that others seem to be surprised about…I enjoy having an occasional beer or two with my hubby….and it’s okay!

Ray and I were talking the other day about how other’s see us and how we see others (people in general). It’s so funny to see someone act in a way that you wouldn’t expect them to, isn’t it? Well, I’m sure for those of you who don’t know me too well – as you come to know me better…you’ll be laughing.I’m pretty real – I pretty much tell on myself. I don’t know why I do it – but I do. My sister-friend told me that I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it (just like the big egg on my head from the other day). I suppose I do it because I like to laugh and share it! I tend to see nearly everything in a comical aspect – it’s funny!

I suppose I just want to share that even though I make these kind of impressions – I’m still real. Being proud to be a Christian does not mean that I don’t do things wrong or don’t know how to have fun…it means that I’m close to The Lord and…how HE see’s me…that’s all that matters.

Well…blah-blah-blah – I’ll let your eyes rest now! You know a little more about me…so, who are you….really? And keep this in mind when you’re worried about your attitude…

Word for the day and a little history

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Trust in The Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

When I was only 4 years old, I saw my Aunt praying with my mom and wanted to know what they were doing. My Aunt told me that they were talking to God and that I could do it to. So, we prayed together and I invited Jesus into my life.

Year’s passed by and I came to know more as I grew up – but I never really understood the fullness of knowing Him. I prayed when I needed to and always knew that He was there taking care of me. There came a point in my life that I knew I needed more than what I had. Even though my life was in a great place, there was something I felt I needed. I was at my mother’s house and she always had Bible’s laying around. I glanced over and read a passage…and it clearly spoke to my heart. That’s what was missing – I needed to know God’s Word and understand who He is in my life.

Did you know that there are different translations of the Bible and they are ALL still God’s Word. The difference is the way it’s presented – like how we can all say the same message but use different words to express that message. I believe that the different translations are made so that everyone can understand The Word of God. (I certainly don’t think or talk like Shakespeare…the way that the King James Version is written. But some people can understand it – my mind doesn’t get that complicated). Okay, I’m getting off subject!

Anyway…..When we include God in everything – the good and not so good parts of our life, He will meet us there and will work through it with us. He’s not ashamed of you and will never turn His back on you. If you feel you need something more…ask Him to show you. There are many things that I’ve learned looking back on my life (hindsight 20/20). I can see God’s Hand through every step taken. So, take a chance and ask Him…what is missing?

No Deer Today

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Ray came home from hunting today with a cute story. He said that he’d been still just sitting when two deer came up on him (a doe and a little buck – too young).

The two deer just stood there looking around, looking at him and at each other; then they began snorting and the little buck started stomping his foot. Ray had all he could do not to laugh. He just sat and watched them do this for about 20 minutes.

Then a little red squirrel came along and began chattering. It spooked the two deer so much that they took off like a shot running, suddenly they haulted. They stopped and looked around (as if they were trying to remember what they’d been doing). Suddenly they came charging back to where Ray was and continued trying to challenge him.

He said that it was too funny – they couldn’t figure out what was “not right” in there neck of the woods!

Nothing To Lose

In Inspirations, Myspace Posts 2008 on November 8, 2007 at 3:22 pm

So many people don’t realize what it means to be a Christian. It’s not about going to church or “being good”. It’s all about Jesus, knowing why He chose to die for us and wanting to know Him more. It’s about being forgiven and living your life that way. It’s about having peace inside yourself and knowing how it got there. Being a Christian is about Jesus and You!

You know this world is full of good and bad…that’s just the way it is. Jesus lived here just like we do. Do you realize who He chose to hang out with? It wasn’t the self-proclaimed righteous people…He chose sinners. He chose the people that the “better than you crowd” looked down at. He walked in Love! He knew people’s hearts and what they needed – they needed Him…so do we.

God doesn’t require you to be “good” or to have your life all together before you come to Him. Just like the relationships that we have with each other…God wants you to come to Him…as you are! Be real to Him and open yourself to the peace and the love that He has for you.

Take a moment to tell Him that you want to know more, that you want Him to show you who He is. Tell Him that you know you’ve done things in your life that have hurt others and yourself – ask Him to forgive you for the past and for any future hurts (you’ll still make them). Tell Him that you want Him in your life to clean up house – to clean you out and to fill you up with His love. Once you do this, you will feel a difference in yourself…I promise!

Do you know what else you will have done? You’ve asked Him into your heart and into your life – His Spirit will remain in you and will lead you through this life. His Spirit will lead you to live in Freedom and will carry you to Heaven some day!